Fines at the stadium, between the security node and ideas for changing the plan

LECCE – On Sunday, while Lecce lived their passion by failing to overcome Monza due to a series of obstacles that have been widely discussed in the sports news, at the triple whistle many fans experienced a no less shocking third half. Returning to the car, in fact, they found a nice report on the windshield. More than 200 vehicles were fined for parking bans, perhaps 300. Which sparked a shower of protests. “But where do I park when I go to the stadium?”. It was one of the most frequently asked questions.

The situation is more complex than one can imagine. First of all, you don’t have to hide behind a finger. For better or worse, there is an awareness that for entire decades inappropriate behavior has been tolerated, to say the least. But today we are much less inclined to accept the presence of dozens and dozens of vehicles on bridges, ramps and junctions, perhaps in curves. And the reasons are also and above all of public order.

Needless to say, it was the municipal administration in particular that was hit by the rebellion, if only because the reports were raised by the local police. But it is clear that the viability plan on the occasion of major events (sporting and not only) involves several stakeholders. And the feeling is that above all the Police Headquarters is inflexible, from this point of view. Order and security, in fact.

The mayor: “We will propose changes”

The mayor Carlo Salvemini tried to provide an answer today, who in the morning summoned the commander of the local police, Colonel Donato Zacheo, to Palazzo Carafa, for information and details on the reports issued to sanction vehicles parked prohibited in near the stadium. And that he immediately wanted to underline: “There is no willingness on the part of the Administration to raise money, much less to remove the fans from the stadium. But exclusively to guarantee the safety of citizens by preventing the very dangerous parking of vehicles along the ramps and bridges of the ring road “.

Salvemini also added that, as already mentioned to the president of the Lecce sports union, Saverio Sticchi Damiani, there is a desire to review the measures taken during the home matches. “Which are within a plan for public order and safety and not merely linked to traffic”, the mayor specified. “For this reason – he added – on Thursday we will meet again in the Prefecture in the presence of the Police Headquarters. On that occasion we will propose some possible changes to make it easier for fans’ cars to reach the stadium from the ring road, coming from the north and south of the city ”.

Salvemini also wanted to make two clarifications: “For the sake of truth and without any controversy”. The first: “The meetings of the technical table held in July for the definition of the measures to be taken in view of the start of the season in Serie A have always seen the presence of the Lecce Sports Union in the figures of the general manager and the delegate to events. They have always been able to send proposals and suggestions ”.

The second: “This year the parking spaces reserved for fans in piazzale Rozzi and Adamo, about 900, are reserved, for reasons related to public order and safety and provisions of the Police Headquarters, exclusively to holders of passes issued directly by the Sports Union Lecce, identified among technical staff, over 75/80 season ticket holders, disabled people. The fact that in these first races many stalls have remained empty is due to the fact that the procedures for issuing the right holders have not yet been completed, as specified by the company itself “. And everyone knows how important that big parking lot behind the east stand is.

Many parking spaces left empty

It’s not all. At the request of LeccePrima, local police sources replied that the capacities of the parking spaces available and served by shuttle had been checked while the race was in progress. The bus service created by the Municipality for the transport of fans to the stadium. And it emerged that the Settelacquare area (between viale Aldo Moro and via Pitagora) was completely empty and that of the Spazio shopping center (via Vittorio Bachelet) at 50 percent. In via Bari, near the twice-weekly market, it seems that at least 200 other parking spaces were available, those that overlook the provincial road 364 (the final stretch of viale della Libertà; the Lecce-San Cataldo, in short).

Mrs: “The Municipality cancels the fines”

Of another opinion, the citizen secretary of the Salento region movement, Giancarlo Capoccia, who asked the Municipality to “revoke all the fines in self-defense” raised last Sunday. For Capoccia, the fact that there are two traffic lights near the stadium would not be a reason to justify the sanctions. “The road artery in question (always the final stretch of Viale della Libertà, Ed.), During the course of sporting events, is closed to traffic and, for this reason, the traffic light system cannot be considered operational during closing times to circulation “.


Another reason invoked by Capoccia: “It should be noted that just near the traffic lights, as always, there are local police agents, who carry out the required order service, regulating the flow of traffic and the areas of break. Well – he added -, the conduct of the agents appears to be at least a pretext who, despite being present on the spot, did not warn motorists of the parking ban, which in any case did not exist, but rather waited for the start of the race to raise the hundreds of fines. Other than no desire to make money ”, he concluded.

Fines at the stadium, between the security node and ideas for changing the plan