FC Lorient. How the Hakes make the best start to the season in their history

  • 1. Risks and ambition

  • Both on the field and behind the scenes where the Morbihan club has separated from a staff that had kept it among the elite twice to replace it internally, FC Lorient is taking risks this summer.

    New staff, new game project and a fairly reworked workforce (21 departures, nine arrivals) to allow them to be more offensive. This match against Nantes is the symbol. “Today, the story had started badly”, noted the new conductor – Régis Le Bris – of an FC Lorient who remembers his best hours. After being led 1 to 0 from the start (6th, header from Ganago from a corner) and while the meeting could have swung one way or the other, the staff confirmed their new ambitions by doing around the hour of play of offensive choices that paid off (including the replacement of Innocent by Ponceau with a Le Fée who fell back a notch).

  • 2. Steady progress

  • “We imagine the team like that, dynamic, enthusiastic and taking initiatives”, also said the coach before adding about this replacement “the idea was to give tone, energy, dynamism to our midfield which was beginning to suffer to restore the binder to our attacks. Today it paid off.” But this could not have been the case if progress had not been steady since the preparation where the new staff first endeavored to protect their goal well, the first stage of a rocket which seemed to take its take off against Lyon on Wednesday (3-1) where she produced her benchmark match filled with mastery, ambition and collective strength.

  • 3. Increased confidence

  • In addition to the defensive and collective bases quickly infused, the staff knew how to give confidence to a workforce which is in the top 5 in Europe in terms of youth (53% of the workforce is under 23 years old). It is certainly this new confidence – also conquered over the course of the meetings – which made it possible to recover from a failed start (opening of the score from a corner by Ganago, 13 ‘) and to find the drive observed in recent weeks.

  • 4. Surgical efficiency

  • “For attackers, trust is fundamental”?, Régis Le Bris remarked again. It is also from there that a sometimes surgical efficiency was probably born, like Cathline, scorer from his first ball in Ligue 1 (2-1, 60 ‘) or Koné on his first opportunity (3-1, 74′). Not to mention that of an Ouattara who has been unplayable for a few games, as an Appiah who was regularly caught up in speed was able to realize. The Burkinabe now has an impressive record: three goals, four assists as well as two penalties and a victorious free kick! This Sunday, he even fired a splendid free-kick in the skylight (1-1, 19’), a true copy on the right of that of Le Fée against Lyon.

  • 5. Controlled euphoria

  • “We talk about it after each match, the danger is to think that the acquired points or good experiences achieved are enough to play the next match without questioning yourself. We know that we will be punished for the slightest hesitation on this subject. What constitutes us is our collective strength, to defend in solidarity with intensity. But if there is someone who lets go, it exposes everyone… The players are aware of it, ”he assured. Régis Le Bris was also joined in this speech by his latest recruit, Yoann Cathline: “We are confident, yes. But not euphoric because this team is very mature and very calm despite our age. We are already focused on the match in Auxerre. »

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    FC Lorient. How the Hakes make the best start to the season in their history