Coupe de France: historic feat of Aubervilliers (N3), which eliminates the L2 team of Quevilly Rouen Métropole

More than 650 lucky in the stands but how many happy in the club and in the city? The André Karman stadium had one of the best days in its history this Saturday afternoon. FCM Aubervilliers (N3) released 13th in Ligue 2 Quevilly Rouen Métropole (QRM), the greatest achievement in the Coupe de France of the Dionysian formation.

Rachid Youcef’s men won after the penalty shootout (1-1, 4-1 on pens). A victory synonymous with qualification for the eighth round. “To be honest, I’m not surprised,” confirms the coach. When you’re focused, you’re disciplined like today, you’re capable of great things. The trap to avoid against pros is to be a spectator. The guys managed to take full advantage and be an actor.

The goal of the equalizer scored by a “child of Auber”

It took at least that to unlock this match with the breathless scenario. After a well-controlled first half, FCM d’Aubervilliers were surprised in the 51st minute. A blessing in disguise, according to Rachid Youcef. “Logically, Quevilly had the ball, it was expected but we didn’t particularly suffer. Then we get picked cold after the break. And from there, we let go, we took our responsibilities a bit and the changes were decisive on the attacking front. It’s good for the script, it’s great to show your mental resources. »

The equalizer came in the 86th minute thanks to defensive midfielder Masira Konaté. “He’s a child of Auber.” It is quite a symbol that it is he who scores in front of his friends and his family, ”comments his coach. An hour later, the feat took shape thanks to the magic gloves of Boubacare Camara, the brother of the former Paris FC defender. gone to SCO Angers this summer. Goalkeeper number two neutralizes the first two opposing attempts. Two stops that will quickly plunge the stadium into immense euphoria.

“What we did today, in Karman, in front of so many supporters, is one of the most beautiful stories of the club, that’s for sure”, answers the vice-president delegate for young people Toufik Belkhous. The latter, at the club for 30 years, insists on the crucial atmosphere provided by the spectators at the end of the game. This precision is all the more important as the FFF had to be convinced to organize this match in Aubervilliers despite the stadium’s limited capacity.

Next tour in Reunion

Toufik Beklhous would like to thank the municipal services for “their responsiveness and the guarantees given” as well as “all the educators and leaders present from 11 a.m.” to make this day a moment engraved in history. Note also the “elegance and fair play” of the QRM professionals who, despite this surprise elimination, left their part of the ticketing revenue.

What follows is of course the return to the championship next weekend in Montrouge. The FCMA is 5th in its group of N3. The Cup will return in three weeks. A new victory would open the door to the 32nd finals, the entrance to the L1 stables. This time, the players of N2 will not have the support of their public and the children of the football school. The draw wanted to send them to Reunion Island against an opponent whose identity will be known on Sunday.

“This trip was the carrot, I’m happy for the players. They don’t all have the means to move to the other side of the world, they will discover another environment. Even if sportingly, we are going to prepare so as not to be tourists, ”warns Rachid Youcef, already ready to concoct a new magic trick.

Coupe de France: historic feat of Aubervilliers (N3), which eliminates the L2 team of Quevilly Rouen Métropole