Cuto Guadalupe asks Jefferson Farfán to withdraw: “What we saw is sad” [VIDEO]

The minutes of Jefferson Farfan with little significance in the Peruvian soccer classic against University of Sportsadded to the criticism about his physical condition and the inconvenience with which he left the stadium in Lima Alliance have been enough ingredients for your uncle, louis guadeloupedriver ‘The Faith of Cuto’made a controversial request that the nephew would not like anything.

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He doesn’t deserve my nephew to retire like that, I mean it from the heart. It seems strange to me that Roberto Guizasola has not advised him to it’s time to step aside. It is sad what we saw. That’s where you have to see true friends “, said Guadeloupe during an interview for GOLPERU.

For ‘Cuto’, the show they did with his nephew on Sunday was outrageous. “I say all this from the heart, but It seems to me a lack of respect for the institution of Lima Alliancefor the players, for the minor divisions that a player without training for nine months, suddenly comes out to play the way he has been seen on the field of play”, expressed the former defender of academic.

Luis Guadalupe advises his Jefferson Farfán ‘to step aside’ (Video: GOLPERU)

‘Cuto’ Guadalupe on Jefferson Farfán: “I am sorry because he is my nephew”

See your ‘blood’ limited in the game and quit hooligan, without being able to drive his car left very upset to louis guadeloupe. “It saddens me because he is my nephew and I repeat that he does not deserve to be removed from that. He doesn’t deserve it, because he already won it all. and for him to appear like that on a playing field is not good. It’s my point of view and I say it with all my heart”, he reflected.

The popular ‘cute’ who went through this process a few years ago asked not to insist on the same conditions. “I hope this classic yesterday was the last. Honestly, I hope his friend, and I know it’s his brother, Roberto Guizasolatalk to him and make him understand all thishe said hopefully Guadeloupe.

Jefferson Farfán returned to League 1 in the classic (Photo: GEC)
Jefferson Farfán returned to League 1 in the classic (Photo: GEC)

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Rebagliati on Jefferson Farfán: “They can’t give away minutes in a classic”

The ex-back of Sporting Crystal and commentator for Movistar Deportes, Diego Rebagliattiit was hard to recognize that a classic is not the time to ‘pay homage’ to a player as it happened with Jefferson Farfan.

The game did not even allow time if it was good or bad, because he touched two or three balls. Everything that was lived in the week took football away from Lima Alliance, because it gave the impression that they were giving a tribute and a classic is not to honor anyone, you can give nobody minutes that they do not deserve”, he said categorically.

Then he clarified his controversial phrase. “Jefferson Farfan he deserves all the minutes in the world if he’s okay. The question is: is it ok to play. A player who cannot do all the precompetitive work like the rest of his teammates. When Farfán played 30 minutes last year, he did everything, he warmed up with everyone”, finally pointed out the sports commentator.


Cuto Guadalupe asks Jefferson Farfán to withdraw: “What we saw is sad” [VIDEO]