David Ospina, the possible return to Nacional and the memory of 6

The elimination of Colombia of the World Cup in Qatar is a thing of the past. However, in an interview with the magazine WEEKDavid Ospina He remembered those crucial moments that were decisive for the Tricolor. In addition, he spoke of the present of him in Arabia and the new era under the command of Lorenzo.

His present and league of Arabia

“I am getting to know this new football, learning about the culture. It is one of the most competitive championships in this part of the world, the teams have many high-level foreigners, one has to be prepared to face this tournament, we are second and fighting. We hope to do important things here. You have to adapt to many things, there are situations that are new for one. We are used to training in the mornings while here it is at night because of the weather and that wears out more. The food issue is also different”.

Rumor about Real Madrid

“There were several offers that now it doesn’t make much sense to talk about them. The Real Madrid thing had a certain truth but certain circumstances had to happen for it to happen. Now we’re here”.

Possible return to National

“Nacional is the team of my loves, which made me known to the world, which gave me the chance to debut and where I experienced very important things. I lacked time because I was there for a short time but it was productive because I was champion twice. Nacional always is present and if that chance to return appears, we have to be responsible for the moment because I have to come back well to contribute a lot to this great team that is Nacional”.

Criticism for being left out of the World Cup

Criticism is normal when objectives are not achieved. We are the first to suffer from not being able to be in a World Cup with a good National Team like we had. It has been very hard, when I see my teammates here in Arabia preparing to go to the World Cup it hurts. Today we have to turn the page, nothing else can be done and we have to think about the next process.

The hardest goal he received

“The goal against Peru was hard because it was a crucial moment in the Qualifiers. We came from a series of games where it could not be specified and we could not find the goal. We added one by one but kept the zero. With that point maybe we would talk about another I’m telling the story. There were several results, not only that. Winning one of the others that we tied, we would surely be classified. There were several things that left us out. That goal was the one that hurt me the most because if we kept the zero we had more chances of qualifying”.

The memory of 6-1 vs. Ecuador

“Who is going to want to lose 6-1 at the National Team level? Nobody wants to. These are things that happen in the game and unfortunately it lent itself to a lot of curiosity and unfounded things. They said that I did not want to play that game when in reality I was injured. Many things that were invented and created a bad atmosphere. Finding an explanation for that result with the players we have is difficult. The rival was in his afternoon and everything came out in that game.”

the lorenzo era

“He has already been to two Qualifiers, two World Cups with us. He knows what the national team is like, what our country is like, the idiosyncrasies of our country. He has a great advantage. He is a very prepared person, who is very aware of the small details that are that today make the difference in each match. Where he has a very clear idea of ​​the game, where he analyzes each rival and prepares his matches in the same way. So I think his arrival will be very important”.

David Ospina, the possible return to Nacional and the memory of 6-1 vs. Ecuador: “They said he didn’t want to play when he was actually injured”