Christianity vs. Marxism

Marcos Barraza.- I remember in high school when they talked to us about Marxism, the teacher’s eyes rolled back and he looked at the sky as if lightning came down and illuminated it. He spoke to us about the Marxist dialectic to understand the evolution of societies that would culminate in a Marxist world.

Christianity and Marxism, both philosophical currents, can be located in the Greek philosophers. Marxism as an evolution of Hegelian thought and this in turn can be located as a continuation of the thought of Heraclitus. In Christian doctrine we find Plato structured and expanded by Plotinus and introduced to Christianity by Saint Augustine and later Aristotle introduced to Christianity by Saint Thomas Aquinas, one current based on love and the other on hate as the main engines.

Heraclitus based his philosophy on the movement produced by the struggle of the opposites that Hegel would express as the Thesis faced with the Antithesis to generate the synthesis, that is, the dialectic.

Marx interprets this current affirming that the evolution of society is due to the class struggle and calls the class struggle, in a simplistic classification, the struggle of the proletarians against the bourgeoisie, of course, and they as redeemers.

In Christianity the maxim is “Love one another”, love as the constructive force of society.

In fact, Marxism becomes the antithesis of Christianity, opposing everything that sounds Christian and announcing to the world that they are the new society that is to rule the world, this is “Manifest Destiny.”

Let’s review the thesis and antithesis:

By “Loving God above all things” they oppose atheism and declare that “Religion is the opium of the people”, although in fact the maximum leader is treated as a pagan god, a living and almighty god to whom the society surrenders.

By “You will honor your father and your mother”, the Marxist state becomes the guardian of the children and “Children belong to the State”, bursting parental authority and opening a gap between parents and children.

When “You shall not kill” he answers with the power of the state to assassinate its members and we see it in the Marxist regimes, recalling that Mao killed 75 million Chinese in China whose main sin was to disagree with the regime; we see how Stalin in the USSR follows him with 50 million citizens murdered for disagreeing with the regime. Since there is no God, the dignity of the person does not exist and people’s lives depend on the will of the owner of the system.

By “You shall not fornicate”, today expressed as “You shall not commit impure acts”, they face this as anything goes and today they are strong promoters of gender identity, a name that hides all the depravities that man is capable of and equates them to male-female nature.

By “Thou shalt not steal”, a commandment that can be expressed as respecting the property of others, presents an anathema against private property and when it settles in a society its first action is to steal all the properties of the inhabitants with the false premise of confiscations.

By “You will not lie”, the Marxists lie continuously creating a false universe where everything they do is right and their detractors are wrong, they continually rewrite history to validate themselves before their faithful followers.

By “You shall not covet the goods of others”, they focus their propaganda on envy and the desire to appropriate the goods of the “rich”, whom they previously demonize to justify the fact of appropriating their wealth to later establish what they falsely call ” Social justice”, that is, stealing the fruit of their labor from good people to give it to their followers.

Well, hopefully this helps to understand the current government, which although it does not declare itself to be Marxist, has all the training, roots and Marxist method that will inexorably appropriate everything, leaving the people in misery and brutally enriching themselves. Those who do not learn from history will have to suffer it over and over again, so we “be” “Well.”

Christianity vs. Marxism – Juárez Hoy