Common sense versus bullshit

On the one hand, lessons learned and rules adopted. On the other, the idea that the lessons are no longer applicable and the rules no longer relevant.

“Look both ways before crossing the street. »

The common man lives surrounded by ghosts. They are the ghosts of parents whose children did not look both ways before crossing. They whisper the lessons of the dead:

Don’t spend more than you earn.

Say “please” and “thank you”.

Mind your own business.

Never eat yellow snow.

The difference between the man of the people and the elites is that the former is convinced that the rules must be followed. The latter believe that they can create them as they go along.

We looked at a depressing topic: the destruction of the middle class. We have seen that elites use inflation as a crowbar: to extort others.

It’s not “intentional” per se. The wolf does not devour the lamb having premeditated his crime. That’s just how things work. Inflation devastates the economy and “the people” who depend on it. So much the better, say the elites. They prefer the poor, who are more easily manipulated and whose votes are easier to buy.

But it’s not just a question of money. The ruling class has ideas, programs… It conducts campaigns. Middle class values ​​often get in the way.

We have nothing without nothing

Yes, the drum to the sound of which the man of the people marches is struck by the specters, not by the established order. The rhythm hammered out by the dead shakes the soul of the people and is rooted in their instincts, like common sense. The people are by nature conservative, reluctant to change.

He gets up early. (“The future belongs to those who get up early,” he says).

He will work. (“I learned the value of hard work by working,” he explains).

He puts money aside. (“A penny saved is a penny earned”)

He is careful not to spend too much. (“Do not waste so as not to miss”)

He follows rules, but he can be a threat to leaders. His common sense does not square with the negligence and bullshit of the elite. It’s his common sense that tells him that you get something for nothing and that you have to work to get what you want. And yet the elites print billions of dollars to keep people unemployed. During the Covid pandemic, for example, millions of people earned more by staying at home than by going to work.

Leaders decided that the hard lessons of the past were no longer relevant. We are smarter now, they think. More educated, more “sensitive” to the challenges and realities of life in 2022. We know how to distinguish good from evil, heaven from hell. We are convinced that we are on the good side, that of the angels. No need to ask questions.

For the current ruling classes, paradise, for the people, not for them, is a small apartment that does not consume much energy, in a modern and cramped building, from which one can walk or cycle to essential services, people who call each other by the personal pronoun of their choice and who do everything possible to ensure that all people are equal.

Fast people shoot themselves in the foot so they can hobble with cripples, smart people watch CNN or Fox News to dumb themselves down, and beautiful women cover their faces so no one gets misplaced ideas. Of course, everyone agrees with everyone on everything. They call it “diversity”.

Modern discomfort

The problem of the common man is that he does not understand. He clings to his habits and his mores. He looks both ways before crossing, but he doesn’t like being told where to go.

Yet this is precisely what the elites do.

In Davos, where the rich and famous fly in private jets to tell the common people they’re consuming too much fuel, the World Economic Forum has already warned us of what lies ahead: a video explains that in the future “we will own nothing and we will be happy”.

Last week, Elizabeth Borne, the French Prime Minister explained to the common people that they will live better when they say “goodbye” to the terrible fossil fuels.

Elsewhere in Europe, politicians have already proposed banning individual housing. They are energy-intensive, and saving the planet has become an objective that takes precedence over household comfort.

But, horror! The common man disagrees. He doesn’t bow to Gaia or kowtow to the gods of diversity. If you follow him to his parking space, you might see him drive into a diesel four-wheel drive rather than a small electric car.

Therefore, the elites cannot let the common man vote without giving him instructions. He must choose his candidates for him, supporting one of the candidates with money and favorable press, while depriving the other of funds and making him look like a dangerous moron. Then, to ensure the coup, it is necessary to ensure that the candidates are all stupid scoundrels so that the voter has no real choice. Transform the ballot into a rat race without the slightest debate of ideas. But be careful, despite all this, it could be that the man of the people does not vote properly.

Be careful when taking it out in public. He could say things that shouldn’t be said!

The Doers and The Agitators

The words evolve according to the fads and fantasies of the time. The word “Bum” (beggar in French) used to describe someone who lived on the streets. It conveyed the idea of ​​a moral bankruptcy: the person concerned had not respected the rules. It was his fault.

Then the elites replaced this term with the politically correct “homeless person”. This term also conveyed the idea of ​​fault, but it was not judgmental. It could be that the person concerned was simply unlucky. From now on, the consecrated term is “unhoused person”. This term suggests that the fault lies with someone else. Someone failed to provide the person concerned with proper accommodation.

The common man recognizes a beggar when he sees him. He feels when there is eel under rock. He turns against himself and refuses to follow the elite program. His common sense gets in the way of the great progress that thinkers and right-thinking people want to put in place.

Without the constant propaganda of the media, would the man of the people agree to finance the war in Ukraine? Probably not.

Would he agree to finance the multi-trillion dollar deficits and the $31 trillion debt of the United States? Nobody asks the question.

It is easy to dumb down and deceive the people. Wave the flag and they’ll set off to kill without flinching. But if left alone, the common people cling to the old rules. The rules they obey constitute a world where civility, decency and common sense reign. You have to give in order to receive. We drive on the right. Each individual follows the same highway code but chooses his destination.

The elites think they know where the common man SHOULD go. Today’s do-gooders think they have the Truth, the absolute and revealed truth about what is important and what is not. They think they have the right to write new rules and they won’t let old truths or those who cling to them get in their way.

The middle class must be destroyed.

Common sense versus bullshit