Cruz Azul vs. Necaxa, live the Liga MX match: result and goals at the moment; day 6 Opening 2022

Live score: Cruz Azul 0-0 Necaxa | Matchday 6 Liga MX – Opening 2022

Min 29 | Villalpando’s injury is confirmed, who leaves the field to give entry to Fernando Madrigal in the midfield of the necaxis team.

Min 27 | Bad news for Necaxa, Dieter Villalpando throws himself on the grass due to a muscle injury and immediately asks for the change. The 10 cannot continue in the field.

Min 26 | The ball is fought very hard in the center of the field and Necaxa is the one who gets the best part, preventing Cruz Azul from putting together plays in attack.

Min 23 | Batista finally appears in the area and hits a powerful header that to his misfortune goes to the hands of Sebastián Jurado but the Rayos are already beginning to advance lines.

Min 20 | Rodríguez opens the ball for Antuna and again sends a cross into the area but Malagn arrives to reject with one hand and cut off the arrival of the light blue team.

min 18 | Antuna begins to take out rivals on the wing and seeks to send a cross into the area but the ball is covered by the defense and ends up in a corner kick, which is not well used.

min 16 | Rotondi receives on the wing, throws a serve from below for Morales but the Necaxist defense crosses to send a handoff and prevent the arrival of the Machine.

Min 14 | After a drop in intensity, Dieter Villalpando takes the ball, faces and shoots looking to beat Jurado but the jarocho goalkeeper lays down and keeps the ball.

Min 10 | The game was stopped for a couple of minutes for medical attention to Alexis Pea, who took a heavy blow from a teammate when defending a corner kick.

Min 7 | Service for Milton Gimnez, who turns around and shoots but Nacho Rivero sweeps and covers the shot of the necaxis team that is already looking for the rival goal.

Min 6 | Ivn Morales takes the ball out of the area and hits a shot from afar with little force that Malagn covers and keeps it in two halves to prevent the goal.

Min 5 | Necaxa sends a long line looking for Facundo Batista but the visiting striker fouls Juan Escobar and the play is lost in attack.

Min 2 | Cruz Azul sends a couple of centers to start the game but the ball passes by and does not find Tanque Morales to finish off inside the area.

Min 1 | Whistle from referee Miranda and the game started. The first to touch the ball are the Rayos, who are looking for a long ball but Cruz Azul rejects it in a good way.

Cruz Azul vs. Necaxa, live the Liga MX match: result and goals at the moment; day 6 Opening 2022

4:55 p.m. | The two teams are already on the field of play and we are ready to live the emotions from the field of the mythical Azteca Stadium… Vaaaamoooosss with the actions!

4:50 p.m. | Both teams are already finishing their warm-up on the Azteca field and we’re just moments away from them heading back to the locker room to fine-tune the final details and head out for kick-off.

4:45 p.m. | The technician Diego Aguirre must face this duel with two hard casualties in the defense of Cruz Azul, since both Alejandro Mayorga and Julio Csar Domnguez are injured and are not available.


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4:40 p.m. | After the departure of Santi Gimnez, this afternoon Ivn Morales will have the opportunity to win the position as forward center of Cruz Azul and begin to uncover with annotations.

4:35 p.m. | The bad start of the championship that Cruz Azul has had causes that very few people are seen so far in the stands of the Azteca Stadium, where it is also expected to rain.

4:30 p.m. | The good news for Cruz Azul is that tonight You can already count on the presence of Gonzalo Carneiro, who will be on the starting bench in order to be taken into account.

Cruz Azul vs. Necaxa, live the Liga MX match: result and goals at the moment; day 6 Opening 2022

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4:25 p.m. | The necaxisist set take advantage of the absence of Santiago Gimnez to play with it on his social networks and add a bit of humor to this afternoon’s clash.

Confirmed alignment of Necaxa

4:20 p.m. | The visiting team is already launching its starting eleven and Jaime Lozano goes with: Luis Malagn, Agustin Oliveros, Alexis Peña, Juan Pablo Segovia, José Esquivel, Dieter Villalpando, Angelo Araos, Brian García, Brayan Garnica, Milton Gimnez and Facundo Batista.

Confirmed alignment of Cruz Azul

4:15 p.m. | The Machine will boot with: Sebastian Jurado, Luis Abram, José Martínez, Juan Escobar, Ignacio Rivero, Erik Lira, Carlos Rodríguez, Rafael Baca, Carlos Rotondi and Ivn Morales.

Hello, good afternoon and welcome. Liga MX is already in its day 6 and today Cruz Azul faces Necaxa at the Azteca Stadium, looking to reconnect with victory.

The Rayos del Necaxa arrive at a good time, adding three wins and two losses so far in the championship, for which they appear within the first places of the table.

The game starts at 5:00 p.m. in Mexico City at the Azteca Stadium, where the Machine will live its first game without Santiago Gimnez after his departure to the Netherlands.

Cruz Azul vs. Necaxa, live the Liga MX match: result and goals at the moment; day 6 Opening 2022