Cobra Kai: Season 4 Recap

This is the big day ! Season 5 of the phenomenon series, which gave a completely unexpected second wind, 30 years later, to the saga Karate Kid just arrived on Netflix. To put you in the best conditions, we offer you a small summary of the previous episodes of Cobra-Kai.

It’s time to put the kimono back on and work on your best karate postures. Or at least get comfortable on your sofa and turn on Netflix: Cobra-Kai is back ! Season 5 has just landed on the streaming platform, with 10 new episodes made available to subscribers, all at once, since 9:01 a.m. sharp this Friday, September 9. Need to refresh your memory a little before embarking on a good big binge-watching session? We’re doing the recap!

Remember, a new era was announced at the beginning of season 4 with the alliance, finally, after so many years marked by a fierce rivalry, between Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence. The two heroes had indeed decided to join forces to fight evil, embodied by Cobra Kai, back under the leadership of the vile John Kreese. And knowing that the stakes were high. The three parties had indeed agreed to settle their differences on the tatami, more specifically at the famous All-Valley tournament. If Miyagi-Do or Eagle Fang, Daniel and Johnny’s respective dojos won, Cobra Kai had to shut down. But conversely, Kreese would then obtain the right to reign over the valley, without further opposition.

A fragile alliance between Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang, which nevertheless paid off

Obviously, the collaboration between Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence was not entirely easy, each having his own methods, his own philosophy even, the first preferring to rely on a defense strategy when the second prefers attack… what a quick way to revive their old rivalry! After a fight to decide which of the two will take over the teaching of the students, which ended in a tie, inevitably, the two men decided to return to a separation of their dojos. Back to square one, therefore, but always with a common objective: to beat the Cobra Kai of Kreese.

While tensions have also continued to rise to a crescendo between the students of each dojo, in particular between the new couples formed by Miguel and Sam on the one hand, Robby and Tory on the other hand, the apprentices of Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence have however, knew how to do better than their masters, and draw on everyone’s lessons for the All-Valley tournament. This is how, despite the notable absence of Miguel in the home stretch, the latter having preferred to flee to Mexico, in search of his biological father, Eli was able to win the men’s championship. But if he actually won the final fight against Robby, who had it must be said began to have reservations about the practices of Cobra Kai, Sam for his part failed against Tory, pushed to do him a dirty trick then even that she seemed ready to take the path of redemption. Shame.

Result of the races: the only real winner of this tournament remains Cobra Kai. With, however, a reversal of the situation that no one expected… Because we have not yet mentioned his name in this recap ‘, but this season 4 saw the great return of another great historical villain of the saga: Terry Silver . Former war companion of Kreese, he indeed came to lend a hand to the latter for the tournament of the All-Valley. Bad idea: this alliance ended up turning against Johnny Lawrence’s former master, because behind Terry Silver’s speech of repentance, which traumatized Daniel LaRusso in Karate Kid 3, was always hiding the same sociopath. It’s safe to say he did him the inside out, blaming him for a violent attack he himself committed (against Stingray). Why ? Well simply because with Kreese behind bars, he can thus take over the reins of Cobra Kai on his own.

Once again, the last episodes left all the protagonists of the series in a rather gloomy situation, not to say catastrophic. The only positive point in all this: Robby finally seems ready to reconcile with his father, good old Johnny Lawrence. The problem, as seen in the trailer for the new Season 5, is that he’s still not ready to make peace with his father’s protege, Miguel, however. New high-flying duels are thus announced between the two boys. Not to mention, of course, the terror that will reign Terry Silver with Cobra Kai, which he has decided to make a real empire…

You can imagine that Daniel LaRusso will not give up, however, and on the contrary will do everything to fight against this new evil. While he can ultimately count on Johnny Lawrence to help him, remember that he also called on another former rival to come and lend him a hand: as was announced at the very end of the season. 4, this season 5 will mark, once again, the return of Chozen!

Are you looking forward to it too? So now that you’re up to date, don’t delay! Find now the 10 new episodes of season 5 of Cobra-Kaiexclusively on Netflix.

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Cobra Kai: Season 4 Recap