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Have you ever dreamed of being a brave knight and appearing out of nowhere to rescue a beautiful damsel in distress? Bell Cranel would have liked to be in this position when he started out. Unfortunately for him, it was he who was rescued by the powerful and magnificent swordsman. But since this episode, our young adventurer has come a long way.

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The animated series DanMachi It’s already three seasons and the fourth is coming soon. Find out everything there is to know about the new season of DanMachi below.

The release date of season 4

After the release of the OVA of its season 3 on April 28, 2021, the franchise had, so to speak, disappeared from the radar. But in the end, it will have been necessary to wait several months before having again echoes on the continuation of the animated series. And when you think about it, Warner Bros Japan had announced in January 2021 that season 4 was in production, the wait was really long.

Fortunately, fans of the DanMachi franchise won’t have to wait too long, as we are already getting closer to the release of Season 4. It has been announced that the new season of DanMachi will debut on July 22, 2022. to the streaming platform that will broadcast season 4, nothing is sure yet.

Since Crunchyroll withdrew the series from its catalog on March 31, the balance now tips in favor of HIDIVE. The streaming platform in question belongs to the distribution company Sentai Filmwork, which in this case holds the operating license for the DanMachi anime.

DanMachi Trailers

  • The first trailer

  • The second trailer

  • The third trailer

The visuals



Reminder of the facts of season 3

As Hestia’s Familia continues to gain fame thanks to the exploits of its dear Little Rookie, the latter will make a strange discovery in Orario’s Labyrinth. By the greatest chance, Bell comes to the aid of a mysterious girl who was being chased by adventurers. Like a knight serving, he did not hesitate to come to the aid of a stranger.

However, he will quickly realize that this stranger is not quite ordinary. The unknown in question is actually a speaking Labyrinth Wyvern. This is an incredible discovery, because it is the first time that he learns that a monster is able to speak. Although he does not have all the cards in hand, Bell decides to bring the little wyvern back to his Familia.

It is then that he will share his discovery with his companions. In the end, they decide to carry out investigations in the labyrinth in company of the wyvern which they baptized Wyne. And after a long search, they end up coming into contact with other monsters gifted with words who call themselves the Xenos. During their interviews, the Familia of Hestia will discover that the xenos are being targeted by adventurers.

The latter want to capture them and then sell them on the black markets. Bell is stunned by this discovery and decides to help them. On the other hand, he will quickly realize that the world is not yet ready to live with monsters, whether they are different or not. This marks the beginning of a new battle for Bell Cranel and the Familia of Hestia.

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The plot of season 4

Bell and the Familia of Hestia have done everything possible to save the xenos from extermination. Although they had to face the relentless attacks from the adventurers of Orario, they still managed to exfiltrate them. But it’s only a postponement, because a threat still hangs over them. As life seems to return to normal in the city, Bell has no time to rest on his laurels.

He is fully aware that he was very lucky during the xenos rescue mission. Getting stronger has therefore become an imperative, and even more so now that they still have other people besides these companions to protect. However, Little Rookie can always count on the unfailing support of his companions who are ready to follow him anywhere.

Season 4 will see Bell Cranel embark on a new expedition deep into the Labyrinth. This journey into the unknown will lead him and his companions to a place known as “La Grande Chute”. For those curious, the upcoming events in Season 4 will begin with Volume 12 of the Light Novel.

The number of episodes

The exact number of episodes that DanMachi season 4 should have is not yet known. On the other hand, if we rely on previous seasons, this fourth season should have at least twelve episodes. And let’s not forget the possibility of an OVA after the end of the new season as was the case with the others.

DanMachi: Familia Myth—season 1 (2015)

  1. Bell Cranel — Adventurer
  2. Monstrophilia — The Festival of Monsters
  3. The Dagger Hestia — The Blade of the Goddess
  4. Support — Low
  5. Grimoire — Book of magic
  6. Liliruca Arde — Reason
  7. Aiz Wallenstein — The Sword Princess
  8. Argonaut — The Hero’s Desire
  9. Welf Crozzo — The Master Blacksmith
  10. Walk Parade — The Monster’s Gift
  11. Rest time — Labyrinth Paradise
  12. Show – Mischief
  13. The Myth of the Familias – The History of the Family
  • OVA Is it wrong to look for hot springs in a dungeon?

DanMachi: Familia Myth II — season 2 (2019)

  1. Past and Future (Season One Recap)
  2. Feast — The Divine Banquet
  3. Apollo — The Sun God
  4. Conversion — Gathering
  5. War Game — War Game
  6. New Home — The Burning Hearth Manor
  7. La Familia d’Ishtar — Home of Lust
  8. The Vixen — The Beast Woman
  9. A fleeting dream — La Fatalroc
  10. The Berberas — Fighting prostitutes
  11. The Argonaut — Aspiring Hero
  12. Rakia — Conquering Kingdom
  13. The Song of Love — A goddess and her child
  • OVA What’s wrong with collecting medicinal herbs on a desert island?

DanMachi: Familia Myth III — season 3 (2020)

  1. Wyne — The Wyvern
  2. Monster — Single Wing
  3. The Xenos — Heretics
  4. Dream — Distant Hope
  5. The Familia of Icelos — The Bloodthirsty King
  6. Knossos — The Artificial Labyrinth
  7. Dix Perdix — Bestial dream
  8. Bell Cranel — The Fool
  9. Stigma — Fallen
  10. Invisible — Forced passage
  11. Ultra Soul — Decisive Battle
  12. Argonaut — The Hero’s Return
  • OVA What’s wrong with wanting hot springs in Orario? — Long Live the Bath God

The series production team

First of all, you should know that the DanMachi anime is an adaptation of the eponymous Light Novel series created by the duo Fujino Omori (screenplay) and Suzuhito Yasuda (illustration). As for the staff who are working on the production of the animated series, here it is presented as follows.

  • Director: Hideki Tachibana
  • Chara Original Design: Suzuhito Yasuda
  • Chara Design: Shigeki Kimoto
  • Screenplay: Hideki Shirane, Fujino Omori
  • Supervisor: Fujino Omori
  • Music: Keiji Inai
  • Art Director: Jeong Ryeon Kim (Moon Flower)
  • Sound director: Jin Aketagawa
  • Director of photography: Shingo Fukuyo
  • Color design: Tomomi Andō
  • Editing: Kentarou Tsubone (REAL-T)
  • Theme song: Sajou no Hana – Title: Tento (Opening) – Saori Hayami – Title: Guide (Ending)
  • Production companies: EGG FIRM, SB Creative
  • Animation Studio: JC Staff
  • Chain of origin: Tokyo MX

The seiyuus (dubbers) of the series

Over the seasons, seiyuus have joined the DanMachi franchise and this will surely still be the case with season 4. However, the main cast is not likely to be too upset.

  • Bell Cranel: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
  • Hestia: Inori Minase
  • Liliruca Arde: Maaya Uchida
  • Welf Crozzo: Yoshimasa Hosoya
  • Yamato Mikoto: Chinatsu Akasaki
  • Sanjouno Haruhime as Haruka Chisuga
  • Kashima Ouka: Kazuyuki Okitsu
  • Chigusa Hitachi as Yuka Iguchi
  • Daphne LaurusWakana Kowaka
  • Cassandra IlionAyumi Mano
  • Aisha Belka as Akeno Watanabe
  • Dormul Bolster: Takaaki Uchino
  • Luvix Lilix: Taito Ban
  • Mary: Saya Fukuzumi

DanMachi’s plot

The town of Orario is an intriguing place that is under the jurisdiction of a guild. This guild controls a dungeon that only adventurers can enter. Said adventurers are affiliated with clans known as Familia which are headed by gods. Having decided to live with mortals, they took an oath not to use their divine power on earth. The only exception to this rule occurs when they decide to grant their blessings (Falna) to their protege who wish to venture into the Labyrinth.

Bell Cranel is one such adventurer who received the blessing of the goddess Hestia. Unfortunately for him, his goddess enjoys little fame and her blessing does not help him much. He is constantly bullied by the monsters of the Labyrinth and often comes out covered with wounds. Her Goddess is well aware of the difficulties that Bell constantly faces.

During an expedition in the Labyrinth, Bell comes face to face with a very powerful monster. When he is close to passing the weapon to the left, he is rescued by the princess with the sword Aiz Wallenstein. Impressed by her skills and her beauty, Bell literally falls under her spell. Since this episode, he is even more determined to become strong to show him his value and at the same time try to get closer.

The franchise CV

  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
  • Theme: Combat, Demons, Divinities, Magic, Monsters

DanMachi is a Lignt Novel series whose screenplay was written by Fujino Omori while Sueuhito Yasuda was in charge of the illustration. Officially, The Adventures of Bell Cranel began publishing in Japan by SB Creative on January 15, 2013.

It was not until 2016 that the French version saw the light of day thanks to the publishing house Ofelbe. As for his manga, the publication began on August 2, 2013 and currently has 13 volumes against 17 on the Light Novel side. Since then, the franchise has had two spin-off series titled Sword Oratoria and Familia Chronicle. And for those who want to read the DanMachi manga, it is available in France from Ototo editions.

April 4, 2015 marked the franchise’s first steps into the world of animation. And since that day, the franchise is still in place and will soon unveil a fourth season. Besides that, you still have to add OAVs and a derivative series. Here are a few points, the different animated adaptations of DanMachi.

  • DanMachi — Familia Myth (S1): 13 episodes — 2015
  • DanMachi (S1) OVA: 1 episode — 2016
  • DanMachi — Familia Myth (S2): 12 episodes — 2019
  • DanMachi (S2) OVA: 1 episode — 2020
  • DanMachi — Sword Oratoria: 12 episodes — 2017
  • Danmachi — Familia Myth (S3): 12 episodes — 2020
  • DanMachi (S3) OVA: 1 episode — 2021

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DanMachi season 4: Release date, Trailer, Plot – All the news