“Cecchi Paone ‘taught’ the mountains to Simone Moro on TV: I had to intervene but I preferred to switch it off”, the ”guardian” of the Marmolada: ”No to exploitation”

TRENT. “Today I had to connect me in direct on a program where is it Cecchi Paone was ‘teaching’ a Simone Moro there mountain and of glaciers. I have turned off there connection and went back to put away wood”. Is this the post which he shared on social media a few hours ago Carl Budelthe shelter manager Hut Tip Penaltyto 3,343 meters share on the top of the Marmoladaafter tragic Avalanche that Sunday cost at least his life 7 people.

“AND’ useless to search guilty‘ – explains Budel a the Dolomites – the disaster unfortunately Yes is verified in the worst timeat 14 of a sunny sunday. If it happened in another one day or simply some now later maybe the tragedy yes could have been avoided. The mountain hasangry‘ in the moment worse. I simply say of to talk the experts, Simone Moro for example, one who made the Eight thousandbut many speak without know that that say. Let them talk ed let’s avoid the exploitation”.

In the last few days several warheads, after a video of the same Budel in which the manager of Punta Hut Penalty spoke of the presence of several streams at below the glacierthey had even talked about ‘announced tragedy‘, making Budel himself say that the mountain “had to be closed”: “I I didn’t predict anything, of course. Such an event was impossible to predict. I simply said that under the ice they felt scroll through different streams, but from here to say that it was known that the disaster would come it goes without saying. It seems to me there are many people only good at bet the finger”.

And that is precisely the point, if the collapse was somehow ‘predictable‘ or lessthat many after the tragedy they are arguing in the talk show. TO the Dolomites the answer was provided yesterday Luca Mercallipresident of the Italian Meteorological Society: “There can be no question of a predictable eventbecause it is impossible to establish a priori where such a collapse could have occurred. I could have been up there too”. The expert then underlined that that of the Marmolada: “It wasn’t a particularly endangered glacier. There are many others more dangerousmonitored continuously because they present important risks” (Here Article).

At this time (as pointed out by the authorities, Here Article), the whole area is still closed: “Right now it’s more than right ‘to closethe Marmolada – continues Budel – also for respect to the victims. But I hear someone even talk about the closure of the glaciers”. Precisely in these hours, underlines the manager of the Capanna Punta refuge Penaltyare different helicopters and of drones who are flying over the Queen of the Dolomites to carry on the operations of researchbut Budel doesn’t want to get off.

“Now I am cleaning there Hut And arranging the wood – continues the man – e I don’t feel like going down, I think I will stay here for a few more days. And then I couldn’t even do it on footI should call a helicopter. I knew well or badly all the victims Italian of the tragedyespecially the guides alpine: theirs was one terrible death”.

“Cecchi Paone ‘taught’ the mountains to Simone Moro on TV: I had to intervene but I preferred to switch it off”, the ”guardian” of the Marmolada: ”No to exploitation”