Club76: B2 wins against Ascot Labormet, at the Regional Day you are white and blue

A Saturday evening that will surely remain etched in memory as experienced by Reale Mutua Fenera Chieri ’76. Coach Giulio Cesare Bregoli’s girls, in Serie A1, made history by scoring an away 0-3 in one of the most difficult fields: Novara, against Igor Volley. Three very important points for the Championship, which bring the white and blue colors to third place in the classification which, although provisional, bodes well.

In the B2 Championship, Club76 Reale Mutua Fenera Chieri led by the Moretti-Ollino duo won against Ascot Labormet 3-1. Although Compagnin and Buffone were injured and unavailable for the match, the girls started off in excellent form, especially in batting. After the second set, the opponents, first in the standings, changed formation and overturned the match.
Despite this, Moretti’s girls brought home the result, placing themselves just two points behind first place.

A weekend to forget for Serie C. Coach Silvia Asola’s girls from Club76 Playasti lost 3-0 against Cascina Capello Chieri. A match that started well for the girls from Asola, but ended very badly. Too many mistakes, which let our guard down too quickly. Positive note the return of Federica Trombin from the second injury of this year and the performance on the field of Maria Stella Armando. The Under16 team has been postponed to Thursday, as six of the girls from Asola were involved in Regional Day.

The Regional Day took place yesterday, Sunday, and saw 24 athletes from the years 2007, 2008 and 2009 called up at the Lingotto sports facility in Turin. The appointment brings together the best athletes from the various youth sectors of Piedmont for an afternoon of work with the national technicians, with coach Marco Mencarelli. Club76 was the team with the most calls: six, with the names of Isabella Lavagnino (6), Lara Bonino (7), Federica Trombin (8), Maria Stella Armando (9), Stella Bucci (10) and Carol Giannelli (11).

Dark weekend for Serie D: Club76 PlayAsti raises the white flag against Volley Pirates Novi Gavi, 3-0. Coach Balzo’s girls surrender to their opponents, in a match where they couldn’t really get into the game. On the other hand, the match between GS Pino Volley and Canavese Volley Ivrea was excellent and ended 0-3. Coach Orlandi’s girls brought home other important points.

As for the Under 14 team, Club76 Playasti 2009 Gold lost 3-0 away against PVB Generali Bosca Canelli 14. A difficult match for coach Gianluca Testa’s girls. Too many mistakes, for a match that was misinterpreted and never reached full speed, especially for the serve.

As for the Under 13 Club76 Playasti 2010, coach Pietro Violino’s girls lost 2-3 at home against Pvb Generali Bosca Canelli 13. After the first two particularly hard-fought sets, the opponents gained confidence, taking the match home .

Friday November 11th
– 1st Division FCT Cun.Asti. Group A: Club76 Playasti vs VBC Dogliani 3-1
– 1st Div. FCT Turin Group B: GS Pino volley vs Volley Montanaro 3-2
– 1st Div. MCT Turin Interterritorial A: Valsusa Volley vs Liquicredit TSEC Fenera Chieri 76 2-3

Saturday 12 November
– Under 14 FCT Cun.Ast. Group A: PVB Generali Bosca Canelli 14 vs Club76 Playasti Gold 3-0
– Under 14 FCT Cun.Ast Group C: Mon. You. Bam Verde vs Club76 Playasti 2010 3-2
– Under 13 FCT Torino Group A: Club76 Reale Mutua Fenera Chieri Silver vs In Volley Piemonte A 0-3
– Serie C FCR Piedmont Group A: Cascina Capello Chieri vs Club76 Playasti 3-0
– Serie D FCR Piedmont Group C: Volley Pirates Novi Gavi. vs Club76 Playasti 3-0
– Serie D FCR Piedmont Group D: Canavese Volley Ivrea vs GS Pino Volley 0-3

Sunday 13 November
– Under 16 FCT Cun.Ast Group A: Volley Roero Achelon vs Club76 Playasti 2009 3-2
– Under 16 FCT Cun.Ast Group B: Club76 Playasti Silver vs Volley Marene 2-3
– Under 16 FCT Torino Group B: Newvolley Carmagnola L&L Arredamenti vs Club76 GS Pino Volley 3-0
– Under 16 FCT Torino Group B: Club76 Reale Mutua Fenera Chieri Silver vs Volley Almese Bovero Assicurazioni 3-2
– Under 15 MCT Turin Group A: Liquicredit TSEC Fenera Chieri76 vs Chisola Volley 0-3
– Under 14 FCT Torino Group A: Club76 Reale Mutua Fenera Chieri Silver vs ISIL Volley Almese 0-3
– Under 14 FCT Torino Group B: Club76 GS Pino Volley vs UnionVolley Pinerolo 2009 0- 3
– Under 13 FCT Cun.Ast. Group A: Club76 Playasti 2010 vs PVB Generali Bosca Canelli 13 2-3

The men’s team of Fenera Chieri ’76 in the Serie BM group A loses away against Canottieri Ongina for 3-0. Coach Specchia’s boys couldn’t resist the battleship of the group, which imposed its game in all phases of the match, but without ever losing commitment and dedication. For Chieri top scorer captain Daddo Luccato with Robazza who scored 9 points and was excellent in reception. Next match on Saturday 19 November at 8.30 pm at the PalaFenera against Volley Parella.

Club76: B2 wins against Ascot Labormet, at the Regional Day you are white and blue – SportAsti