FOOTBALL (REGIONAL 2): JO Creusot bows heavily 1

Faced with a solid Côte d’Orienne team, the locals were coldly picked at the start of the match and had to expose themselves to counterattacks from the visitors who won the bet with a heavy score for the Creusotins (4 goals to 1).

There are signs that do not deceive and when they are all negative, difficult to get out of it; indeed after having conceded a penalty in the 10th minute on the first sharp offensive of their adversaries, the Creusotins could wonder on which side were the gods of football. With the perfect counter-foot from Hassane Kanté, the hard-hitting visitor playmaker and therefore a 1-goal delay, the locals saw Thomas Beauménil leave them some 10 minutes later after a late intervention and a shock on the knee. Vaillant, number 10 creusotin tried hard to regain his place but 2 minutes later, he had to be replaced by Alexis Bredeau.

The local players, well padlocked by their opponents, cannot get out of the pressing and, as too often in such a situation, expose themselves to counterattacks. And in the 29th minute, a ball recovered by the paid pressing of Kamal Hassani benefits the latter who, seeing Guillaume Elorza advanced, tries and succeeds in a lob to bring the score to 2 goals to 0.
It is on this score that the two teams return to the locker room, the Dijon suburbs managing to manage their lead by controlling the ball well in the middle and spinning.
When the visitors return, Mickaël Berger’s players return with good intentions and on the first corner of the 2nd period, the Creusotins centrals dominate the air and on a throw-in from 6 meters, Sovanavy Chhim places a victorious header and brings back hope in the creusotin camp. (50th minute).
A hope and a joy of very short duration because almost on the engagement, the players of the OJ Creusot are surprised by a devastating tumble from Zakary Kamal who plays with the Creusotine defense before centering hard at 6 meters where the solid forward – center Younès Gharrafi only has to push the leather into the empty goal.
3-1 after 51 minutes for Quétigny, and another blow to the head of the Creusotins who could not have long instilled doubt in the minds of the visitors.
But without giving up, the Bleus de la JO Creusot tried to retaliate and on a good sequence from Zidane Khier in the 57th minute, the latter launched Nathan Coulon into the back of the defense who centered hard in the 6 meters but Mathéo Roy, the goalkeeper visitor sleeps well.
At the start of the last quarter of an hour, it was from a corner that Mickaël Berger’s players tried to react and twice, Mohammed Bouazzaoui volleyed a corner kick; on the first recovery, the visitor goalkeeper repelled the danger with difficulty at the cost of a dive. In the next minute, still receiving a poorly cleared corner by the Quétigny players, Mohammed Bouazzaoui tries his luck but the frame slips away.
When a team goes all out, boulevards open up behind the defense and twice it’s the linesman’s flag that signals offside, pushing back the time for the goal of 4 -1.
3 minutes from the end of regulation time, the substitute Sourik Vardanov will increase the score for the players of Quétigny after a tumble on the right side to get rid of the local defense before offering himself, and winning his face to face with Guillaume Elorza with an inside left foot that will lodge in the opposite side netting.
And just before the final whistle, the ordeal could have been even heavier without the authoritarian intervention of Guillaume Elorza who threw himself at the feet of Arthur Borrot, who came into play at the end of the game.
It is therefore a severe defeat 4 goals to 1 at home that the Creusotins players concede for this first meeting in Montporcher and therefore have 2 defeats in the first 2 matches of the season. We wish the Creusotins and their coach to find resources and strength to reverse this negative trend.

(Photos Nicolas AKCHICHE)

JO Creusot: Elorza, Botton, Grenot, Trévisan©, Chhim, Bouazzaoui, Coulon, Semane, Araujo Da Cunha, Beauménil, Khier.
Came into play: Bredeau, Salah and Ouattara.
Coach: Mickael Berger
AS Quétigny (B): Roy, El Ouahidi ©, Baudier, Dekkal, Brunet, Mahamat Nayva, Hassani, Maechler, Gharrafi, Kante, Kamal.
Came into play: Vardanov, Zuchowski and Borrot.
Coach: Sylvain Alexer


FOOTBALL (REGIONAL 2): JO Creusot bows heavily 1-4 against Quétigny B