Box office France: Everything Everywhere All At Once is trying to win, Top Gun 2 is eternal

Everything Everywhere All at Once has finally landed in French cinemas and is ahead of Bullet Train and La Dégustation with a timid start.

This week sees the small phenomenon arriving in our theaters Everything Everywhere All at Once, which should normally delight many moviegoers who were worried that the A24 film could never reach our big screens. It’s a minor miracle that the crazy UFO of Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert did not meet the same fate as a The Green Knight, for example, and can defend its place at the French box office, even if it is late. And it is rather honorably that the film launches, having attracted more than 110,000 curious people offering him the throne of the ranking.

With 633 copies, the brilliant Everything Everywhere All at Once is the second best-distributed film of the week and therefore had good assets for him although it is an unusual film and little identified by the general public. Its score is therefore also to be qualified from this point of view since the feature film is far from having the best average per print (175) among the new releases of the week, being largely exceeded at The tasting (212) or even by the new Claire Denis, With love and determination (268). A mixed success for the film des Daniels, which should quickly become disillusioned by the following week, unless there is great word-of-mouth.

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Not far behind Bullet Train does not compromise on his second place in the ranking, in the absence of a big competition to make him move. It still falls below the bar of 100,000 tickets sold (95,139) for its fifth week of operation and shows a 45.7% drop in its cinema attendance. Despite its cast, the summer blockbuster is gradually losing its chances of reaching 2 million cumulative admissions in France, currently at just over 1.3 million.

For its start, The tasting, new film with Bernard Campan and Isabelle Carré, picks up third place at the box office with just under 90,000 admissions. A score sadly well below that of Venice is not in Italy, the last film of its director, Ivan Calbérac. In 2019, it started with 192,000 admissions, more than double that for The tasting and yet being less well distributed.

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Small tumble for Tad the Explorer and the Emerald Tablet, the back-to-school animated film. It moved from first place to fourth for its second week of operation, bringing in just under 83,000 spectators. The feature film, however, records results much higher than its last part (it is the third film in a trilogy) which in 2018 attracted only 31,000 spectators in cinemas. Although it cannot secure a long-lasting spot in the box office top 5, the Spanish animated film is therefore not doing so badly.

Finally, Top Gun: Maverick is still there and we are not even surprised by it anymore. Whether at home or in the United States, the feature film does not drop the top 5 of the box office and if it comes out, comes back naturally. No one has yet arrived to seriously challenge him and, with another 463 copies, still very well distributed (it is programmed in more theaters than The tasting). In its fifteenth week of operation, the film is still in great shape and has been able to attract this time more than 66,000 spectators to see (or see again) Tom Cruise’s stunts in the sky.

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Already ejected from the top 5, rumba life finds it difficult to go the distance. Even if Franck Dubosc’s film is rather honest (our review of rumba life), its scores are without comparison with those of Everybody stand uphis previous production, which in the second week attracted 465,000 spectators against the 63,000 of Rumba life. Same fight for Green Shutters, which in the second week did not exceed 63,000 admissions. The two films are at the same stage of exploitation and both recorded a drop in admissions of 58% and each accumulated just over 213,000 admissions.

The new Claire Denis, therefore, With love and determinationcomes eighth in the standings with a pretty good average per copy. Il is nevertheless the least well-distributed film of the week with The Five Devils, but Vincent Lindon and Juliette Binoche will have played in his favor. He recorded 60,000 admissions for its first week. beast, meanwhile, is still not a great success and only brings back 47,600 spectators for its second week despite the enticing promise of seeing Idris Elba fight a lion. He is ninth in the standings, leaving tenth to Minions 2which will soon be at the end of its race, deprogrammed from 228 theaters and bringing only 44,400 spectators to the cinema.

“Please come to the cinema.”

Even if we fervently hope thatEverything Everywhere All at Once may surprise everyone next week and do just as well if not better thanks to the good feedback from the public, the upheavals to come may not play for the film. Bullet Train risk of derailing for good and let’s not even talk about the very feverish rumba life, Green Shutters Where The Five Devils (which unfortunately records the worst start of the week). Because arrive for the first week of September many films conducive to upheaval.

It’s first Kompromat, the thriller with Gilles Lellouche who tries to escape the Russians, which could well cause a sensation in dark rooms, with a pitch that lends itself rather to current tensions. Moreover, we are waiting for a whirlwind start for The visitor from the future, a phenomenon of the French-speaking Internet which is exported to the cinema and imposes itself as the adventure comedy of the new school year. Finally, the return to cinemas Spider-Man: No Way Homethis time in the long version should strongly influence this next ranking.

Box office France: Everything Everywhere All At Once is trying to win, Top Gun 2 is eternal