Football – National 2: at 11 against 10 for an hour, Chamalières wastes a great opportunity in Andrézieux

Kévin Pradier’s FC Chamalières is still looking for itself. After five days, the red and whites have still not won the league. Under a soft sun, the Andréziens very quickly set foot on the ball and put pressure on the Chamaliéroises cages (6th, 9th, 25th). But the Loire dynamic was quickly stopped.

One hour at eleven against ten

Warned 2 minutes before, Ngwabije is excluded after a second yellow card (32nd), sanctioned for a tackle committed but which however seemed correct on Nsilu. Reduced to ten despite everything, Andrézieux folds up and leaves the ball to Chamalières who can finally breathe.

premium National 2: FC Chamalières will show up determined in Andrézieux

The Puydomois nevertheless do not find enough space to express their football and are forced to return to the locker room without having had time to make the difference.

The second period began as the first had ended. Facing Kassa and behind him two lines well in place of four players, Chamalières does not find the fault. The visitors are punished for this lack of idea in the 57th minute when, with a nice volley with the right foot, Brunetton finds the small net of Fournier after a badly repelled corner.

Maisonnial fends off all Chamaliérois shots

Stung to the quick, the Chamalières players finally proved dangerous 20 minutes from the end of the match. But as against Trélissac, Anthony Maisonnial decides to pull out all the stops (71st, 72nd). Still well withdrawn, the Andréziens struggled to find opportunities on the counter, apart from a strike from Cottin which did not find the target (82nd).

The red and whites, determined not to return empty-handed from Envol Stadium, multiplied their attempts but Maisonnial was still the strongest in the very last minutes of the match (86th, 88th, 90th). Chamalières will not return to the score and remains blocked at 2 points in five days.


ANDREZIEUX (Envol Stadium). Andrézieux beat Chamalières, 1-0 (half-time: 0-0). Referee: Mr. Janin.

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Aim. Andrezieux: Brunetton (57th).

Warnings. Andrézieux: Ngwabije (30th, 32nd), Chapuis (87th), Bounouar (90th +2); Chamalières: Guehennec (90th).

Expulsion. Andrezieux: Ngwabije (32nd).

Andrezieux. Maisonnial – Brunetton, Chapuis (cap), Cabaton, Nouvel – Ngwabije, Cottin, Zelmat (Perrier, 46th) – Gharbi (Ruffaut, 69th), Kassa (Bounouar, 77th), Sila (Barut, 63rd).

Chamalieres. Fournier – Barras (Guehennec, 84th), Gomes (cap.), Naïte, Kapela – Rance, Dodin, Gnalega (Zaire, 69th) – Mai, Mbina (Bekili, 84th), Nsilu (Gayé, 75th).

Football – National 2: at 11 against 10 for an hour, Chamalières wastes a great opportunity in Andrézieux