Cruz Azul: Raúl ‘Potro’ Gutiérrez is bitter about the ‘cruzazuleada’ vs FC Juárez

The Blue Cross Machine he did it again; the cement workers let go of a victory in the last seconds of the game against the FC Juarez BravesI find that they won 0-2 against 10 opponents, since the border players suffered the expulsion of Javier Salas just 4 minutes into the first half.

implausibly, Blue Cross ended up tying the match by allowing goals at minute 86 and 95, the latter in a well-marked penalty in favor of the locals, losing 2 very important points that had already placed them in 12th place in the standings, with a ticket to Repechage provisionally.

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At the end of the game, the technical director of the Celestes, Raúl ‘Potro’ Gutiérez, agreed to feel frustrated by the result, since it was not the result they were looking for, accepting that they signed a disastrous second half in which the team fell apart.

“Frustrated because it’s not what you raised and it’s not what this team can play for. These circumstances, even how they have occurred, we have to be very critical that they cannot happen to us again. The team broke down, we were a disaster in the second half. It does not leave us satisfied at all”, commented el Potro.

Regarding the advantage of playing with an extra man for almost the entire game, Gutiérrez assured that they tried to take advantage of that superiority and proposed a more offensive game, generating several opportunities but they did not have the forcefulness necessary to increase the score.

“Having one more man should give you that advantage, with our approach we intended to be offensive, we had opportunities that we did not take advantage of and they keep coming together, there is no one to blame here and we have to do things better and not allow ourselves to do a second time like this”, admitted Raúl Gutiérrez.

Gutiérrez made it clear that the result was “deserved” due to the poor work they did in the second half and warned his players that they cannot have a performance like this again, since they no longer have a margin of error to get a ticket to the Repechage.

“This result was not what we were looking for, but it was the one we deserved for the second half we did. It is something that cannot be repeated. It was already a complex scenario and it is still there, but the margin of error, the adding three in the games to come is almost imperative. This result has to teach us a great lesson about what we need and where we want to go, “he said.

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Cruz Azul: Raúl ‘Potro’ Gutiérrez is bitter about the ‘cruzazuleada’ vs FC Juárez