Emilie (Married at first sight) traumatized and assaulted, she comes out of silence, “It’s gone very far”

Émilie was revealed in “ Married at first sight » 2022, on M6. This 36-year-old young woman married Frédéric, with whom she was 84% ​​compatible (the highest rate of the season). However, their love story did not last, because the two candidates did not have the same vision of the couple. From now on, the mother of Lina (1 year) is single. However, she continues to share her daily life on social networks and this week she shot an episode of Baby Story with Jeremstar. On the other hand, everything did not go as planned as confided by the latter on July 14th.

What really happened?

For a shoot, Emilie and Jeremstar (an interviewer) went near a lake, near Paris. From there, the mom was filmed explaining her daily life as a single mom. According to his testimony, it is not easy.

But as she continued to explain, someone approached her. According to Jeremstar, he “intervened in the middle of filming, telling her that it was nonsense what she was saying, that limit no it was not hard to raise a child alone and that it was necessary to stop to pass the problems on to the children.

Under the influence of anger, the beautiful brunette asked him what he knew of her life to allow himself to judge her like this.

“And there, it completely degenerated. We were literally assaulted, first in a verbal way,” the interviewer said.

“It’s really gone very far”

The story has taken on “impossible proportions”.

“The individual began to insult us, to threaten to hit us, to attack us physically and that we might well file a complaint. (…) He became more and more agitated and uncontrollable. (…) It really went very far, ”continued Jeremstar.

Emilie’s reaction was to protect her child. She was very scared. The interviewer stayed put, though. In his words:

“She left with the stroller and the child. I stayed there trying to figure out what was going on. My director tried to reason with this gentleman. I was flabbergasted by the aggressiveness, the violence of the scene. I don’t understand how it got out of hand. Apparently he resented the fact that Emilie answered him ‘Do you know my life?’ But leave people alone! »

The candidate of “Married at first sight”, traumatized

Still in shock, Emilie decided to speak in her Instagram story.

“I’m not going to hide it from you. Since then, I’m not well, there’s a lot of things that are questioned. I’m getting to a stage where I find that people’s actions are not normal. I will speak on it, then afterwards I will close the chapter. In short, it’s not good to hurt people. I don’t deserve this, my daughter doesn’t deserve this. No mother should be insulted in front of her child,” she argued..

A little later, the mother of the family took the floor to explain thatshe was “traumatized” by what had happened, because it was “gratuitous violence”. She added that the man’s partner tried to defend her by explaining that Emily had a singular history, but the attacker did “what he wanted”.

“That person, I didn’t do anything to him at all!” to have his opinion (…) but you’re not attacking me, especially since I haven’t done anything, I’m still a mom, I didn’t deserve this. (…) I have never been so scared in all my life. When you are alone with a child, what do you want to do? So I took my daughter and left, and he kept screaming and saying horrible things, and my daughter was crying,” she concluded..

Emilie (Married at first sight) traumatized and assaulted, she comes out of silence, “It’s gone very far”