Diana: «I’m sorry to lose, but I have seen great commitment. We think Entella, a test bed to understand who we are “

I asked the team for a serious performance, because when you play these matches in the middle of the championship and especially in an important moment like this, maybe you risk getting the wrong attitude – underlines mister Aimo Diana in the press room after ko in the Italian Cup against PontederaI think the team responded well and both those who played from the start and those who took over in the second half did. We lost but I saw a lot of effort. We have seen something good and something less good, but we regret not having found the right flicker to be able to equalize it“.

How do you rate the test of the young Orsi?
«He is a boy who will become an important player for Reggiana in a few years. Now he is struggling in a role that is not even his. I asked for reinforcements on the left, but they told me that Orsi is here and that this is his role. I see qualities in him but I see them perhaps for a different position. He is good and applies a lot but today it was not easy for him also because he faced players of some experience. He has been working with us very seriously since July and I must say that he is doing a good gym ».

On the pitch, the Church has also been revisited …
«For him another discourse is valid. Due to the regulations in the championship, I can’t use him, so I took the opportunity to field him in the Cup but unfortunately I won’t have him available during the season ».

Lanini once again missed the appointment with the goal …
«He is putting a lot of effort into it but in addition to the attack I ask him to do a particular defensive job. The attacker must also use his energies to help in defense, so then he has the opportunities and always finds the spark to score. Eric is someone who lives on goals and needs support even in moments like this when certain things fail him ».

Why did you opt for a midfield with D’Angelo more advanced and with Muroni and Sciaudone more covered?
«This is what I already ask of Rossi, Nardi and Kabashi in the championship and we have been doing it for a while. Then we also changed a bit depending on the situation. Let’s say that when we have the domination of the game, it is important that some players are able to enter the space. I must say that today, apart from the goal conceded, we risked little but we also created little ».

Is there the best possible version of Laezza in defense?
«Yes, Giuliano has a strong head. He gives everything he can give and he always does it to the fullest. He is an important player also because he was captain of Avellino, Reggina and also when I coached him in Melfi. He has had so many problems but he has always stood up. He is an example to follow ».

Is there still a lot of work to do?
“Undoubtedly. On the pitch we show that we always have the right attitude, then you can play well or badly. Saturday we will face the leaders and for me it will be a nice parameter to understand how high we are. I always look at the classification and in this moment we are a step below: we will have to understand how much we lack to be what they are ».

Did any more indications for the Chiavari match come from today’s performance?
“Yup. The boys know that there is no starting line-up and every training and every match, even in the Italian Cup, represents a possibility for everyone. It is never nice to lose and especially at home it is very annoying. Now the Italian Cup is gone for us and it’s time to focus only on Saturday’s match against Entella ».

On a physical level will anyone recover?
“I do not know. We will evaluate a couple of players tomorrow morning while today I did not want to risk Rosafio and Rozzio who could feel some problems. In reality I could have let them play but I needed people for 90 minutes, as I did with Pellegrini ».

How are Montalto and Guglielmotti in particular?
“They will do some investigations shortly. For Guglielmotti it is a muscle problem as well as for Montalto: Adriano felt something in training after Saturday’s match. In any case, if they are not there he will mean that someone else will play ».

Are there any updates on Nicoletti’s situation?
“Ask the company, I honestly don’t know anything.”

Didn’t the referees’ work in the last few games seem too severe to you?
“I honestly don’t understand some of the evaluations. Maybe even today there was a penalty for us on a swing but the referee let it go. I must add that the other teams often face us on the pitch with bad fouls and we are rarely smart and prefer to remain standing. On the contrary, we see certain opponents who fall to the ground and lead us to a warning. We need to be more lucid and expert on these situations ».

Diana: «I’m sorry to lose, but I have seen great commitment. We think Entella, a test bed to understand who we are ”