After two consecutive defeats between Serie A and Europa League, the Rome rediscover the victory ad Empoli in the postponement of the sixth day of the championship: at Castellani it ends 2-1 for the Giallorossi thanks to goals from Dybala and Abraham. After the final whistle the Giallorossi coach José Mourinho spoke to the reporters’ microphones. The statements of him:



We were watching Abraham’s goal, he started the action.
“He has to do it, he has to lower himself in the defensive phase and he has to do it in the construction phase when the team is in difficulty to exit. The problem is that sometimes this type of player struggles mentally to get into the scoring area. We didn’t want to losing points, I think this ambition made him arrive and score. Scoring Vicario is almost a miracle, he seemed the best in the world … “

It is also necessary to win with suffering.
“We could have won in another way, with more peace of mind. On Thursday we play again and we lost the first match of the Europa League and we have to win the next one. If we score 3-1 first, we do a different management of the team, which we could not But after a defeat and 3 points lost it was important to go back to winning. Obviously we would like to win more calmly in the final minutes, but it is important to suffer as we did. 7 minutes of injury time for a winning team is a lot, but we managed well with a spirit of sacrifice. I want to congratulate Zanetti, he has a good team against which it is difficult to play but we clearly deserved to win. “

Has it become more difficult to manage the double commitment?
“They are better, the way of working of these ‘secondary’ teams has changed, they work like us. You arrive in Europe and before you found a Scandinavian team and it was done, one from the East and it was easy. Today it’s easy to coach like everyone else. , you see a bit of Instagram and you find ideas and exercises, everyone knows which ones make the best and the most financially gifted teams. It’s more difficult “.

Compared to last season, Roma have one more point, the same cannot be said for Inter and Naples. Does this comfort you?
“In terms of points, the path is not a problem, facing Udinese away from home is always difficult but obviously you go there and think you will win or at least take a point. But the championship is a competitive and tough marathon. Today with more bad luck. we would have lost two points. At the level of play we are already a team with many difficulties. The team has started well: against Tottenham in the pre-season it is a reference, even the first two games, but when we lose players we go into difficulty. a Zaniolo and I took the opportunity to tell him what I told him: I thanked him for the effort to stay here, to recover and to help the team. At 2-1 he was ready to enter and take some risks to help, but we have only one: without him there is a dynamic change of the team different. Wijnaldum was fundamental, Cristante and Matic are great players but together it is not easy, they have a similar profile. Even now with the injuries of Zalewski and Karsdorp, we are not a pink like the top teams. I would like to be. When I saw the team finish the championship and start the pre-season I thought more, but I recognize the difficulties and I recognize that in two days we have a game that we have to win and on Sunday we face Atalanta, who unfortunately have no European competition for them and they are preparing the match against us. We have difficulties that even the smallest teams don’t have. But I prefer to have a hard time and be alive in competitions, stay here and be there again on Thursday. We are finally playing at home after three away games. “


What victory is it?
“Losing the third would have been difficult. Today we played against a team that plays well and with quality, a difficult game in which you cannot give as much as we did.After the 2-1, in addition to the penalty, we had some scoring. Then 7 minutes of recovery seemed like an eternity. It is important to win this one, now head to Thursday ”.

What kind of striker is Abraham?
“Toni cannot speak because with Inter against Roma I lost by one of his goals (in reference to Luca Toni present in the studio, ed). Our game has changed thanks to Paulo, an incredible player. The position of Lorenzo (Pellegrini, ed) changes a bit, without Zaniolo our game changes even more, he attacks space, he has individual duels. Lorenzo can play in different areas, but when one is missing we are in difficulty. Difficult to create offensive dynamics like this. Tammy has great potential, he can give more. A striker who has amplitude thanks to fifths and an attacking midfielder like Paulo, should thank. They must all grow together ”.

He is building a different mentality within the team, was this the big challenge?
“We have grown in mentality since last year, even by winning the Conference which is not the Champions. We know how to live in difficulties. This year there are high expectations because we have hired a player who in normal conditions would not play for Roma because we are not a super club from an economic point of view. We have to grow, there is a need for internal competitiveness, there are some players who do not accept the competition, we need to raise the level instead of being down in the dumps. A great team needs this. Now we are in the Europa League which is more difficult than the Conference, it is difficult to play every 3 days and the management is complicated. When there are 5-6 injured even more. The mentality? Zaniolo did everything to be here, he worked like an ‘animal’ and made himself available by taking risks. He was ready to go 1-1, this is the example of what we need. Thursday we need the fans that we lost the first time. We will play with the black shirt which I don’t like very much but that’s okay. Abraham must learn to live with Belotti, today we played 97 minutes with only one striker ”.

Does Dybala still have room for growth?
“He grows with the team, asking him more would be wrong. We have to play together, this is the only way to create those dynamics that make you play with your eyes closed, and the second goal is an example “.

When will you see the Rome of your dreams?
“It also depends on the others. We improve ourselves but others work just as well, your success always depends on others. We have to think race after race, we don’t know what happens tomorrow. If a defender gets hurt today, we can’t play 3 for example, it’s hard to think in the long term. Now head to Thursday ”.


“I liked winning, the desire to win and how the team behaved in the difficulties. The opponent had quality and organization and the goalkeeper was also fantastic. Then we fought against ourselves because we did what was enough to end the game in another way and with another peace of mind. Managing these 7 minutes of recovery was tough, but we did it well and with sacrifice. It’s a very early time to look carefully at the rankings, but a quick look can be given. We are there together with the others. In these first 6 league matches we have done quite well ”.

The quality and quantity of Dybala.
“Paulo can score, but he has great intelligence and plays for the team. He has a very high vision of the game and together with Lorenzo (Pellegrini, ed) he has this quality with which they can create opportunities for the attackers ”.


Would you have won without Dybala?
“I don’t know. To say he played well is obvious, not all players have his potential. We were a team and I like that. I didn’t like the time between our first goal and theirs, we stopped pressing and lost positioning forward and also in defense. They had room to create. In the second half we transformed, we were always in control. The 3-1 had to come and then we put ourselves in a risky situation. The victory is deserved. , they are difficult to deal with “.

Over the course of a season, some victories weigh more, can this be?
“It is a fantastic victory, for some of you very sad because it changes a dynamic that has been created. We lost two games, we were the best team in the world, now they seemed the worst. We never lost our balance, my experience. he helped me with those who did not have it. We confirmed the system and players, for me it is a good sign of maturity. Today the game was difficult, it is a difficult championship, even those who came from Serie B always play to win “.



How does a coach work on individual mistakes in defense?
“I don’t think about individual mistakes, they are out of context. They don’t worry me. Everyone can make individual mistakes, for me it’s not a problem. For me the problem is always the same, that is the focus on the team: the team wins, draws, loses, plays well or plays poorly. As a team, after a defeat in Serie A, we have the chance to win and return to a high position in the standings, even if it is very early to look carefully at the standings. With our qualities and our defects we have this chance and we must try “.

Empoli-Roma, MOURINHO: “Deserved victory. Not a big squad, we are struggling with injuries. Abraham must learn to live with Belotti, I thanked Zaniolo” (VIDEO)