Chilling scenes on the Island of the Famous. She chokes and the injury is serious

This edition of the Island of the Famous is marked by the injuries and inconveniences that the castaways are facing, not least the unthinkable happened live, the castaway is injured and is serious.

In Honduras, everything is really happening this last seasonthe reality show hosted by Ilary Blasi is putting a strain on the nerves of both competitors, which almost orevery day they face panic situationsboth of the viewers, who remain with bated breath for the fate of the castaways, given that lately it’s happening one after the other.

Right in the sixteenth episode of the Island of the Famous something alarming happened, a chilling scene which left everyone dumbfounded because of its bizarre, and it all happened at the very end of a test of endurance. Let’s see in detail what happened on the island.

A moment of pure terror

During one of the many tests that the competitors of the Isola dei Famosi have to face in order to move forward with the game, one of the castaways froze the blood in the veins of the public at homethere were some moments of fear live while the Honduran clock race was taking place, it is a really complicated and at times even dangerous challenge, so much so that something went wrong.

The protagonist of the frightening story was the poor man Roger, who had to face the challenge against the much more trained and decidedly athletic Clemente Russo, former Italian boxer.

Russo obviously triumphed hands down in the challenge, but his rival in the clash, the Brazilian model, found himself facing an effort beyond his means that caused him a terrible illness. There were moments of pure tension both on the island and in the studio, the man was in really bad shape so much so that for the pain he was undergoing he couldn’t even speakthe doctors immediately rushed to try to understand what was happening.

Island of the Famous

What emerged was that the unfortunate castaway had a disastrous sprained ankle, the intervention of the doctors who immediately transported him to the clinic by helicopter rescue was precious in order to be able to carry out the necessary checks. Everything seemed resolved, even if the situation was very tense, but no one could expect what was about to happen.

The chilling unexpected situation

Just as soon as the terrible situation due to Balduino’s injury seemed to be resolved, here is a frightening unexpected event that causes L’Isola dei Famosi to panic.

When Roger was on the ground in pain it happened that another person present has started having a problem not just, the envoy Alvin was choking on saliva.

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It was really surreal moments, first the scare for the injured competitor and immediately after Alvin starting to cough with an obvious shortness of breath due to having choked on his saliva, something that, after a first scare, amused the audience because it is not the first time it has happened to him.

In fact, the hostess herself, Ilari Blasy, after regaining control of the situation, made fun of the envoy by giving him an amused little dig, telling him, “But do you choke every time?”. 2F05% 2F19% 2Flo-is-strangling-panic-in-honduras-terrifying-scenes-on the island-of-famous-videos% 2F

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The web obviously went crazy and resumed the ironic scene, luckily everything went well and from the latest updates Roger is also getting his strength back in order to be able to return to the race shortly.

Chilling scenes on the Island of the Famous. She chokes and the injury is serious