D1: with four games remaining, the battle for 8th place is intense

Division 1, 9th day

There are only 4 games left before the end of the first round. The teams played against the other 13. On November 20, the final ranking will be known. The first 8 will be paid into two pools of 4 teams that will play for the title. The last 6 will compete for the maintenance of all dangers because the last four will spin in National 2. The points earned during the 13 days will be halved for the 14 clubs.

According to the logic of the first 9 days, we can estimate that the first 7 of the classification are not in danger. Everything will be played for 8th place. The astonishing promoted from Louvain-la-Neuve have their fate in their hands with two points ahead of the Amicale and Polo and above all a more digestible program than their rivals. But, be careful, Division 1 is never a long calm river.

Theuniers: “I cannot explain this defeat: we have 46 circle entries”

Mechelen – A. Anderlecht 3-4

The weeks follow each other and look alike in Mechelen. Pieter Theuniers’ proteges play well, but they don’t win. The Malinois have still not signed a victory this season. They occupy the last place. However, the figures against the Amicale Anderlecht are clear: 46 circle entries for Mechelen against 16 for the people of Brussels.

“It’s always the same story”, regrets the coach of Mechelen. “We are really playing better than our opponent. But, we defend badly. I cannot explain this defeat. Surely there are reasons. Our defensive pc was not good. My core is technically good and structured. There is a lack of realism in the circle.”

The difference is in the mentality. “The Amicale beat us on one level: the grinta. The Anderlechtois fought to survive. They gave their all. If I look at the numbers, we have to win 6-1.

Opposite, the Amicale had to compose without Renaud Pangrazio. He was injured last Sunday. He will be operated on the meniscus and out for nearly two months. His first turn is over. Nevertheless, he encouraged his teammates at the edge of the field. “The meeting was stressful. I saw a lot of chances on both sides.”

Mechelen took the lead (1-0) from their first pc in the first minute. The Amicale equalized on its first pc. 11, the score at the break. “Then we fly away at 1-3. Then we relax. A classic at the Amicale. Mechelen pushes and comes back to 3-3. On pc, we put the 3-4 five minutes from the end. Mechelen still has PCs.”

During the last quarter, the Amicale was completely dominated. “We suffered in our 25s, that’s clear. Thanks to these three points, we take a little distance with the red zone, but the top 8 will be difficult. We still have a hit to take at the Wellington. Then we’ll see.”

– Opponents of Mechelen for the last 4 days: against the Penguin, at La Rasante, against Namur and at Wellington

– Opponents of the Amicale Anderlecht for the last 4 days: at Wellington, against Antwerp, at Beerschot and against Indiana

De Saedeleer: “We missed it”

Polo – Antwerp 2-9

Polo took a hockey lesson. The score hurts. “There’s not much to say about it,” explains François De Saedeleer. “We didn’t have our goalkeeper Louis Steyaert. But this does not explain everything. There were two levels of difference between the two teams. They have 12 chances and scored 9 goals. They succeeded almost everything. We passed by. Polo did not play collectively enough.”

In Antwerp, smiles were out because this match had been well prepared. “We worked hard mentally”, recounts Niels Van Straaten. “Throughout the week, our mentality was top notch. Mentally, the match was not easy because Polo fielded excellent experienced players. They are older which makes the match special. After each goal, we kept the same mentality. We didn’t want to let anything go.”

The score quickly went to 0-3 then 1-4. Then 1-9 and finally 2-9. “We kept the ball well. Against La Rasante and Polo, we dominated. Now we have to be able to replicate that pattern against physically stronger teams like Victory or Indiana.”

– Polo opponents for the last 4 days: at Langeveld, against Beerschot, against Rasante and at White Star

– Antwerp opponents for the last 4 days: against Victory, at Amicale Anderlecht, at White Star and against Namur

Van Haelen: “A very frustrating split”

Langeveld – Rasante 0-0

Sharing without purpose, the fact is rare. Neither the Langeveld nor the Rasante found the fault during a match that did not reach heights. Far from it. This sharing does not help anyone. “It’s very frustrating,” admitted Thibaut Van Haelen. “During the first half, the game was quite close. Then, we clearly dominate the whole second half. We score a goal, but the referee had whistled a pc a fraction of a second too early.” The phase took place at the very end of the match. The Langeveld provoked 8 or 9 pc. “Their goalkeeper actually had a very good game. We no longer have room for error if we want to finish in the top 8. We have four games left.”

– Langeveld opponents for the last 4 days: against Polo, at Victory, against Louvain-la-Neuve, at Penguin

– Rasante’s opponents for the last 4 days: at Indiana, against Mechelen, at Polo and against Victory

Verhoeven: “The White deserves his victory”

Victory – White Star 3-5

The White Star keeps in touch with the Beerschot. The two clubs will face off this Sunday with first place at stake. To arrive at these 22 points, the Evere club beat Victory after a good meeting. The start of the game was balanced. The White made the difference in the third quarter. The score evolved as follows: 0-1, 2-1, 2-2, 3-2, 3-3, 3-5. “At halftime, it’s 3-2. The third quarter cost us the three points”, analyzes goalkeeper Harry Verhoeven who appreciated the return to form of Victory in the last quarter. “The score makes sense. The White Star deserved their overall victory.”

The Stars pushed when necessary. Grégory Gucassoff, who will become a dad in February, was happy to have won such a match. “I saw great intensity from both sides,” said the striker. “The game was clean and fun to play. Clearly there was a match. The White never panicked. We varied our presses. We padlocked well in the second half.”

Lukas Plochy has always been a threat to the White Star. “All the offensive animation revolves around him.”

Sunday, Beerschot will be a good test for Everois “We are not stressed. When you play against a top team, you are always a little more motivated.”

– Opponents of Victory for the last 4 days: in Antwerp, against Langeveld, against Penguin and Rasante

– White Star opponents for the last 4 days: at Beerschot, against Indiana, against Antwerp and against Polo

The Bee signs an 18 out of 18 by being a little jostled

Beerschot – Penguin 5-1

The Beerschot chain of victories. The Bears remain on six successes in a row. This time, it was the Penguin who paid the price for the mauve furia. The meeting was indecisive before the Bears took the lead. “We offered a good start to the game, but we trailed 0-1. We quickly equalized at 1-1. Then the game could go either way. Overall, we brought more danger. We had more circle entries. We deserve victory. We also know that this championship will be decided in the second round.

The Penguin did not last the distance at the scorer, but the Nivellois do not have to be ashamed of their copy. “We can see that the Bee still has the rhythm of the DH. Me, I didn’t play”, says Nicolas Vandiest. “I saw a balanced game. The score is severe. In the second half we didn’t really create any chances. We don’t have to beat them now”, concluded Nicolas Vandiest.

– Opponents of Beerschot for the last 4 days: against White Star, at Polo, against Amicale Anderlecht and at Louvain-la-Neuve

– Opponents of the Penguin for the last 4 days: in Mechelen, against Namur, at Victory and against Langeveld

Garreta: “Sharing makes sense even though we dominated”

Indiana – Louvain-la-Neuve 2-2

Indiana paid the price for the rise of Louvain-la-Neuve. The Brabançons, who have found Nathan Robbrecht, learn very quickly. Juane Garreta is no stranger to this rapid development. “The game was played in midfield,” said the coach. “We started the game well by causing a stroke after 5 minutes. We miss it. We keep pushing and dominating on the ball.”

Sacha Piastra put LLN in charge.”

The resumption of the second half was fatal to Louvanistes. “We’re more sleepy,” Garreta resumes. “We conceded two goals from errors. It was our captain Nicolas François who sealed the score. A logical score even if we dominated. We have to show the same mentality as in the last 3 or 4 weeks.

Indiana was satisfied with this point. “We did not offer our best level. We could not find a solution to the ball”, analyzed Pierre Desimpel. “We didn’t deserve more than a share. We were better at the start of the championship. The level was quite low. Both teams created little. Nothing is done for the top 8. We must first take shelter and as quickly as possible.”

– Indiana opponents for the last 4 days: against Rasante, White Star, against Wellington, and Amicale Anderlecht

– Opponents of Louvain-la-Neuve for the last 4 days: in Namur, against Wellington, at Langeveld and against Beerschot

Le Well lines up its … fourth goalkeeper

Namur–Wellington 1-1

Namur paid two points for the good progress of Wellington. The Ucclois are growing quickly this season. Since the departure of the historic executives, the Well has bet on the youth card. Young people with ambition. In Namur, the Wellington took a good point.

“Progress is positive,” begins Thibault Pierrard. “We got a good point. We have four games left to snatch our qualification in the top 8. We fully believe in it. We face Amicale, LLN, Indiana and Mechelen. The 12 out of 12 must be our goal. The next few weeks will be tense. Tour is possible.”

The Well is fully inflated. The Well was also able to count on a … fourth different goalkeeper. Given the absence of De Vlieger and Masset, it was the T3 Julien Schoo Ians who took his place between the poles. He hit three balls on the line. “With the goalkeepers, we have to tinker a bit, but they all have a lot of qualities. The team is young and dynamic. Everyone is invested in the project, contributes with a lot of desire and goodwill. We feel that we want to write a new chapter in the history of the club. A new cycle has started.”

This goal from Paul Compère could pay off big for Well during the final count on November 20.

In Namur, the feeling of having released a good match prevailed. François Fabri was, however, disappointed by the lack of efficiency in the opposing circle. “We have enough chances to win. The ball wouldn’t go in. We score on a deviation from Pierre Géruzet. In the third quarter, we backed up too much. At the end of the match, we dominate, but the ball did not want to go in. Overall, we deliver a good service. We reacted well. Their umpteenth goalkeeper released a great game. In Namur, we take our troubles patiently. The top 8 is assured. Now, we still have to work to be effective.”

– Opponents of Namur for the last 4 days: against Louvain-la-Neuve, Pingouin, Mechelen and Antwerp

– Wellington opponents for the last 4 days: against Amicale Anderlecht, Louvain-la-Neuve, Indiana and against Mechelen


1. Beerschot 9 7 1 1 37 8 22

2. White Star 9 7 1 1 28 20 22

3. Antwerp 9 6 3 0 38 17 21

4. Victory 9 4 3 2 33 22 15

5. Namur 9 4 3 2 21 23 15

6. Penguin 9 4 1 4 28 26 13

7.Indiana 9 3 4 2 25 26 13

8.LLN 9 2 4 3 15 20 10


9. Friendly 9 2 2 5 24 32 8

10. Polo 9 2 2 5 19 34 8

11. Langev. 9 1 4 4 19 24 7

12. Rasante 9 1 4 4 12 28 7

13. Wellington. 9 1 3 5 20 30 6

14. Mechelen 9 0 3 6 15 24 3

D1: with four games remaining, the battle for 8th place is intense