Chivas vs Tigres: This is how we saw it, player by player

It was the night of the goalkeepers. On one side the horror for Miguel Jimenezon the other, the great performance of Nahuel Guzman. doublet of John Paul Vigon and a goal from Angel Zaldivar. Chivas lost and was beaten 4-1 prior to National Classic.


Miguel Jimenez

A day to forget. He ate two goals from the Tigres, and although he saved other good ones, his mistakes killed Chivas this Tuesday at Akron Stadium.

Alan Mozo

He returned to ownership and did not do badly. He even gave it to help the attack, because he put an excellent ball to Sergio Flores that was almost a goal.

Gilberto Sepulveda

Good night. He did not struggle when going to dispute the ball and was never overcome.

louis olives

It also came off well. The Chivas central had nothing to do with the win, as this youth squad even cleared several of danger.

Jesus Gilberto Orozco

He was one of the most dangerous for Chivas in the first half, as he had at least two good shots on goal by Nahuel Guzmán. In defense, this young element did not struggle.

Sergio Flores

He almost scored a good goal starting the match. In the containment he was tough, he put his leg in and gave Chivas a lot of order.

Fernando Beltran

He had a perfect match. He generated a lot, he almost scored a great goal, but in the first half he failed so that Juan Pablo Vigón scored the second goal for the Tigres. He left the ball free.

Carlos Cisneros

He tried offensive passes and recovery work that was acceptable. He seems to shine more as a change than as a starter.

Robert Alvarado

He made at least 4 good shots that he couldn’t score against Nahuel Guzmán. In the final part of the match he looked very angry at the way the goals were taken away from them.

Alexis Vega

It is the star of Chivas. All the balls go through it. He tried from afar, on one side, on the other, he just couldn’t do it alone.

Santiago Ormeno

He started touching the ball, but he never had a clear play to score. It was a complicated night for the rojiblanco attacker.

Isaac Brizuela

His entry in the second half gave Chivas a lot of security. He managed to reconnect circuits and it showed.

Angel Zaldivar

He scored a goal that made the final 4-1. Since his entry he tried to help the team, but with a wall like the one he had in front of him, it was impossible.

pavel perez

They were looking for with his income that he could do something interesting and get Chivas into the game. He didn’t make it.

Christian Calderon

He battled, he fought, he ran and until there. He hasn’t looked for several duels.

Jesus Angle

With more and more confidence and security. He assisted Zaldívar for Chivas’ goal.


Nahuel Guzman

The best on the field. He took everything that came and only a great goal could beat him. A great night for the Argentine.

Vladimir Lorona

He began hesitantly, more slowly he settled down and closed a little harder.

Igor Lichnovsky

The Chilean settled well on the field and fought with the Chivas forward. It was a good night for him and his companions.

Samir Caetano

He made his first goal in Liga MX by scoring the 3-0 inside the box. On the defensive side he was strong and won almost everything.

Jesus Angle

Far from his best level. It still costs him, although it did not go badly, since Chivas could not do much damage to them.

Guido Pizarro

An important element in midfield. He recovers many balls and gives up others that ended in goals, so the Argentine is very good.

John Paul Vigon

Great night for the Guadalajara. He scored the first two goals for the university triumph, it was a round performance.

Sebastian Cordova

He handled time and the ball very well. He gave at least two assists. The Akron Stadium field accommodates the former American.

Luis Quinones

One of the weakest of Tigres. It was not what was expected, and still he did not play badly.

Raymundo Fulgencio

He had several scoring actions. He missed a very clear one starting the second half that he sent to the crossbar. He weighs the forcefulness a lot.

Andre-Pierre Gignac

He fought a lot. He did not have several comfortable plays and did not weigh as in past duels. He always pulls the marks and creates spaces for his teammates.

Rafael Carioca

His admission gave Tigres a different face, since the two goals of the second half came from his feet. It is inexplicable that he is not a starter.

Jordy Caicedo

He didn’t have a dresser. He made a desperate shot that sent it over the top. He was not a starter this Tuesday and his change was to refresh the attack.

Jesus Garza

He entered and the game did not weigh him down. He arrived well connected and that helped the performance of the felines not drop.

David Ayala

Another element that has earned the trust of Miguel Herrera, entered the final part and did well.

Florian Thauvin

He scored the fourth goal for Tigres and this will give the Frenchman a lot of confidence, who came on in the second half.


Chivas vs Tigres: This is how we saw it, player by player