Chivas vs Pumas: Reasons to expect a good show

In this duel with a peculiar rivalry, Pumas will seek to return to the path of victory that will finally bring peace of mind to Andrés Lillini and Chivas will seek their third consecutive victory in the most striking match of Day 11 of the 2022 Apertura.

Chivas comes at its best Opening 2022 to this weekend’s engagement Cougarsa team that was humiliated in the playoffs of the Closure 2022 by eliminating them with a score of 4-1, and now the team of Andres Lillini faces this commitment in the middle of a streak of seven games without winning in the MX League and eight in general if we add their commitment to Barcelona.

The university students were the animators of the transfer market with incorporations such as those of Dani Alves, Eduardo ‘Toto’ Salvio, Gustavo del Prete and other elements, but they have not been able to reflect this on the field and even appear in the last places of the Apertura 2022.

For their part, the Chivas they seem to have finally understood what their technician wanted Richard Chain and, with a couple of wins in a row, at least they are now in playoff positions, something that seemed a long way off a week ago.

In this duel with a peculiar rivalry, Cougars will seek to return to the path of victory that will finally bring peace of mind to Andres Lillini Y Chivas will seek its third consecutive victory in the most striking match of Day 11 of the 2022 Apertura.

Here are the reasons why Chivas and Pumas aim for victory at the Akron Stadium.

Five reasons why Pumas will win at Akron

blankIt seems that Lillini found her ideal training

After Andrés Lillini changed his scheme against Tigres, the Argentine helmsman seems to have found a system where Dani Alves fits perfectly and where all the pieces work, since they gave him almost perfect results in the duel against the Monterrey team.

Lillini appealed to a line of 5 where Alves was positioned as a right back, which is his natural position or at least where he has played the most, so the Brazilian was more comfortable and in conjunction with his teammates.

blankDinenno found the goal

There are two games in a row where Juan Ignacio Dinenno scores. Although the collective result was not the desired one by the Argentine and his teammates, the good news is that the “Comandante” took off a six-game slab without scoring a goal.

Dinenno scored against Santos and against Tigres, and it seems that he rediscovered his goalscoring instinct, one that Pumas lacked and that he had not shown for several days, since the Auriazules were not effective in the upper area of ​​​​the field.

blankarch safety

Gil Alcalá showed great quality in the feline goal, and although he received a goal from Tigres in his first game as a starter in Liga MX with the Pumas, and the fans were pleased with the one that was one of the reinforcements for this campaign.

At 30 years old, Alcalá showed good confidence due to his aerial game and good technique in hand-to-hand matches, in addition to being the undisputed starter against the Rojiblancos due to the loss of Julio González, who is injured. In addition, his journey in Liga MX makes him more experienced than Miguel Jiménez.

blankDani Alves showed improvement

The 39-year-old Brazilian made at least three passes for goals in the game against Tigres, so he seemed not only more comfortable, but more secure next to his teammates. Positioned at right back in a line of five in his last game, he was focused on the defensive and offensive phase of the game.

Alves also put deep balls towards Gustavo del Prete, Juan Dinenno and Diogo de Oliveira who were in danger of scoring, but the definition in the last third of the field was the one that failed.

blankBench Experience

Andrés Lillini is the technical director with the longest time leading a team in Liga MX, with five tournaments leading Pumas, surpassing elements such as Diego Cocca, Nicolás Larcamón or Miguel Herrera.

This experience at the head of Pumas, in addition to the knowledge of the players, not only the older ones and foreigners, but also the youth players, can give him an advantage over Ricardo Cadena, who is still getting used to the first division, this after he took over as interim past tournament.


Five reasons why Chivas will win at Akron

blankGuadalajara lives its best moment

Chivas went from anger to harmony with his fans, after a forgettable start in the current championship, the team led by Ricardo Cadena was reunited with the victory against Necaxa and with the tickets given away against Monterrey, he completely changed his face to his fans and decompressed the pressure they had, coaching staff, players and managers.

Now with two wins in a row and three games in a row without a loss, Chivas will have the opportunity at home to confirm that the good pace of the team was not a mere coincidence, in search of adding their third victory of the tournament to turn the bad start to the championship and thinking about the top positions.

blankChivas already found the goal

After a start with few goals, currently Chivas has achieved seven goals in the last four games played, of which two of them came at home in front of their fans, a situation that had been denied to the institution in this tournament.

Currently, Chivas went from being the team with the worst effectiveness in the rival framework with its forwards to uncovering three goals from Ángel Zaldívar and the vindication of Santiago Ormeño with his fans with the goal that gave him the victory against Monterrey, so currently Guadalajara’s goalscoring drought has come to an end and will be the key to victory this Saturday

blankGood numbers at home against Pumas

In their last duels against Pumas at home, Chivas has turned the Akron Stadium into a fortress, after the last two occasions in which they have seen each other face to face in Guadalajara, the Rojiblanco team has added two victories.

In the Clausura 2022 tournament, Guadalajara faced Pumas twice, the first in the regular season when Chivas thrashed the University team 3 to 1 and later in the league, those led by Ricardo Cadena increased the dose against the capital and beat them 4 to 1.

blankChain returns to the bases

After not finding a base team at the beginning of the tournament, the technical director Ricardo Cadena returned to the bases and resorted to elements of experience such as Isaac Brizuela and Jesús Sánchez in key positions to give the team another face and this gave him good results. .

So now with a base of elements of experience and young youth squad players, Ricardo Cadena has found the ideal 11 with which he came out of the losing streak, which is why, regardless of leaving out reinforcements such as Santiago Ormeño and Alan Mozo in the bench, Guadalajara has already found the base that has provided the expected results in this tournament.

blankGoalkeeper and defense live great moment

Despite the bad start to the championship, in Chivas, highlighting the rebound of the Rojiblanco team, the defensive and goalkeeping work with Miguel Jiménez comes to mind, after elements such as Luis Olivas, Jorge Orozco and Gilberto Sepúlveda, have become the referents in defense of the Sacred Flock.

Currently, Miguel Jiménez remains one of the best goalkeepers in this championship, his interventions have given points to Guadalajara, so the work in the goal in conjunction with the defensive part of experience and youth, have become one of the the keys to think that the team will be able to have promotion at the end of the championship.

Chivas vs Pumas: Reasons to expect a good show