• That’s all for tonight, the live coverage of Brazil-Serbia ends here. See you next time for more exciting World Cup 2022 challenges.10:01pm

  • Serbia will open the program on Monday 28 November, challenging Cameroon. Brazil will instead take the field at 17 against Switzerland.10:01pm

  • Brazil reaches Switzerland by three points in command of group G, Serbia stops at 0 like Cameroon.10pm

  • If balance had reigned in the first half, in the second there was practically no story: Brazil started their World Cup in the best possible way by dominating Serbia and sending a clear message to the other big favorites of the tournament. Cover man of an unequivocal victory is certainly Richarlison, who with a super brace (the semi-forward kick with which he scored the second goal is wonderful) drags a team that hasn’t shown any weaknesses. A strong-willed Serbia emerges resized from this challenge, ready to play in all likelihood for second place in a group that sees the green-and-gold overtime favorites for the next round as before.21:59

  • 90’+8′

    The match ends here: a great Brazil beats Serbia 2-0, Richarlison’s brace decides.21:56

  • 90’+4′

    A few minutes after the end of the match: Brazil controls without problems in this final, for Serbia no chance worthy of note.21:52

  • 90’+2′

    Stoic to resist Danilo on the pitch, victim of cramps but still remained in his place in defense to protect the penalty area.9.50pm

  • 90’+1′

    Allowed 7 minutes of recovery.10:14 pm

  • 89′

    Danilo ran down the right wing and crossed first to find Martinelli in the area, but the Arsenal winger’s header wasn’t accurate.21:47

  • 87′

    In Brazil it is the turn of Martinelli, who takes the place of Raphinha.9.45pm

  • 86′

    Selecao goes forward again: Rodrygo takes advantage of yet another excellent construction by his teammates and kicks from the edge, sending the ball just a little high.9.45pm

  • 83′

    Leave the field in Serbia Mitrovic, taken over by Maksimovic.21:41

  • 83′

    Brazil now in an avalanche: this time Fred goes to kick from the edge, still attentive Milinkovic-Savic.21:41

  • 82′

    Now it’s a Brazilian monologue: Milinkovic-Savic must work hard to fend off Rodrygo’s fine shot, which again goes close to 3-0.9.40pm

  • 81′

    BRAZIL OPPORTUNITY! Tremendous blow from distance by Casemiro, who hits the crossbar straight.21:39

  • 80′

    Neymar leaves the field, probably the victim of a physical problem: Antony takes his place.21:38

  • 79′

    Richarlison concludes his magical evening here: Gabriel Jesus enters his place.21:37

  • 78′

    Neymar remains on the ground, probably the victim of a muscle problem: the conditions of the Brazilian number 10 need to be checked.21:36

  • 76′

    Vinícius is also out, replaced by Rodrygo.21:35

  • 75′

    Substitution in Brazil: space for Fred, in his place Paqueta.21:35

  • 73′

    GOAL! BRAZIL-Serbia 2-0, goal by Richarlison. Assist in Vinicius’ kiss from the left for the green-and-gold center forward, who masterfully controls the ball and with a wonderful right-footed semi-forward beats Milinkovic-Savic again, signing his personal double.10:34 pm

  • 70′

    Double chance on inactive ball for Serbia: Danilo and Marquinhos make two decisive saves and clear the area, protecting Alisson’s goal from the opposing towers.21:29

  • 69′

    Tadic goes away on the left and puts in an interesting ball in which, however, once again an omnipresent Casemiro puts a patch: a corner for Serbia.21:27

  • 67′

    Brazil very close to doubling with Vinicius, who slips right at the moment of the conclusion face to face with Milinkovic-Savic sending the ball very far from the Serbian goal.21:26

  • 66′

    It is also Vlahovic’s turn, who takes Mladenovic’s place.21:24

  • 66′

    And it is Lukic himself who leaves the field, with Lazovic taking his place.21:23

  • 64′

    Third yellow card in Serbia: punished with Lukic.21:23

  • 62′

    GOAL! BRAZIL-Serbia 1-0, goal by Richarlison. Splendid play by Neymar in the penalty area, which allows Vinicius to open the inside right to look for the goal: Milinkovic-Savic blocks centrally, but cannot null on the tap-in of the Tottenham center forward who deserves to carry on the green and gold.21:24

  • 60′

    BRAZIL OPPORTUNITY! Verdeoro one step away from the advantage with Alex Sandro, who unloads a powerful left foot from 20 meters hitting the post to the right of Milinkovic-Savic.21:18

  • 58′

    Tadic crosses from the left into the penalty area to pick up the new entry Radonjic, good cover Alex Sandro: corner for Serbia.21:16

  • 57′

    Živkovic also leaves, in his place the attacking midfielder of Torino Radonjic.21:15

  • 57′

    First change in Serbia: Gudelj out, Ilic in.21:15

  • 55′

    BRAZIL OPPORTUNITY! Ball with Vinicius’s rev counter for Neymar at the penalty spot: the PSG forward turns first towards the goal, but without finding it despite the wonderful chance.21:14

  • 54′

    Vinicius puts the turbo again on the left, managing to escape and cross again from the back: his cross was once again absorbed by the Serbian defence.21:12

  • 53′

    Pavlovic was decisive once again: the Serbian slipped in with a perfect timing and stopped Raphinha from flying towards goal.21:11

  • 50′

    Free kick kicked well by Neymar, but headed by the very tall Milenkovic: corner for Brazil.21:08

  • 49′

    Bad foul at 16 meters from Gudelj, who mows down on the edge of the area Neymar: yellow card for him.21:10

  • 46′

    Immediately a mistake by Serbia, with Milinkovic-Savic who completely misses the disengagement: the ball reaches Raphinha, but the Turin goalkeeper redeems himself and rejects the left-handed conclusion.21:05

  • 45′

    It starts again at the Lusail stadium: no changes in the ranks of the two teams.21:04

  • Great performance so far from the Serbian defense, with Milenkovic who swept the duel with Richarlison: the Tottenham center forward is the weak link in the Brazilian line-up so far, we’ll see if Tite decides to replace him in view of the second half.8.50pm

  • It was certainly not the spectacular match that everyone was expecting on the eve: Brazil certainly built more, but Serbia withstood the green-gold impact very well, even occasionally trying to look out on the opposing offensive frontline.8:49 pm

  • 45’+2′

    The first half ends here: few emotions, but plenty of food for thought in a Brazil-Serbia game still tied at 0-0.20:47

  • 45’+1′

    Allowed 1 minute of recovery.8:46 pm

  • 45′

    Milinkovic-Savic tries to reward Tadic’s cut into the area with a first low pass, but his suggestion is badly calibrated and easy prey for Alisson.8.45pm

  • 44′

    Special mention for Pavlovic, who is holding out against Raphinha often coming out victorious in one-on-one situations: excellent performance so far for the Leipzig defender.8:44 pm

  • 41′

    Milenkovic is still the protagonist, for better or for worse: the Fiorentina centre-back first completely misses Casemiro’s long pass for Vinicius, but then closes with an incredible timing, even earning a goal kick.8:42 PM

  • 40′

    Great first half by Milenkovic, perfect once again to anticipate a hitherto unavailable Richarlison.8.40pm

  • 37′

    Good, this time, the first plot of Serbia to free the cross from the right wing: Mladenovic pounces on the cross, but strikes too weakly.20:37

  • 34′

    Another great ball from Paqueta to fish with perfect times in the Raphinha area, who however chokes too much the conclusion with the left foot: blocks Milnkovic centrally.8:38 pm

  • 31′

    Brazil now pushes with more conviction: Paqueta’s heel to free Raphinha again on the right, who tries Thiago Silva with a tight ball in the small area, however finding the hands of Milinkovic-Savic.20:32

  • 30′

    Perfect spread in the area for Raphinha, who looks for the area with Richarlison’s header: perfect advance by Veljkovic, who sends for a corner.20:31

  • 27′

    Thiago Silva fishes Vinicius’s cut into the area with a great through ball, but Milinkovic-Savic comes out of his net and steals time from the Brazilian attacker in a slide, then kicking the ball into a lateral foul.8:28 PM

  • 25′

    Bad ball lost in Brazil’s midfield, Tadic tries to take advantage of it by crossing into the area for Mitrovic: Alisson senses it in advance and blocks with a high grip.8:26 PM

  • 24′

    Equilibrium continues to reign on the pitch: neither team has done enough to break the stalemate.8:24 PM

  • 21′

    Another shot from 20 meters, this time by Casemiro: he has no problem blocking Milinkovic-Savic in two stages.8:22 PM

  • 21′

    Great blow from outside thrown with the right foot by Neymar, good Milenkovic to oppose by thwarting a potential goal opportunity.8:21 PM

  • 19′

    Another tough intervention against Neymar still by Lukic, who is not going to be subtle about the PSG phenomenon in this beginning.8:20 pm

  • 18′

    Serbia did very well in the round of the ball: the ball was moved with quality and speed, eluding even the first timid attempts at green and gold pressing.8:18 pm

  • 15′

    Try to put your head out of Serbia, taking advantage of a Brazil that for the moment does not exert pressure on the ball carriers.8:16 pm

  • 13′

    Splendid play by Vinicius, who burns Zivkovic in speed on the left by aggressively attacking the back and forcing Serbia to take refuge in a corner8:14 pm

  • 11′

    Serbia looks for width, taking advantage of Zivkovic’s run: his cross from the right is easy prey for Alisson.20:11

  • 10′

    Nice maneuvered action by Brazil: Casemiro fishes Neymar into the area with a great ball, who however takes too much time to prepare the conclusion and is rejected with losses by the Serbian defence.8:10pm

  • 7′

    There’s already a yellow card: it’s for the Serbian Pavlović, who brought down Neymar with a tough intervention.20:07

  • 6′

    Serbia shakes up with a good play on the wing by Tadic, Thiago Silva heads the cross and clears the ball away.20:06

  • 4′

    Raphinha escaped on the right, well primed by Paqueta: the cross from the Barcelona winger in the area was put out by Milenkovic.20:05

  • 3′

    Brazil immediately in command of the operations: the green and gold maneuver the ball horizontally, calmly facing the Serbian pressing.20:04

  • Rather particular tactical positioning for Danilo, who in fact acts as an added halfback: a decidedly unscrupulous line-up for Tite.20:02

  • Finally it begins, Faghani blows the whistle: Brazil-Serbia has begun, first possession for the green-and-gold.20:02

  • Teams lined up on the pitch at the Lusail stadium: soon the national anthems, then the Brazil-Serbia show.7:54pm

  • The match will be refereed by Iranian referee Alireza Faghani.7:41pm

  • Available for coach Stojkovic’s SERBIA: Dmitrovic, Rajkovic, S. Mitrovic, Erakovic, Babic, Ilic, Racic, Maksimovic, Kostic, Lazovic, Radonjic, Djuricic, Grujic, Jovic, Vlahovic.7.40pm

  • Available for coach Tite for BRAZIL: Ederson, Weverton, Bremer, Éder Militão, Dani Alves, Telles, Fred, Fabinho, Bruno Guimarães, Éverton Ribeiro, Martinelli, Rodrygo, Pedro, Gabriel Jesus, Antony.7.40pm

  • SERBIA responds by siding with a 3-4-2-1 with V. Milinkovic-Savic; Veljkovic, Milenkovic, Pavlovic; Zivkovic, Lukic, Gudelj, Mladenovic; S. Milinkovic-Savic, Tadic; Mitrovic. 7:34 pm

  • BRAZIL launches a 4-2-3-1 composed by Alisson; Danilo, Thiago Silva, Marquinhos, Alex Sandro; Casemiro, Paquetà; Raphinha, Neymar, Vinicius Jr; Richardson.7:33 pm

  • The goal of the green-and-gold is to get off to a strong start in order to settle the qualification issue as soon as possible: today’s match for Tite’s men is undoubtedly the most complicated match on paper in the group, against a Serbia ready to amaze and packed with players militants in the Serie A championship.7:32pm

  • Great expectations for Brazil’s debut in this World Cup: the Seleção closes the program of the first round of this group stage by challenging a tough opponent like Serbia.7.30pm

  • Where the game is played:

    Stadium: Lusail Iconic Stadium
    City: Lusail
    Capacity: 80,000 spectators7.30pm

  • Brazil – Serbia: 2-0 World Cup 2022. Final result and commentary on the match – Virgilio Sport