El Yeyo vs Omega: the Superclásico played by the leaders of the San Juan tropical scene

They fill the dances every weekend. They are the most important and popular quartet bands in the province, but just as they are passionate about what they do, they also have another passion: fanaticism for the club they love. They are Roberto Sosa, “El Yeyo” and Hugo Flores, singer of Omega. Sosa, “bostero of soul” and Flores, “millionaire of law”, summoned by DIARIO DE CUYO throbbed the Superclásico between Boca-River this Sunday at 5:00 p.m. and even encouraged the classic bet.

“We are waiting for the victory, very excited that we can win, much more because we are at home,” opened El Yeyo valuing that the duel is played in La Bombonera. “I am very anxious, waiting for the match time to come soon. In my family we are very passionate, we have been watching the match in different bunkers for a long time. The last game we saw together was the final of the Copa Libertadores on the Boca field when it couldn’t be played and that day it was rough so from that day on we decided never to see a Superclásico as a family again,” said Hugo, the voice of Omega .

The folklore and everything that arouses a duel between the most popular teams in the country is exciting and the cuarteteros agreed that they live it with a thousand beats. “Folklore is very beautiful and what this game generates, it is very noticeable in the street, it is noticeable on the networks. We also play with that at dances and it is incredible how the atmosphere rises when we name the fans of Boca or River,” Flores said. In the other side, El Yeyo expressed: “It is incredible what a game like this generates, in my house we are all bosteros, even my daughter, the youngest, was already born from Boca. If on Sunday at the time of the game a guest from River arrives? No I let him in. We don’t accept River fans. In my group of friends, most of us are Boca fans, the two or three who are from River know that they don’t have to go,” he said.

“El Yeyo” fanatic fan of Boca and Hugo Flores, leader of Omega and passionate about River, beat the Superclásico

Leaving aside a bit of the fanaticism that both live, Sosa and Flores got more involved in football, El Yeyo recognized that River arrives at a better time than his team and the leader of Omega made it clear the confidence he has in his equipment. “We are bad but this is Boca, over there River has a better team and we are the only one who could make the difference as Villa is injured, but they are classics and we have to play them,” said El Yeyo. On the other hand, Hugo expressed: “River is fine, it doesn’t dazzle either, but it is noticeable better than Boca. We still shouldn’t be overconfident because in the last classic we were better than Boca and they beat us 1-0 with our mistake,” manifested.

The interview took another direction when Flores recounted a conversation he had with the millionaire striker Matías Suárez, with whom he is linked by a friendship. “I was talking to Mati, he told me that he asked Gallardo to play so he will have to put him in and we are going to play with three forwards, so they (referring to Boca) are going to have to put seven in the back, surely they are not going to put one line of five behind, they will surely play with a 7-2-1 system”, he expressed, awakening the laughter of El Yeyo who did not remain silent: “You are very confident, I hope we surprise you”, commented the rawsino between laughs.

“We have grown up watching El Yeyo. He has seen us grow up and grow up in music. We were teenagers and as children we went to rehearsals on Wednesdays at his house, that was sacred.” Hugh Flores.

Far from any rivalry for the colors, the two left reflected the good relationship of friendship that exists between them on a personal level. Today they are the leaders of the tropical nightlife in San Juan. “With Roberto we have known each other for many years, he has seen us grow up and grow in music. We were teenagers and when we were little we went to rehearsals on Wednesdays at his house, that was sacred 20 years ago. He always opened the doors of his house and later, when we were older, we began to go to his dances. There was never a rivalry, on the contrary, we have a beautiful friendship, “said Hugo Flores. El Yeyo, threw to the ground the rivalry that people from the quartet environment always try to install between the two: “It’s the same fans out there who make differences or the same ones who do dances. We have good vibes, I saw them as children, neither I’m so old, what happens is that I started when I was young,” he said with a laugh.

“We are one of the oldest groups in the province. Today we have to enjoy Omega a lot because they are making very good music, they are leaving us very well throughout the country.” Roberto Sosa

Bets, promises, cabals. Everything plays at the time of the Superclásico for Hugo Flores and Roberto Sosa. “If River loses, I’ll go bankrupt. I have like four bets, I’m very confident but in the last Superclásico I also trusted and I had to end up paying everyone. Now if I lose I’ll have to ask for a loan. Of course, I prefer that to ending in a tie, as Bilardo said, you have to win”, commented Hugo. “I’m not much of that, I trust that the team will do everything possible to win. With a 1-0 I’m satisfied and I’m happy,” El Yeyo shot. “If we do one to them, they are going to have to go out and look for the game and then we are going to liquidate it with a counterattack. We won 3 to 0,” Flores affirmed with confidence, again unleashing laughter from his colleague.

Between joke and joke, both were encouraged to bet: there will be roast and fernet for whoever winsthey will surely share that together talking about the clubs they love and the passion that unites them: music.

El Yeyo vs Omega: the Superclásico played by the leaders of the San Juan tropical scene