Elisa Toffoli painful confession, that producer hurt me

Elisa Toffoli, better known with the simple Elisa is back from the great success of Sanremo 2022 with the song Or maybe it’s you which earned her the podium after more than twenty years from the first festival, in this case with the second place after Mahmood and Blanco.

Just a few days ago on her Instagram profile, the singer indulged in a confession as shocking as it was unexpectedeven for fans who have been following her for a long time.

In addition to being a singer-songwriter, Elisa is also a composer, multi-instrumentalist, musician and record producer and yet despite her talent and her profound commitment to music at three hundred and sixty degrees, the singer-songwriter from Trieste has unveiled her experience in the struggle against the sexual prejudice. A not so unprecedented background if you think of the many cases of sexism that have been talked about in recent times. This specifically comes on the wave of the sexist ‘case’ that took place around the Partita del Cuore and which shows how certain stereotypes are unfortunately still rooted in our culture.

Elisa Toffoli: “A macho producer hurt me”

“You’re pretty, think about singing. Leave the writing alone. I was fifteen and those words gave me gastritis that lasted for months. I should have also left the production, the arrangements, the curiosity for so many instruments alone, because it was all too much.

These are the shocking words that the producer reserved for the young Elisa, at the time already very curious to fully experience the world of music as a complete artist.

“It would have been enough to smile,” look nice “, sing well and” keep me in mind “. These were the words of a male producer that I stumbled upon even before my beginnings. For me they were just more fuel, bitter yes, but still good for pushing the accelerator even further down “he stated on Instagram Elisa Toffoli, than in 2001 won the Sanremo Festival with the song “Light”.

In short, to see her today, where she arrived and how much she has enriched the world of music for the mere fact of being a singer, no one could imagine how much suffering and how much pain she had to endure before arriving in the Olympus of the greatest artists in Italy. But as Elisa herself stated in the post, also giving so much strength to all the girls who follow her and who have a dream, bad moments like this must encourage them to do better and better.

And then when he least expected it, another great singer gave him the right words.

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Then the turning point: the meeting with Tina Turner


For every disappointment the moment of redemption always comes but above all it comes from those we least expect. Here is Elisa’s story about meeting her that changed her life.

“At the age of twenty-seven I was in Zurich in the studio with Tina Turner to record her voice, because I was the producer of the piece I had written for our duet and therefore took care of the arrangements and also all the technical aspects of the recording. She said to me “I am very proud of you, women like you are changing the world. When I was young, what you are doing today here with me would have been unthinkable “

A very beautiful moment that Elisa wanted to share with her fans on her social channels. The story ended then with one of his many professional satisfactions achieved shortly after his debut. His example serves to encourage all those who have a dream to never give up and continue to believe in it.

Elisa’s post ended with these words: “Let’s not let anyone tell us that this is not our place”.

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Elisa Toffoli painful confession, that producer hurt me