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Hello, how are you? Me here, waiting to go look for my kitten Romeo, whom I took to the guard yesterday and was hospitalized. It’s nothing serious, just severe constipation. If the echo control goes well, I’ll bring it. I’m still very anxious, I want to see it now, I’m scared, yesterday I cried a lot. Although I can’t help but say that the diagnosis made me very funny because those who say that you can no longer make jokes with anything without offending someone seem to be unaware of the “poop humor” genre.

* This meme is only funny in English but it says: farting parents writing constipation (pedorreros = farters, which sounds very similar to fathers=padres/constitución = constipation which sounds very similar to constitution=constitución)

That at one point I wanted to be crazy and not want

To all this, when I stop sending jokes about the cat and poop (sorry, I can’t stop), I think that wanting well is resigning to the possibility of getting hurt (better send jokes, ma’am). In general, we believe that resigning oneself is something bad, associated with giving up, bowing one’s head in the face of an evil that overwhelms us. But I think that when we love someone very much, it is the way we have so that the fear of pain, which is permanent, is not a defense but background noise. Getting hurt from love is not necessarily that the beings we love intentionally harm us or that they act unscrupulously (my grandmother said that mistreatment hurts more than mistreatment), sometimes it is that they are how they want to be and that does not fit with how we want to be ourselves or with how we want others to be with us. And it can also be something unmanageable, like they get sick and that hurts us. Resignation to being hurt, then, is accepting that it is impossible to love the other without collateral damage and choosing to love the same. To make her go from that feeling that it is the healthy way to deal with a moment in which we feel that we can no longer do anything towards something active, a choice, a means to do what we want, to want.

Today’s edition is going to deal a bit with this, with the chosen resignation. So if the camera catches me, I want you to come with me down this path of pain and glory.

I’ve been told there’s no way out

These days, a collective fear of suffering for love lurks: fear that Messi will get hurt and with him all of us. I say Messi because I was doing a very informal experiment that consists of asking: do you want Argentina to be champion or Messi to be champion? And although it is a tricky question because it is obvious that both, the second option adds many followers. We want to see him lift it, we feel that he deserves it, that his happiness is ours and his pain too.

This feeling that I am also a part of is a tension for me. When it was announced that the World Cup would be in Qatar, I received many calls to boycott it, not seeing it or traveling. The reasons are obvious and well-known: although in all countries there are human rights violations perpetrated by institutions, in some this is illegal and the legal framework is not only punitive for these violations, but also promotes respect for those rights. That it is the State itself that contradicts itself by making repression a necessary condition of its existence, as well as a guarantor of the promotion of Human Rights, is a very complex phenomenon that we have addressed on numerous occasions. But it is not the same everywhere. In Qatar there is not even a paradox.

I don’t think there are few of us who feel hurt because those who have the real capacity for boycott, the soccer players with million-dollar contracts who, if they had refused to go, could have changed the venue and they didn’t and in many cases it seems that they didn’t even bother (before you tell me that what I say is crazy, let’s remember that Juventus asked the organizers of the International Champions Cup do his preseason in Asia instead of the United States because Cristiano Ronaldo has been accused of rape in that country and if he entered he could face legal sanctions). Nor, for the most part, did the players express repudiation of the homo-hating policies or concern for the safety of the female fans who travel to see them.

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Regarding the call not to see the World Cup, it is difficult when they transform a tension into an obligation. And more so when every thing you find out about the Cup is worse than the previous one. Because to the surprise of no one, it seems that the progressive cause to which Qatar did join, in the end is anyone. I mean that ad that this is going to be the first carbon neutral World Cup it’s a fraud (now we are still outraged but this video of Mbappé laughing when they ask if PSG considered moving by train instead of by plane makes me more angry than the things that said about South American football).

Let’s go then with an Instagram vs reality FIFA version

FIFA: “The carbon footprint derived from the construction of the new stadiums will be mitigated with subsequent use”.

REALITY (the report that I linked to you before was made by the organization Carbon Market Watch): the measurement of the carbon footprint generated by the construction of the new stadiums was made using a methodology of use-share (use-fee). What does it mean? That the days of use of the tournament were divided on the estimation of the useful life of the stadiums, as if to say: “Yes, well, the construction generated a lot of emissions but that does not have to be applied only to the cup because the stadiums are going to remain, so those emissions are not ‘from the event’ but from having an active stadium”, but the stadiums were built specifically for the World Cup and it is not clear what kind of intensive use of giant stadiums distributed over such a small geographical area will do in the future (in Doha there was only one large stadium before the World Cup was assigned to it). The total footprint of the permanent stadiums built for the World Cup could be quite underestimated, 1.6MtCO2e instead of the 0.2MtCO2e that was announced. On the other hand, emissions related to keeping the stadiums operational in the coming years were also not counted.

FIFA: “We created the largest grass and tree nursery-nursery in the world, which will absorb carbon emissions, helping to reduce the impact of the event.”

FACT: The nursery, which also has a lot of trees, is in the middle of the desert. Although it uses purified sewage water for irrigation, it is very unlikely that the carbon storage of these plants will be permanent, since for that they would have to live at least 200 or 300 years and from the nursery they will go to artificial parks around the stadiums, which will require a lot of maintenance and irrigation.

FIFA: “We created the Global Carbon Council, a new system of carbon credits to finance projects that reduce emissions in order to neutralize our own. this is called offsettingcancel harmful emissions from one place by removing or preventing them in another”.

FACT: Within a few months of the tournament (when the report was made) I only had two projects registered. Both these two and those awaiting approval are renewable energy projects called grid-connected. This means that they are connected to the existing electricity network, so that while the renewable source is operating (sun shining, wind blowing, water flowing) they work with that, but if for some reason they are not available, the electricity is activated. , which eliminates the need to have batteries that store the energy produced by renewable sources for these moments.

The issue with these projects is that they are not usually “extra”, but that they are probably done with credit or not because this type of energy source is competitive in some places and is expected to be even more so in the coming years. Therefore, almost none of these projects can be registered under the two largest carbon credit standards that existed until now, Verra and Gold, since they are not considered as an emission removal or prevention measure.

Thus, I resign myself to the fact that this love for the Champions of the Americas leads me to be a much worse militant than I would like, with the awareness that I choose to be, without justification. That a World Cup be held in Qatar is absurd. Collaborating with consumerist fervor is wrong. To repudiate without acting is hypocritical. And at the same time, simultaneously, with a trace of love, I resign myself to the fact that the things I do do to build what I create are useless at the same time that I choose the pain of my uselessness for the pleasure of my work and of the minimum contribution generated.

You already know, it’s what happens

I got distracted for a while but again I think of Romeo. And again comes the resignation of the good: whenever something happens to him I will take care of him, when it doesn’t happen to him too. I choose to want while knowing there is nothing to do with his need for me. And I resign myself, also to being ridiculous, because I don’t know if you knew but cats like to be talked to like babies (Although I hate the expression “like babies” because babies are people and should be talked to like people, although there are studies that say that it doesn’t hurt them to talk to them like that, it is very irritating. On the contrary, having a language special for kittens seems fine to me so I propose to change the expression from ‘talk like a baby’ to ‘talk like a kitten’).


It turns out that speaking with a thin voice and extended vowels draws their attention quite a bit and helps them distinguish their humans from other people. The study I linked you to looked at 16 cats between the ages of 8 months and 2 years and asked their human housemates to record themselves saying things like “do you want to play?’” or “do you want a treat?”, one as if they were speaking to it to another human and another with a voice for kitten. In turn, they asked 16 women who did not know cats to make the same recordings.

The experiment consisted of playing the recordings of their humans with the cats in their own homes and in their presence, but without interaction. The researchers measured their level of reaction based on the dilation of their pupils, whether they moved their little ears, or whether they stayed still or moved towards the voice. Recordings 1,2,3 and 5 were human speech and 4 the kitten voice. When the first 3 passed the cats didn’t even get upset, in the 4th they changed their attitude quite a bit and in the 5th they returned to indifference. Later, they did the same with the recordings of the strangers and the cats or ball.

One possible hypothesis is that these were domestic cats that do not hear many voices other than those of their neighbors. And while what happened and why is a mystery, it does confirm that it is not true that cats do not care who they are around as long as they are fed, they know who you are and they know you are talking to them and not someone else. .Maybe Romeo has also resigned himself to me, it would be as nice as I felt it to be true all the times that he took care of me.

That takes me to the first day that I told you that I love you

I look at Calabria, her love now is being resigned to waiting, choosing patience and not terror. Look at the door since I came back yesterday without Romeo. It’s the first time in her life that she doesn’t have him in her line of sight. When I called saying that I wanted to adopt two kittens, they told me: “There are these two blacks, I have to adopt them separately but they don’t want to separate.” Loving someone, a bit like science, resigning oneself to error, choosing the test, clinging to the wait for something to happen that already happens on its own.

I send you a big kiss,


p/d1: at press time Romeo came home. It was indeed a constipation. Calabria saw it and continued to sleep on the couch. All 33 of us are fine.

p/d2: the references of this news are from this songwhich is on a record that is a love story

p7d3: Messi telling a joke

FIFA vs reality | zenithal