Defensive failure, two goals are not enough, Palermo defeated by Ascoli | REPORT CARDS

Too much Gondo for this Palermo. The rosanero fall into Barbera for the first time this season in B series with the score of 2-3. Bad for the rosanero rearguard, unable to put a patch on the continuous incursions of the guests. Defensive failure net of an attack that still hits the mark for the third time in three games. Good Valente And Brunoribad Nedelcearu. Lancini And Sieve gone out among the whistles.

The report cards of Palermo-Ascoli

Pigliacelli 5.5: So-so game of the rosanero goalkeeper. Innocent on the occasion of the first goal, he gets caught by Gondo at the end of the first half. Then at the beginning of the second half, he risks a postponement that ends up on the feet of Caligara, who kicks central from outside. Inattentive.

Buttaro 5.5: In the chaos of the rosanero defensive system, the right-back is the best in the back department. He suffers from the percussion of Bidaoui, but puts his heart in the offensive phase, supporting Floriano with the overlapping of him.

Nedelcearu 3: Give two goals, almost three, to the opponents. On Gondo’s first goal he punched a sensational ball, transforming a harmless cross into Ascoli’s advantage. On the action of the 1-2 instead, he loses the marking of the Juventus attacker who, kept in play by Crivello, mocked Pigliacelli at the exit. In the final he slips on a ball destined for Pigliacelli, giving the ball to Dionisi who scores the goal. Fortunately, the referee cancels for offside. Unwatchable.

Lancini 4 On the “no” day of the entire rosanero defense, Lancini is no exception. On the contrary, he becomes the protagonist of a sensational mistake on Gondo’s trio, leaving the Ascoli striker a prairie to fly towards Pigliacelli’s door. A few minutes later, he lets himself jump right from Gondo himself, risking to give his opponents the fourth goal. The whistles that followed his replacement say a lot about the progress of the match.

Sieve 4: Same speech as Lancini. The whistles after the change with Bettella are the representation of his match. Guilty in the 1-2 goal, with a diagonal failure that keeps Gondo in play. Bad even in the setting phase, with wrong passes to his teammates positioned two meters from him. Out of the game.

Damiani 5.5: Good first half of the rosanero midfielder, forced to overtime in the last two games. As long as his legs hold up, he plays with his teammates and weaves the rosanero plots. Then he drops dramatically and Corini is forced to replace him.

Broh 6: He runs as long as he can. The 180 ′ played in the first two league games are felt in the second half. The arrivals from the market will give him some oxygen.

Elijah 5: The ghost of the one seen with Perugia and Bari. Never in the rosanero offensive game, struggling to get into the game. He only resumes in the final, when Corini is forced to put him full back.

Floriano 5.5: More heart than legs for the offensive winger. The rhythms of Ascoli in the first half put him in difficulty. Well assisted by Buttaro, he tries to make his contribution after the equal goal. He closes his game with cramps. A sign that there has been a commitment. But today it wasn’t enough.

Valente 7: Despite being sent off in the final, he is the best of his players on the field today. Heart, sacrifice and technique. All rosanero dangers start from his feet. Basic.

Brunori 6.5: Find your first goal in league action. In the only playable ball of the first half, he scores the goal of the momentary equalizer. Little served by his companions, he sacrifices himself a lot for the cause.

Segre (from 56 ‘) 7: Excellent impact on the match of the new rosanero signing. Shiny and precise, he serves important balls to his teammates. He fits in very well and, on one of his forays, finds the goal that reopens the game.

Stulac (from 56 ‘) 6.5: Phosphorus arrives in the rosanero midfield. He proposes verticalizations and fanning to his teammates that allow, despite the heavy legs, to keep the race going. Good impact on the match.

By Mariano (from 56 ‘) 6: Enter the game in progress and show that you have a good pace in the category.

Bettella (from 62 ‘) 6: Definitely more lucid than his teammates in defense. He could earn a starting spot.

Tow (from 83 ‘) sv

Corini 5: Game badly managed by the rosanero coach, unable to put a patch on the raids of Gondo and his companions. Sala’s injury and Marconi’s disqualification forced him to improvise in the back ward. But the rearguard pasta is too fresh and it shows. In the second half, he gives space to the new lines and the game gets back on track. Defensive flaws worry a lot. The market is not over yet and perhaps the technician will be asked to suggest some other additions to the company.

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