Ecoterrorism: a society in dire straits

Not a day goes by that we don’t talk about them in recent weeks. They are everywhere, on all fronts – even the most unexpected. Their actions take on a disproportionate scale, to such an extent that a name has been found for them: “ecoterrorism”. The Greens are unhappy, worried about the planet, and they intend to make their demands loud and clear. Thus, in less than a year, between January 1 and October 30, 2022, no less than 104 actions have been recorded throughout the country: blockades of motorways, damage to works of art, outburst against forces of order (61 gendarmes injured in Sainte-Soline, including 22 seriously)… The imagination of these militants does not seem to know any limits, and the violence neither does that follow.

Unquestionably, the means employed by these activists are indefensible, but they are nonetheless revealing. Revealing, once again, this gaping fracture which divides France, which shreds it. Revealing this unanimous distrust in the government to such an extent that, mimicking the French abandoned to an out of control insecurity, these ecologists claim to take justice into their own hands to counter a policy which seems to them to be leading the planet to ruin. For all, the puppet government that is at the head of the country is incapable of managing any crisis, and the citizens decide to solve the problem by their own means.

So they act, in all directions, to make their voices heard. “ If we had made a petition, you would not have invited us to your set “, they defend themselves when they are invited by the news channels. Indeed, we no longer count the headlines about them, and the speaking time allocated to them on TV sets. When questioned, they justify themselves with grandiloquent words: they are “eco-anxious”, set up “civil disobedience”, are the “climate generation”… In reality, these capillotracted explanations to justify inconsistent actions, show the real nature of these activists: they are not the “climate generation” they claim, but only a disoriented generation, lacking direction. Far from being driven by stupidity, these activists are on the contrary in search of the ideal. As noted Le Figaro (9/11/2022), they are “ students, doctoral students, teachers », « their level of education is generally high “. What they lack are answers. It is a goal, a meaning. A result that fractured France is unable to give them, so they fight back. Pierre de Villiers underlined it on BFM-TV this Wednesday, November 9, You have to speak to their hearts, to their guts, not just to their intelligence. We talk too much about process, increased activity, rationalization, when they want about the raison d’être, the meaning, the commitment “.

These actions demonstrate the despair of a generation that has lost its reason for living, and at this violence irrational, the President’s answer conforms to what one would expect from the professional of “at the same time” by replying laconically that the cause is ” good and fair “, but that nothing can ” justify a violence towards others “.

How many injured police officers, traumatized families, vandalized farmers will it take for the French to be worth considering? How many times will we allow French heritage to be attacked, before strongly condemning, and not just with words, irresponsible activism? Obviously these green people still have a bright future ahead of them to carry out their “ good and just cause “.

Ecoterrorism: a society in dire straits