Rhythm is the essence of today’s football. It represents the means by which functionalities can repeat patterns.

Tactics, if it were always fundamental, would result in less predictable and less intense matches.

Intensity is the vehicle of the “show”. Therefore a “pressure field” has been created and therefore the schemes are fundamental; and therefore the figure of the technician is replacing that of the coach.

Therefore, time is, by cause and effect, the only cognitive object towards which, by now, this discipline is aimed.

The unit of measure of the scheme is the rhythm and the technician chooses the frequency, the “normal” (standard) tone.

If we started from the definition that the player is an “economic object”, we would understand why external figures are being retrained. And why functionality has replaced role.

The “general biological” characteristics take on relevance, because only in this way can equality and, in fact, difference be created: generality, that is, characters noted as normal and repetitive.

Made this introduction, in addition to explaining the reason for the lack of goals of the Fiorentina (i.e. simply an anomaly of the standard rhythm), we have also partly said what the key to the match against the Juventus.

Some principles of the game expressed by Juve

Let’s say the Juventus loses possession of the ball. The first thing they do is counter-pressing. Counter-pressing that does not aim at the sudden recovery of the ball. What do you mean? It must be remembered that the Bianconeri are a “physical” team that makes this intrinsic characteristic its driving force.

In short, to the men of Merry not interested in controlling the ball to control the game.

In fact, the Bianconeri’s purchases are not functionalities that can make up a scheme aimed at possession of the ball. Kosticfor example, it needs field to be maximally effective. Angel Di Maria mashed potato. Paredes yes, he has technique, but also a lot of physicality. He can throw the ball well towards the point that dispatches on the outside.

Because, another Juventus principle, is the spasmodic construction of the maneuver on the flanks. But not like the viola, using the whole chain.

In reality we will see many duels and it will be, between winning or losing these, that the game will be addressed.

There Juventus it’s a team that maneuvers like this. And if the Fiorentina were smart, he would have noticed a detail: this peculiarity of the bianconeri represents their own limit. They “carry the ball ‘too much”.

Another addition: the focus of intensity will not be central, if not enough to deflect the ball to the outside.

However, this does not mean that the Juventus is not dangerous in the most direct way to score.

The half wings always drop to receive the ball between the lines. Obviously, centrally there is only the “play”, but it should not be underestimated given the ballistic skills of the Juventus midfielders:

This (good or bad) is the form that the Juve during construction from below. The numbers, he repeats, should not be taken into consideration.

The thinners stay very wide. The ball is exchanged by the two central players who widen or unload the play that goes down or up. The two half wings are very squashed on the attack line and are lowered only to receive the ball from the outside and unload it at play, or to try a change of play, or a through ball on the tip, which always acts centrally and as a finisher.

We said about physicality.

In fact, the bianconeri do not take the ball in the most direct way to score goals, but men. And, with crosses, they exploit their build and athletic prowess.

We must not forget this last part either: yes, they are big, but they are also fast. Especially when restarting.

Non-possession phase:

After a first pressing just so as not to restart the opponents, the eleven in striped shirts are positioned almost like this. The attacking midfielder, who is in effect one of the three midfielders, crushes himself on the midfield line, when the Juventus reaches the phase of maximum defensive stress.

However, usually one of the three remains high and links the middle section of the field with the offensive one. This is to facilitate the restart and the work of the three attack functions.

The game is always aimed at synthesis, verticality (in the case of a direct restart, otherwise with crosses and men who, from the blind side, come to attack the penalty area) and the quality of the individuals on the (we specify) bands. Because these are the features with the greatest technical skills.

In addition, another addition for the defensive phase, usually the three medians rotate: in turn one gets up to take the opponent’s play, or to chase one of the men, strictly marked, who proposes to receive a pass.


Hopefully you have given useful information. There Juventus it is a very good team, as long as the athleticism of its quality men is kept in the standard rhythm.

So, it is repeated, everything will turn on the man vs man duels that will be created above all on the side chains. Italian he will have to be good at letting the bianconeri play and take them immediately with a first pressing on their construction from below, quickly converging in the central area.

Having said that, we hope for a good result for the Fiorentina. Today the Franks it will be overcrowded and all colored purple.

Fio-Juve, the key to the match