Eve conference for Fabio Liverani at Unipol Domus. His Cagliari tomorrow, November 12, he will be engaged against the Pisaat home, in the thirteen round of the B series. Rossoblù who are veterans of the joke equalized at the last, for 2-2, against Sudtirol of Bisoli in Bolzano.


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Are you experimenting a lot like the modules, do you restart like against Sudtirol? “Often it depends on the opponent and the moment of the team. These are all ideas, we in attack have many solutions. Sometimes the spaces to be occupied lie in the intelligence of the player who creates them during the match or visits them “.

How much do you feel indebted to the fans at the moment, also given the situation of discontent? “We know that the stadium can be an extra boost, we have to give enthusiasm with the result. The result always shifts the judgments. It will always be like this. We must be good at winning back our people. We must then let ourselves be towed by them in the second part of the championship. For this reason, at all costs, we must find victory again and then give continuity. This will also allow us to remove anxieties “

Many rotations in attack and not just from the beginning, a choice or a solution given by injuries? “Every coach has an ideal 11 but then there are suspensions, injuries and changes of condition and we have never had a continuity of all these factors. In turn, everyone has had problems and when this is the case you have to change and find the right chemistry with the competition. Where there is competition, everyone gives their best and the bar is raised. Otherwise everyone stays in their own backyard “

What does Pisa expect? “I have known D’Angelo very well since his time from C, he makes his teams play well and I have no doubts about this. His Pisa has always had a clear football identity. They are a strong forward team, they have taken on some interesting young people like our ex Tramoni, and last year they made the final payoff. Even if they got off to a bad start, they have the qualities to stay at the top but we have the characteristics to win this challenge “

Midfield still to be recorded, will Viola now be back as protagonist from the first minute? “In terms of quantity and quality, it is a very well-assorted department, also for this reason often someone is left out. We think of Rog, Nandez, Makoumbou, Viola, Deiola, Kourfalidis, Lella and even Mancosu. Everyone can play in the middle and there is competition. This is also why Viola sometimes played less, but even by taking over you can change a game and now he is doing well. Keeping a place in the middle of the field is hard for us but Viola has important qualities “

Looking at Bolzano: need more cynicism forward and less carelessness in defense? “There is not just one problem. It is true that mentally at times in the final we conceded more, perhaps for fear of not winning. The episode is a detail that you have to take care of with your head, both as a group and as an individual. However, in the last few trips we have paid a lot for this aspect. For me, a new win could give the whole squad more confidence ”.

How much does your lag in the rankings affect at the moment? “We do not miss the distance in the standings on a mental level now, also because it is not an abysmal delay. Now at the head level we are missing the victory, we have to take it as a team. We have a great team up front and it won’t be easy but we will do everything to make it ours “

What do we start from after Sudtirol? “I saw a recovery with great character and desire, then a Lapadula more inside the area and we created more dangers. We have to play with our heads free and it is normal that the absence from the victory weighs heavily. One of the great disappointments of Bolzano was that of not having dedicated a success to the many fans who arrived as far as Trentino. Injured? Goldaniga will return after the break, as will Pavoletti. However, Falco still needs to be evaluated ”.

Team back in retirement, how is the squad mentally after the mockery of Bolzano? “The team is training well and has soothed the anger of the two points lost in Sudtirol. Now respecting Pisa, which is built to stay in the upper parts of the championship, but we must go back to winning using the anger of Bolzano. The retreat was chosen to take care of every detail, we all chose it together. A sacrifice before the break to do well “

Mister how is Mancosu just back? Can he be from the race as a starter? What module to expect tomorrow? “Marco is back, he did two training sessions and we need to understand the time frame. It changes little with the entry of him for our module. We have two players out like Pavo and Falco but we want to have a good match to win against Pisa “

The absence of Pavoletti and Falco for tomorrow’s match has been confirmed by the club

The press conference begins

14.20 – Pisa unbeaten since 10 September, Pisa-Reggina 0-1. Seven consecutive useful results for the Tuscans, 4 draws and 3 successes

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14.14 – Cagliari not winning since October 15 in B seriesalways at home, in that case it happened 2-1 against Brescia

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A few numbers on the Domus challenge

● Biancio balanced between Cagliari and Pisa in Serie B, with three wins each and two draws in the previous eight matches.
● All of Cagliari’s three Serie B victories against Pisa have come in their last three home games against the Tuscans, the most recent in 1989 (1-0).
● Cagliari have won only one of their last seven Serie B games (3N, 3P) and have conceded at least two goals on three occasions, including the most recent (2-2 vs Südtirol).
● Pisa are unbeaten in seven Serie B matches (3W, 4N); in this period, ie from the second half of September, the Tuscans are the team to have scored the most goals (14) in the tournament.
● Cagliari have scored 16 points in this league; only once have the Sardinians scored less in Serie B after the first 12 matches in the era of three points per victory (nine in 2001/2002).
● Pisa are the team that have scored the most away goals in this league (11), while Cagliari have conceded eight goals in home matches in the current tournament, better only than Benevento (nine), Perugia (10) and Venice ( 12).
● Cagliari have lost seven points from their lead in this league, only Modena have done worse (nine), on the other hand Pisa have won six once they went under in the score, only Venezia (eight) have obtained more from this situation in the tournament.
● Gianluca Lapadula has scored three goals, more than any other Cagliari player in this Serie B; the 90 ‘class could score in three consecutive games in the cadet championship for the first time since April 2016 (five consecutive matches in that case).
● Zito Luvumbo (born March 9, 2002) has scored two goals and made an assist in this league, only Nicholas Bonfanti (born March 28, 2002) is younger than the Cagliari player among those who have scored at least one goal and served at least a winning step in Serie B 2022/23.
● Four of Ettore Gliozzi’s five goals in this Serie B have come away, only Walid Cheddira (five) has scored more away from home; in general, 16 of the 21 goals in the junior league of the ’95 class have been scored in away matches.

14.00 – Friends and friends of One hundred thirty-one well found from the belly of Unipol Domus. From the conference room of the rossoblù stadium in about 30 ‘we will tell you live the words of the rossoblù coach Fabio Liverani before the race between Cagliari and Pisa of Serie B.

Cagliari-Pisa, Liverani speaks: “For us now it is essential to win again”