Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz seek to lead Ferrari to glory in F1

Inside, as the storm hammers the roof of the hangar, restoration of the vehicles continues, including a racer of the Formula 1 from the ’67 season. This car never won a championship, yet the gorgeous hot rod shines like it expects to be praised. A glass-walled archive houses the technical documents of all the Ferrari manufactured in Maranelloincluding his 15 Formula 1 Drivers’ Championship cars.

Now, the mechanics lay down their tools. The rest leave the cardboard cups with the unfinished espresso and others put away their vapers. Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz they’ve finished their day’s work and, with cinematic timing, enter the location amid torrential rain and purple lightning. The veteran crew greets them warmly, drawing chest to chest, as if wanting their hearts to clench, for the rest of a season that, for them, is teetering on the brink. charles leclerc he can’t help it, he approaches the shimmering racer ’67, that beautiful, hopeless car that never won anything. Sympathetically, having everything to prove himself, he slides a hand over his polished body.

They are here to be dressed in the Ferrari’s new fashion collection. They will also sign some clothes for the fans, take photos with the hard-working staff and walk among the car collection to relax and feel real again after spending hours inside a simulator and practice attending to technical concerns. “The hardest day of the week,” the Spanish rider tells me. “You finish 150 laps and you can’t think.” He is googly-eyed, handsome by nature, though he doesn’t like mirrors, and today he wears his hair down to one side. By dressing subtly, Carlos Sainz it reveals the dexterity in the precise and thoughtful movements of someone who has spent a lifetime handling expensive objects that can break.

The famous good looks of charles leclerc it’s sleeker and more polished than his teammate’s. It is easy to imagine him as the vocalist of a boy band. He is well liked by his colleagues and insists that he would run away with a lucky gold necklace that his mechanics bought him, after saving money, if it weren’t for the dress codes and fire safety regulations. that prohibit the Formula 1 drivers wear jewelry. “When you’re seven years old and you win two races in a row, you think you’re invincible,” says the Monte Carlo native. “My father told me: ‘Always be humble, even in good times and, above all, when you feel invincible’”.

The Monegasque is trying on a red balaclava and a pair of gloves. Carlos Sainz He walks over to him and whispers:beautiful”. They talk for a bit and then suddenly get into a discussion about a difficult turn in an upcoming race, some question the simulator has thrown up. All the formula 1 teams They have two pilots. Except on rare occasions, one or the other of these is the internal favourite. There’s a number one driver, there’s another number two. And even though ferrari insists that he does not have a number one driver, it seems to those outside that charles leclerc he is the favorite son Carlos Sainz, older by a few years, he looks slightly displaced. In general, the competitors placed in this strange unsportsmanlike situation tend to dislike each other. However, the two seem more like schoolmates than rivals, says an executive at the firm in the garage. “They are very close. They chat and chat. They compete for everything: who gets to the bathroom door first, for example. Then talk, talk, talk.”

Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz seek to lead Ferrari to glory in F1