DIM and Nacional meet again in classic Antioquia: vibrant duel

Deportivo Independiente Medellín receives Atlético Nacional, for the tenth date in the BetPlay II-2022 League. The red team will seek to cut a four-year streak without being able to defeat their backyard rival, while the purslane will seek a victory that will dissipate the winds of crisis and stretch to 12, the number of games undefeated against the powerful.

Medellín with news on its payroll awaits by Nacional

David González will have his debut as a coach in the classics, the former goalkeeper from Antioquia has celebrated and cried in this kind of match, he knows them very well from the inside, but outside the field it is at a different price. During this long week of work, the team recovered pieces such as that of Andrés Cadavid, while they would be waiting for Felipe Pardo until the last moment. For his part, Miguel Monsalve will be in physiotherapy due to the injury to his right shoulder, Jean Pineda suffered a sprain that will leave him out for six weeks and David Loaiza is advancing in his recovery, but he still would not be ready.

González spoke about this meeting and the key to the recovery of the team in the standings. “We have the human material and the capacity for the results to arrive, for the team to maintain that regularity of good games, for the goals to arrive and for everything to change. The mental state is very strong. Absences hurt a lot, when you have some things planned, injuries come to important players and work gets complicated, but that’s where it comes from how much you can solve in the face of that kind of thing. We have Germán (Gutiérrez), Andrés (Cadavid) and Didier (Bueno) available, those who are available will be taken into account”.

As for the rival, the powerful coach indicated that “Nacional we have analyzed their last games, it is a team with very strong players on the wings. It is where they have based their offensive game, they have scored goals in almost every game, but they score goals against him. They have power in attack, but they can be damaged. It depends on us the strategy to attack the rival. Placing Andrés Ricaurte as a front-line midfielder is one of the options we handle”.

Furthermore, “we must have the tools to meet the needs of the game. If no one with those characteristics can be found, we must mold with the players we have available, they feel comfortable and can help us. People have been following us despite the results, 13,000 people in a Cup match is a lot for the other teams in the League. Our intention is that the fan enjoys the game and there are goals. It has cost us, but we are working to achieve those results”.

Atlético Nacional, to recover the winning path

The purslane team is still up and down and has had a hard time finding a winning game idea to be competitive and reach the top places. Against Envigado they missed the opportunity to be second in the table, but with the added point they reached the group of eight. As for news, Cristian Castro Devenish and Felipe Román failed to recover, in their places will be Álvaro Angulo as center back on the left and Yerson Candelo as right back. Jarlan Barrera is suspended after being sent off in the previous match against Envigado. The center back Juan José Arias is another novelty in the purslane call.

The technical assistant Pedro Sarmiento spoke about what this commitment will be that will mark the way for what is to come in the championship. “There are things that concern us, we must improve in the still ball, we lack that man-to-man marking, we have tried to make it zonal and in combination, we do not have the size and we must learn. In world football, marking is being done by looking at the ball. We must improve doing zone or man to man, we are making many mistakes in Colombia and the collectors are hitting him with great precision”.

About the DIM, Sarmiento commented that “we know that a classic is coming where we have to be very strong emotionally. The group has to be united, it is united, the reflection has been good and important, we hope that the result is favorable for Nacional, that we can obtain the three points. We are going to fight them to the death, difficulties strengthen us, needs and deficiencies appear that we work on and we have to add to them”.

For his part, Nelson Palacio commented that “I always reinforce that virtue of the mid-distance shot. Since I was little I have liked it and I stay after training rehearsing. From Medellín, it is a team that we look at with respect, they can be in a good moment , at a bad time, but it’s always complicated”.

In addition, “with Professor Hernán Darío Herrera we have talked a lot, he has given me opportunities to play, I have to attack, defend and be very attentive in those phases of the game. I can be a midfielder, mixed, containment and be one in the middle. I am a young player with a lot to improve. I’m very self-critical. I know what I need to improve.”

Finally, Palacio pointed out that “my teammates are very experienced. Sebastián Gómez has a lot of attitude and I have been learning that mobility. Jhon Duque is aggressive, well positioned and the experience of Alexander Mejía to take the moments of the game”.

Data between Independiente Medellín and Atlético Nacional

For the Colombian League, Independiente Medellín and Atlético Nacional played 309 games, with a balance of 84 powerful victories, compared to 126 purslane and 99 draws. As for goals, 343 went to the reds and 415 to the greens.

Independiente Medellín and Atlético Nacional will play a new edition of the Antioquia classic at Atanasio Girardot. The powerful adds four games without losing at home (two wins and two draws). The greens accumulate five matches without defeats (three wins, two draws).

DIM is the team that has been in an advanced position the most times in this tournament (23).

Nacional adds 16 yellow cards in the championship. The DIM has not beaten its eternal rival since a 2-1 victory, on October 6, 2018, since then Nacional has gone 11 games without losing, with six draws and five wins.

Likely lineups

Independent Medellín: Andrés Mosquera Marmolejo; Jordy Monroy, Víctor Moreno, Andrés Cadavid, Yulián Gómez; Adrian Arregui, Andres Ricaurte, Christian Marrugo; Felipe Pardo (José Hernández Chávez), Vladimir Hernández, Luciano Pons.
DT: David Gonzalez.

National Athletic: Kevin Mier; Yerson Candelo, Emmanuel Olivera, Álvaro Angulo, Danovis Banguero; Sebastian Gomez, Nelson Palacio, Andres Andrade; Daniel Mantilla, Dorlan Pabon, and Jefferson Duque.
DT: Hernán Dario Herrera.

Time: 6:10 p.m.
Stadium: Atanasio Girardot.
Referee: Jhon Ospina (Quindío).
VAR: Nicholas Gallo (Caldas).
TV: WIN Sports +.

Juan Camilo Alvarez Serrano
FUTBOLRED Correspondent
On Twitter: @juanchoserran8

DIM and Nacional meet again in classic Antioquia: vibrant duel