Don’t you know who’s coming to dinner, Cristina?

First of all, we join the celebrations for the 1,000 days of the government of Alberto and Cristina. Congratulations. Go from here our recognition for the “president”, the Vice President and the entire cabinet. Let the successes continue.

Complied with the protocol greeting, let’s go to the important thing.

In the prelude to a possible failure, two expressions are usually used that embolden any gil, namely: “There is no worse management than the one that is not done” Y “We don’t already have him.” Two classic justifications to dare to do what sounds very difficult or directly impossible. For example, try to get Cristina together with the Cat so that they can talk as if they were two serious leaders.

Why set ourselves such a goal? In principle, to try to placate the spirits of such a hairy beast that desperately longs for a civil rampage. The fact that those same furry beasts are mostly fanatics rightly encouraged by our two top leaders, It is a fact that we must avoid if we want this summit to take place.

Clarification: 15 years ago I wanted to use the word “elevate”, which means “to overlook”, and I couldn’t find the opportunity. Go then its use as a tribute to these unforgettable 1,000 days and incidentally Let’s completely bypass this government.

The other good reason to try a summit is to bring the clown to the idea of ​​being a country like the people. After 20 years of stagnation, of which no one is innocent, it is time to ask the two politicians with the largest electoral base to get together, get to know each other for a good time and talk.

The asymmetry of responsibilities could be objected, after all She carries almost sixteen years of nonsense while Macri only failed fourbut if we start like this we’re not going to get anywhere. Let us also ignore this detail.

Why should we, that is, you and I, dear reader, take care of organizing this summit? For one simple reason: everyone else has already failed. Starting with the “president” who missed the last chance he had to do at least one good. Instead of calling for peace and dialogue, the very night of the attack decided to set the country on fire by national chain, accusing the justice, the media and the opposition of what, in reality, “the band of copitos” had committed. In other words, let’s forget about Alberto and write him off. Let’s get over it.

There was also an attempt by the Minister of the Interior, Wado de Pedro, who first came out to say that everything was the fault of the media and then called for dialogue. He stated verbatim: “It was not a loose madman but the tons of editorials in newspapers, radio and television” and immediately afterwards he called Facundo Manes to sound out an agreement. With all due respect, the signing of a political agreement between Wado de Pedro and Manes is useless nor to animate a halftime.

Assuming responsibility for the issue, let’s face the first hurdle: How to convince Macri and Cristina to accept? Let’s see.

The Cat is easier because he lives here, on Earth. If you offer him a good milanga with fries and some meringues with dulce de leche for dessert, you already have half the problem solved. The other half consists of explaining to him that, no matter how harmful he and his followers consider Cristina, of the last four presidential elections she won three without the need for a ballotage and the one she lost was in the second round, with Scioli as the candidate, and for only two points. If in 2023 she does very poorly, she will never get less than 8 million votes (he got 12 million in 2011 and 13 in 2019). In other words: she represents a good part of her compatriots, whether she governs, as she is now, or whether she is in the opposition, as they predict with dangerous lightness. An agreement with Peronism that does not have Cristina’s signature It’s like a bad check. Cat, it’s with her or with nobody.

Convinced Macri, it would be necessary to advance with Cristina. It is more difficult because it lives on another planet, but not impossible. Little fish with grilled vegetables, Rapanui, a Cachamay and still water does not fail but it is not enough either. It will be necessary to make Cristina understand that Macri won a presidential election and lost another, but never got less than 10 million votes. And that those millions are not foreigners, as Kirchnerism usually says, but Argentines, as Argentinian as Ella and Máximo. A great opportunity for him to put into practice his favorite dictum: the homeland is the other. Unfortunately for Ella, the Homeland is also the millions who voted for Macri, many of whom are much more progressive than Alperovich, Parrilli, Ferraresi, Manzur, Solá, Massa or Milani to name just a few descendants of John William Cooke.

If we understand that the summit must be between Macri and Cristina and assuming that we convince them, let’s see the next step: What the hell are they going to agree on?

For that, let’s first define what should not be agreed: Viability and other trials. That is not discussed. Each one defends himself in court as he can. If Daniel Angelici was more prolix when doing business than Cristóbal López, he is a problem between slots (It is rare to read “Angelici was more verbose” but sometimes it happens).

The sentence of the Formosan senator Mayans saying “if they want social peace, let’s stop the trial of Vialidad” could be valid there, in the democracy of Insfrán. Here, in the Argentine democracy, that doesn’t work.

If this was understood, let’s go to what should be remembered: The National Constitution is in force and should be maintained that way for many more years. That’s what the first agreement is about (if this one goes well, we can do others).

Cristina has expressed several times that a new social contract must be made, that judicial independence is a hindrance of the French Revolution and that the Constitution is outdated. Ergo, according to Ella and her fans, it has to be changed.

Let’s be clear: nobody is going to put a weight on a country whose Constitution is under discussion and there will be no way for the country to get ahead in the middle of that debate. No matter who rules, the simple threat is enough to scare the world. Especially when the suspicion is that they intend to replace it with one quite similar to the Bolivarian one.

In addition, our Constitution is very good. Alberdi wrote it in 1853 and Cristina reformed it in 1994 along with 304 other constituents. In other words, in historical terms, they reformed it five minutes ago. It was chiche bombon.

If She and the Cat take a photo endorsing the Constitution We solve half the problem. Kirchnerism must commit to respecting the letter and spirit of the Magna Carta and the opposition must give up stigmatizing them as Chavistas. The rest are minor details that Melconian or someone else solves for you.

In an icebreaker train, Cristina could bring some of her batons to the meeting (she has three, two of hers and one of Néstor) and give one to the Cat, as a historical reparation.

To repay the gesture, Macri could invite Máximo and his friends to the soccer tournament being played on his fifth. If I were Pablito Codevila, I’d already reserve the television rights for the match between La Cámpora and Liverpool.

Dear reader, the solution is out there. Let’s try. The house is small but the heart is big. Put date and time. Just let me know ahead of time I pass the mop and we prepare dinner.

Meanwhile, Turkey’s president came close to setting up a summit between Zelensky and Putin. For now it hasn’t happened but it would be a shame if that was achieved before Cristina and Macri’s.

We don’t already have him. There is no worse management than the one that is not done.

Don’t you know who’s coming to dinner, Cristina?