Canada: who is Pierre Poilievre, the new leader of the Conservative Party?

Fell very young in the political pot

Pierre Poilievre, 43, was born on June 3, 1979 in Calgary, Alberta. He was adopted at birth by Donald Poilievre and his wife, Marlene, both teachers. They are raising him in Calgary, Alberta. He fell into the political pot at a very young age: he was only 16 when he was already selling membership cards for the Reform Party, a very conservative party then led by the former Premier of Alberta, Jason Kenney. While studying at the University of Calgary, he won $10,000 in a contest that focused on the question: “If I were Prime Minister…”.

He then campaigned to encourage politician Stockwell Day to take the reins of the Canadian Alliance, a right-wing conservative party in Western Canada that later merged with the Conservative Party of Canada. Pierre Poilievre plunged into active politics in 2004, when he was elected a Conservative member of the House of Commons, he represents a riding in Ontario, the largest province in Canada. He is still the deputy. He was also a minister under the governments of the Conservative Stephen Harper.

In 2012, her mom made this visionary statement to the Ottawa Citizen: “ I’m pretty sure he has the ambition to run for the big job in 10 years. I wouldn’t be surprised at all “. The big job is to become Prime Minister of Canada.

A successful strategy to become leader of the Conservative Party of Canada

Prime Minister of Canada, it is clearly the target that is in Pierre Poilievre’s line of sight. He didn’t hesitate for a second when the Conservative Party leadership race was reignited following the resignation of leader Erin O’Toole in February, following his loss to Justin Trudeau last year. . From January, Pierre Poilievre was already sharpening his weapons: he was ready to launch into the fray. He also left well ahead in this race ahead of his main rival, Jean Charest, called as a savior by the more progressive fringe of the Conservative Party in the hope that he could reunite a deeply divided party.

He integrated 300,000 new members, according to his figures, into the Conservative Party. This is unheard of.Christian Noel, analyst

Pierre Poilievre has been preparing for years to become leader of the Conservative Party, explains Christian Noël, political analyst for the Société Radio-Canada. He launched his campaign quickly, three days after Erin O’Toole resigned, before the race even opened. This therefore gave him time to set up a sort of steamroller effect in this race for succession.»

Pierre Poilievre also brought new blood to the Conservative Party by recruiting new members who supported him in this leadership race.

His strategy was not just to woo members who were already in the Partyspecifies Christian Noël. He also attracted new members by going to support the truckers’ demonstrations, the famous Freedom Convoy in Ottawa. He supported their demands against sanitary measures and he channeled this kind of anger that floats in social networks, saying: “You see if it’s going badly, it’s Trudeau’s fault! Want to get rid of Trudeau? Vote for me, sign here. He integrated 300,000 new members, according to his figures, into the Conservative Party. This is unheard of in current Canadian politics, a record. He managed to set up a big war machine “. A machine that made him win…

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The “antiwoke” candidate who wants to make Canada the freest country in the world

My husband is a great man of principle, of convictions, a great fighter, who is ready to fight for us. So, ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, my husband, our fighter, the man for the job: Pierre Poilievre! said Anaida Poilievre before her husband took to the stage to deliver a speech to his supporters in Gatineau last spring.

Fighter, it is the least that one can say: Pierre Poilievre, is, without the shadow of a doubt and of the kind of battle of alley cats, where all the blows are allowed, as long as the claw lacerate the opponent. He is famous in particular for his verbal attacks in Parliament, with biting sentences that hit home. He coined the word ” Justinflation to criticize the government of Justin Trudeau who does not do enough, according to him, to curb galloping inflation, or even who is even responsible for it. “ He’s a pugilist, he always wants to win adds Christian Noel.

Pierre Poilievre proclaims himself candidate antiwoke he is close to the libertarian right and promises to make Canada the ” freest country in the world “. According to Christian Noël, he even flirts dangerously with conspiracy theories and their authors and he does not hide it.

He says he is in favor of virtual currencies and bitcoin, he has also been looking for many supporters among the followers of these currencies. He does not hold the Bank of Canada in his heart, which he harshly criticizes, he even declared that if he became Prime Minister, he would ax this institution by taking away its power to print Canadian dollars. He hates the media and journalists just as much and does not hide his intention, if he is elected Prime Minister, to cut public funding for CBC-Radio-Canada, the country’s public radio broadcaster, except for RDI, the Continuous information from Radio-Canada which, according to him, plays an important role for French-speaking communities in Canada.

In terms of values, Pierre Poilievre is not against abortion or against same-sex marriages, nor is he pro-guns as his predecessor Erin O’Toole was.

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On the other hand, he is pro-oil: he promises to abolish oil imports and to increase Canadian production by developing the means of transporting oil from one end of the country to the other. And he would abolish the carbon tax that has been in effect in Canada since 2018 because he believes it has an impact on inflation and the cost of living in Canada.

In short, Pierre Poilievre is a formidable politician, “ an intelligent man, who can be funny, quick-witted, who has a good sense of repartee and who has a certain charisma underlines Christian Noël. And a man in the field, as noted by a conservative strategist Yan Laplante in the daily La Presse +: “ Pierre is one of the few MPs who goes door to door all year round, not just during election campaigns. He has the pulse of the people in his constituency, far beyond what is said in the news, what is said in the polls “.

How will he behave, as leader, when the time comes to face the conspirators who helped him take the reins of the Conservative Party? Christian Noel, analyst

A danger for Canada?

With the ideas he defends, can Pierre Poilievre represent a danger for Canada if he becomes Prime Minister?

One of his political adversaries, New Democrat Alexandre Boulerice, is wary of it: I still have trouble with the fact that he is able to hijack facts, reality, statistics, he confided to the daily La Presse. It’s hard to have a sensible debate against someone who is able to deflect reality “.

The analyst Christian Noël notes that Pierre Poilievre can sometimes hold a contradictory speech on certain points but that he does not care because the important thing for him is to convey a feeling, this ras-le- bowl, this anger of a certain fringe of Canadian voters in relation to the system in place. He wonders what Pierre Poilievre is going to do with all these new members he has gone to recruit to get himself elected leader of the Conservative Party: will he seek to satisfy them by having the policies they demand adopted?

How is he going to behave, as leader, and perhaps as Prime Minister, when it comes time to face, for example, the conspirators who helped him take the reins of the Conservative Party ?asks Christian Noël, who gives this image: It’s like he managed to tame a dragon to take over the city, what will he do with the dragon once he takes over the city? The dragon will not turn into a sheep tomorrow… “.

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A tough opponent for Justin Trudeau’s Liberals

What is certain is that the new Conservative leader will be a major opponent against Justin Trudeau and the Liberal troops.

The Liberals have to be careful not to be too arrogant, if they feel that Pierre Poilievre is disqualifying himself among a certain segment of the population because he is too radical, they could have bad surprises warns Christian Noël.

The Liberals have also established a strategy not to respond case by case to Pierre Poilievre’s incessant attacks against them. But clearly, his arrival as leader of the Conservative Party will change the tone in Ottawa and represent a serious danger for Justin Trudeau in the next election. Remember that the Liberals form a minority government, which can fall at any time if the opposition parties combine to do so. The Liberals were therefore clever strategists in concluding an alliance with the New Democratic Party in order to obtain the support of the New Democrats until 2025, in exchange for which they committed to adopting several of the flagship measures of the NDP program. .

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This therefore puts Justin Trudeau and his troops at the shelter of elections over the next two years, but it will also give the new Conservative leader time to make his mark and make himself known to Canadian voters. And when there is an electoral duel, it will be bloody, no doubt.

Canada: who is Pierre Poilievre, the new leader of the Conservative Party?