FC Lorient. The young bench from Lorient passes a test against Troyes

Ligue 1 (12th day). Troyes – FC Lorient, Sunday (3 p.m.)

  • 1. Do without Kalulu in defense

  • This is one of the most fragile sectors on paper in terms of resources on the bench. FC Lorient’s good start to the season owes a lot to its rediscovered defensive base. In front of the very effective Swiss goalkeeper Yvon Mvogo, half of the line was renewed this summer with the arrivals of Montassar Talbi and Gédéon Kalulu. Absent for two games and his calf injury against Lille (9th day, 2-1), the right side also brings a lot in attack (three assists). He could rejoin the group next week.

    In the meantime, Régis Le Bris has so far preferred to replace him with a midfielder (Theo Le Bris) than by his lining Igor Silva, who has returned from a long thigh injury at the beginning of the month and so far lacked rhythm. The Merlus coach also changed his system during the match in Brest and against Reims, installing rookie Chrislain Matsima on the right of a three-man defense, with the young Le Bris as the right piston.

    This is the scheme that has been worked on as a priority this week and that we could find at the kick-off in Troyes. “The workforce hadn’t turned around so far, the collective was well-oiled. And when one or two elements come out, it takes a little time to recreate the same level of relationship with players with different characteristics, ”underlines Régis Le Bris.

  • 2. Do without Abergel in the middle

  • The first big tile of this beginning of the season is called Laurent Abergel. Operated for a broken forearm after a high foot from Mahdi Camara in Brest (10th day, 1-2), the recovering midfielder will not return before the World Cup. Once again, Régis Le Bris has so far preferred to reorganize this sector of play, rather than installing his “natural” replacement Bonke Innocent, with a more muscular and defensive profile.

    Enzo The Fairy and Julien Ponceau went down a notch, Quentin Boisgard coming out of the bench to occupy the high point of the middle, in support of the center forward. A position that could also be occupied by Adil Aouchiche, back from injury, or Théo Le Bris if he did not have to compensate for the absence of Kalulu in the right lane. It was precisely when Théo Le Bris was freed up from his defensive duties and came to bring the surplus in the game that the Merlus in numerical superiority emerged with their heads from the water at the end of the match against Reims, after being jostled as rarely by the impact of the opponent.

    “Our system is quite scalable and so is its position on the pitch. It is this versatility that I appreciate in him, in addition to his ability to accelerate”, explains Régis Le Bris, recalling that “several players at FC Lorient have these characteristics”: “It is useful for managing a season with its vagaries unavoidable”.

  • 3. Do without Moffi in attack

  • Only one being is missing and everything is depopulated… The centre-forward Terem Moffi had already scored eight goals this season before get injured against Reims. Badly fallen from an aerial duel, he suffered from a sprained ankle and could return for the reception of Paris (14th day, November 6). His premature exit put his team in the hard, without it being known if the impact on the group was only mental and temporary or if it is primarily due to the good reaction of the Stade de Reims.

    “Hard to say”, for Régis Le Bris, who leans more for the second option: “Our start to the match was very good and Terem hurt them in depth”. Number 2 in the hierarchy in this position, Ibrahima Koné did not manage to replace him on this part. He did not feel the good moves in attack and logically lacked rhythm, although he has never been established yet this season. “Ibra has other characteristics and should be served differently. But, as he plays less, it requires a little more time and some adjustments. »

    In a role of super-substitute, the Malian has already shown that he knows how to weigh on the defenses and be a good point of fixation. It’s up to him to seize his chance this weekend in Troyes, where he could be associated in attack with the twirling Dango Ouattara in a 3-5-2 system.

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    FC Lorient. The young bench from Lorient passes a test against Troyes