Cuadrado was captain of Juventus again, but Dybala made everything bitter

John William Square He was the owner and captain of the Juventus in a 1-1 draw with Rome. Although the Turin team had everything to get the three points, an old acquaintance as paulo dybala I ruin everything.

This Juve was a radically different team compared to the one against Sampdoria last week. those of Allegri they ran over those of Mourinho in the first half to the rhythm of Locatelli, Miretti and Rabiot in midfield, far superior to Cristante and Maticthe double pivot that this afternoon formed the ‘giallorosso’ midfield.

It was the first level match between the two on the calendar since the beginning of this campaign. Juve arrived with many more doubts than certainties, while Roma did so with the only goal deficit. But football ignores the past and it was the ‘Vecchia Signora’ who dominated the match.

Not all the ‘bianconeri’ fans had finished sitting down when their star, the center of the project that left Dybala aside, had already opened the can. A free-kick from the edge of the area that hit the crossbar before entering triggered the madness in the Juventus Stadiumwho trembled while the name of the Serb was chanted.

First minute and first goal. Allegri smiled, Mou could not hide his angry face when he saw how the match was getting very uphill for him. And it could be worse, but the VAR canceled the second on the verge of half an hour of the game, this time in charge of locatelli, by hand of the author of the first goal at the beginning of the play.

The ‘Loba’ was not the one of the previous meetings, turned off by a more than solvent Juventus. Without ideas, with a low rhythm of circulation, without the usual depth of his lanes and with a missing Dybala.

Mou had to make a move at the break to try to turn the situation around. He sacrificed his usual line of three in defense to add to El Sharawy in attack, in search of a more effective pressure and a greater number of players in Roman attacks.

It didn’t work. The ball and the danger continued to be in danger from a ‘Juve’ that this time left very good feelings to the detriment of a gray Roma, very far from the version that he had offered in the first two days.

The black and whites managed the result with long possessions, controlled in intelligent ways that ended in danger, and kept the timid Roman attempts at bay with a very solvent defense led by Bremer and Danieltoday serving as central.

But the talent of the Roman team does not need more than a spark to cause danger. And the author of that spark was the “Jewel” in his reunion with his ex. The Argentine invented an assist in the form of scissors on the head of a Abraham that always appears where it needs to for dialing. ‘Juve’ did not kill a game that they had dominated and paid dearly for it. Equalized the contest began a new match in Turin.

With the 1-1, Mou decided to remove Dybala from the field to gain defensive solidity, and Juventus Stadium fired the man who was once his idol with a standing ovation despite the fact that a few minutes had caused the equalizer.

The match accelerated in the final minutes and the ‘giallorossi’ team came very close to completing the comeback with a strange carom inside the area that no one managed to finish off with precision among the tangle of Juventus legs.

Allegri and Mou did not stop still on the benches, constantly ordering their players and visibly tense. The first had the game in his hand, the second rescued a point that he was not willing to lose after a bad collective game.

One of the Italian classics ended with a draw. All eyes were on the return of Dybala, who appeared in the most unorthodox way to rescue a point and silence what was once his home.

Cuadrado was captain of Juventus again, but Dybala made everything bitter