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In the episode of Floppy disk with guest Andrew Maderna, we talked a lot about editorial life, especially at the time of paper magazines. In the days following the recording, I found myself thinking a lot about what prompted me to write (and not only) about video games. Let’s see in more detail, the causes that led to this misfortune.

It was the very early 90s, my little boy, like many of his peers, played video games. It already existed at the time the console war Saw vs Nintendoonly that at the time I was in the ranks of those who had a home computer, which gave you access to an endless park of titles.

Not because consoles didn’t have games, but because on computers (not PCs yet, mind you), you could easily make and use not exactly legal copies of practically all the games released. I know, it wouldn’t have been right, but whoever is without sin cast the first stone. Practically, Amiga 500Xcopy Pro, hypertrophied backlog and pedaling.

Floppy disk

Now, if my consular friends had access to a few new titles to play every year (Christmas, birthdays, promotions and I would say little else), given that they had to use practically always and only original software, the same thing was not true for me, who was able therefore to play a frightening number of more titles, even if in a not very legal way.

And I really played everything, not only in terms of genres, but also in terms of quality: from the masterpiece to the galactic trash. This undoubtedly contributed to me developing an “abnormal” curiosity for the videogame medium (but what am I talking about?!? Myself of those years would have labeled me as “stupidmm**da”. Lol).

Besides all that, there were also the magazines. At the time for me it was K and TGM, strictly, but then I also opened up to the console world. And there were the editors, maybe I didn’t know their faces, but I felt like I had them as friends, since practically everyone really put their personality into what they wrote. idols. How nice it would have been to become like them, to be part of an editorial team and also experience the amazing gags they told every month!

Floppy disk

I thought about it for a while, then the fact that I don’t live in Milan or Rome, and therefore being far from the physical offices of the magazines, plus other choices I made growing up, made me put the idea aside.

Years go by, many, and with them many of my experiences, good and bad. Video games have always been there for me. Maybe not as assiduously as it used to be, for quite long periods, but they were still part of my life. And I’ve tried things, eh! Playing, surfing, travelling, eating and drinking too much, risking a really bad end… Whatever it was, I could always find an hour or so to play viggi, I needed it.

We arrive in the mid-10s, with an adult me ​​(it doesn’t seem like it, but it is), the beginning of a new period of life and, finally, a window on the world called the Internet. The sum of desire for renewal, possibility and ease of communication, made me remember my old dream from wannabe editor.

So I started trying to get into some industry site. After some experiences, both good and bad, I finally landed, in 2017, on Gamesource.it. Here I really started doing “videogame writing”, learning a lot, attending events, getting to know the industry and the people who are part of it (including many of those heyday editors), but above all my colleagues of editorial staff all, but with a particular mention to that gang of thugs with whom I talk to you about videogames and various bullshit at least once a week in podcasts, trying to relive, even if from a distance, the same type of atmosphere that you read on the pages of a Consul Mania or PSM extension any.

This prompted me to do this job, certainly not the economic return (a background of recorded laughter in a sitcom style), but rather the desire to have my say, to be part of that world that has now accompanied me for a lifetime. To be able to hope that out there, someone will say “I trust this Marco’s opinion, I like how he thinks!“. I think it is now something that for me is all one with the “simple” playing video games. I also have to say to myself, it’s my world!

Floppy disk
Thanks so much Tony!

The never too mourned Anthony Bourdain he once said: “You have to be a romantic to invest yourself, your money, and your time in cheese“, you have to be a romantic to invest yourself, your money and your time in cheese. I wanted to replace “cheese” with “videogames”. Here you are… Now I want to become the Tony Bourdain of game criticism! I finally found out what I want to be when I grow up!

Thank you all, I love you.

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