Claudio Borghi uses his right to reply after being dismissed by Valdivia in an interview with Sampaoli: “I had the courage to remove players for indiscipline”

The four-time champion with Colo Colo came out in the face of a few words from the Magician who did not like the interview conducted by ADN Radio with Sampaoli. “The problem is when you want to endorse your shit to someone else,” he said.

Valdivia "dismissed" the passage of the Bichi through the Red.
© ONE Agency.Valdivia “none” Bichi’s passage through the Red.

Claudio Borghi unfortunately had a bad experience with the Chilean team. The four-time champion with the whites took the hot iron of replacing Marcelo Bielsa, a titanic task that, between the poor results in the final stretch and acts of indiscipline, he did not know how to handle quite well.

One of the players in that process with whom he definitely broke relations after having him in Colo Colo at the beginning was Jorge Valdivia. El Mago was the face of the so-called “Baptizazo” that ended with five players expelled from the team, something that would mark a before and after in La Roja.

There are still shards of that moment and this was demonstrated in the last few hours, with Valdivia being part of the panel that interviewed Jorge Sampaoli on ADN Radio and where he “none” Bichi’s stage in the Chilean team.

“The work of Jorge Sampaoli and Marcelo Bielsa was spectacular, but we must not forget that Between his arrival there was another coach (Claudio Borghi) with whom nothing happened, with the same squad, so it is not so easy to win, you have to value more, ”expressed the former midfielder.

Well, Borghi accused the blow and as a commentator on Radio Futuro came out to answer the words of the Magician, saying that “in his sayings Jorge Valdivia is absolutely right. I did not win anything in the Chilean team, absolutely nothing. I couldn’t go to the World Cup and I couldn’t win the Copa América, but we were able to be first in the qualifying rounds, something that could not be repeated before or after in this system”.

“I was very excited about that process and Valdivia is wrong, because It was not the same team that Bielsa and Sampaoli used, because I had to cut five players for an act of indiscipline. Four of them were irremovable starters, not Valdivia, and from then on I had problems”, added Bichi.

In that sense, the four-time champion with the Cacique maintained that “if you mean that we did not do important things, it is true, but I repeat, we did what we could with the players we had. We did the best we could with good and bad results (…) I had the courage to remove five players for indiscipline. They were very hard days, tremendous. That didn’t happen before or after.”

Changing the subject, but always around Valdivia’s statements, Bichi was clear in saying that “Radio Futuro and Radio ADN are sister radio stations that work for the same consortium. There is no problem with my name being mentioned on the other radio. There are things that are uncontrollable and sometimes the codes do not work for everyone in the same way”.

There Borghi declassified an event that happened in recent months: “ADN called me to work there after the departure of Juan Cristóbal Guarello and all the problems they had. I said no, and that ‘no’ allowed Jorge Valdivia to start working there. He should know that perhaps what I shed, he can use it as a source of work. It may be going well for him, but he must still understand that he still has a long way to go to know how to place himself in the position where he is”.

“It hurts me because I have known him for a long time, because I know his mother and father, his brother. I don’t know if I was ever important in his life. It makes me sad that people always have hatred on the surface, but everyone knows how to handle it. It is something that catches my attention. The problem is when you want to endorse your shit to another personBorghi concluded.

A new chapter that confronts two men who scored a lot for Colo Colo, but unfortunately due to very different decisions and paths, Today only the distance marks them.

Claudio Borghi uses his right to reply after being dismissed by Valdivia in an interview with Sampaoli: “I had the courage to remove players for indiscipline”