DIRECT. World Cup: Neymar injured against Serbia

82′. Richarlison’s goal in pictures

81′. Parade of Milinkovic-Savic

This time, the Serbian goalkeeper intervenes in front of Rodrygo. The doorman has been roughed up for a few minutes…

80′. Post of Gabriel Jesus

The Arsenal gunner rolls up his ball but finds the square of the Milinkovic-Savic cage! What action!

79′. Neymar seems touched…

After contact, Neymar gave way to Antony.

78′. Change for Brazil

Gabriel Jesus replaces Richarlison. Neymar for his part is on the ground and could go out…

77′. Rodrygo is already trying to make a difference

Rodrygo provokes and transplants in the axis but he is finally taken back by the Serbian defense.

75′. Changes for Brazil

Paqueta gives way to Fred, while Rodrygo replaces Vinicius.


What a magnificent goal! Vinicius provokes left side and sends a cross outside of the foot. Richarlison controls the ball from behind, and scores with an acrobatic volley.

71′. The Brazilian goal celebration

Brazil’s forward #09 Richarlison (not seen) celebrates with teammates after scoring his team’s first goal during the Qatar 2022 World Cup Group G football match between Brazil and Serbia at the Lusail Stadium in Lusail, north of Doha on November 24, 2022. (Photo by ANDREJ ISAKOVIC / AFP)


69′. Things are heating up in the Brazilian defense!

On a new Serbian corner, Marquinhos releases the ball on the line in disaster. Things are getting hot !

68′. Finally a Serbian opportunity

On a corner, Pavlovic rises higher than everyone but misses the target.

66′. What a failure of Vinicius!

On a three-way fight, Neymar plays the shot very badly but the Real Madrid player recovers the ball, provokes and hits… But he completely unscrews!

65′. Serbia must now discover itself

The Serbs try their luck offensively and discover a lot behind.

63′. First World Cup goal for Richarlison


After work from Neymar, Vinicius strikes and stumbles on Milinkovic-Savic. Richarlison followed well and opened the scoring on the right!

61′. Possession is Brazilian

60% possession for Brazil against 40% for Serbia.


In no hurry, the Juventus side sends a huge strike from very far and finds the amount of Milinkovic-Savic. Vinicius then missed his gesture.

58′. Brazil well positioned defensively

On a corner kick taken by Tadic, Paqueta releases the ball in two stages.

57′. Change for Serbia

Radonjic and Ilic enter in place of Gudelj and Zivkovic.

55′. Neymar tries from the left

Vinicius tries a new center on the left side, which finds Neymar but the PSG player does not find the target.

53′. Vinicius took the TGV!

Vinicius accelerates on the left side, clears one or two players then sends a cross well repelled by the Serbian defense.

52′. What an intervention from Pavlovic!

On a high recovery, Paqueta throws Raphinha into the area but the Serbian defender clears the ball with a very good sliding tackle. What defense!

50′. Neymar’s free kick is deflected by the wall

49′. Cardboard for Gudelj

Guilty of a nasty foul on Neymar. Very interesting free kick to follow at the entrance to the penalty area for the Brazilians.

48′. What a gesture from Mitrovic!

The Serbian gunner provides the show with a pretty pigeon wing.

47′. Neymar is heckled

46′. What a failure of Raphinha!

The Brazilian intercepts the ball and finds himself alone in front of Milinkovic-Savic… He completely misses his flat foot and misses his duel against the Serbian goalkeeper.

46′. Here we go again at the Lusail Iconic Stadium!

The Serbs kick off the second half. No change to note at the break.

45+1′. IT’S THE BREAK !

It’s half time at the Lusail Iconic Stadium. Offensive but clumsy in the last gesture, Brazil is hooked by Serbs well in place defensively.

45′. One minute of added time

44′. Pavlovic is solid

On a counter, Neymar transplants in the axis and looks for Raphinha on the right side… Pavlovic watches over the grain and clears the ball.

43′. Neymar is on his feet

The PSG player did a nice number in front of 4 Serbian players before throwing Raphinha deep. The Barça striker completely missed his gesture afterwards.

41′. Thiago Silva on the floor

On a very good cross from Mladenovic towards Mitrovic, Thiago Silva remains on the ground. The Brazilian captain finally gets up.


On a long ball from Casemiro, Milenkovic tears up and Vinicius takes advantage of it. The Real Madrid striker procrastinates and is finally countered at the last moment!

39′. Imprecise Raphinha

Raphinha crosses again on the right side but it is pushed back by Milenkovic.

38′. Brazil often succeeds in its introductions

After losing their first two inaugural games in 1930 and 1934, Brazil have gone unbeaten in their World Cup entry since.

36′. Tadic tries to unblock the situation

Tadic crosses from the right side but Raphinha clears with a header for a corner.

35′. Serbia no longer creates anything offensively

The match becomes an “attack defense” with a conquering Brazil and a well-grouped Serbia defensively.

34′. What a failure of Raphinha

On a good ball from Paqueta full axis, Raphinha tries her luck but her finish is poor. Milinkovic-Savic recovers the ball without forcing.

33′. Imperial Serbs in defense

Alex Sandro crosses from the left side but stumbles on a Serbian header. The Brazilians are without solution in front of a very compact Serbian defense.

31′. Milinkovic-Savic watch

Raphinha crosses from the right side directly into the gloves of Milinkovic-Savic.

30′. What a comeback from Veljkovic!

On a long cross from Casemiro, Raphinha heads the ball into the penalty area but it is cleared by Veljkovic in front of Vinicius. The corner that followed did nothing.

29′. Brazil play high

With the ball, the Brazilians play at the halfway line and could discover themselves behind.

27′. What intervention of Milinkovic-Savic in front of Vinicius

Launched in the back of the defenders by Thiago Silva, Vinicius presents himself in front of the Serbian goalkeeper and stumbles on it. What a parade!

26′. Zero shots for Serbia

The Serbs still haven’t shot on goal as Brazil attempted two shots for one on target.

25′. Alisson perfect in front of Mitrovic

On a cross from Tadic, Alisson anticipates and wins in the air in front of Mitrovic.

23′. Raphinha impales Pavlovic

The Barça winger tries to enter the penalty area but stumbles on Pavlovic. He does not win the corner.

22′. Vinicius taken by two Serbs

The Real Madrid player shines with his accelerations. He is therefore closely watched by two Serbian defenders each time he has leather in his feet.

20′. Neymar stumbles on the Serbian defense

Neymar attempts a shot at the entrance to the penalty area but it is blocked by Milenkovic.

19′. Neymar is watched

Neymar has already fallen to the ground several times, because he is the victim of several faults. He gets up every time.

DIRECT. World Cup: Neymar injured against Serbia