For the unions, Macron is disappointing

“For the first time, a President of the Republic comes to speak at the start of the school year before the rectors. If this act can show the importance given to the subject, for the UNSA Education, it questions the meaning and the role of each in the executive. What place for the ministers? Frédéric Marchand, secretary general of Unsa Education, did not judge E Macron’s speech on August 25 to be up to par. Stéphane Crochet, secretary general of Se-Unsa, believes that he maintains concerns. Sophie Vénétitay sees him “disconnected from reality”. The Snetaa Fo, which until then had not attacked the planned reform of the professional path, calls on the PLPs to “save their jobs”.

Ads that ignore the complexity of topics

“What does an unprecedented presidential speech bring to rectors while the educational community was waiting for the first acts of the new minister on the occasion of this new school year?” Asks Frédéric Marchand, Secretary General of Unsa Education after the speech. “unpublished” of the President of the Republic in front of the rectors. “The confidence of personnel, very weakened in recent years, can only be rebuilt on strong acts of recognition and respect. Today’s announcements do not yet respond to the problem of the lack of attractiveness of jobs in the education that had already been the subject of presidential announcements during the 2022 election campaign”.

For Se-Unsa, Stéphane Crochet underlines that “the President of the Republic has drawn up a rather bleak report on the state of the School with “unhappy” students, “anxious” parents of students or even teachers ” disillusioned” but does not seem to make the connection with the policy conducted during his first five-year term. Although he repeats that he wants a new method, he does not succeed in changing it. He already proposes a certain number of personal “solutions”, such as for the professional path, without taking into account the complexity of the subjects with which the personnel come up against every day, in particular because of fresh and ill-conceived reforms under political pressure.The same goes for a new reform of training teachers, while the last had its first competition session in the spring and accelerated the acute recruitment crisis for this start of the school year”.

A president disconnected from reality

Faced with the questions of the moment, “he was obliged to come and answer even if it means putting on the minister’s clothes”, underlines Sophie Vénétitay, general secretary of Snes Fsu, questioned by the Educational Café. “He comes to put out a fire and is far from having succeeded”. The presidential remarks on the revalorization seem insufficient. “We want another upgrade. Not this one. Because €2,000 for beginners is not enough. He will have to clarify things”. The promise of a 20% increase for teachers in the new pact does not appeal more: “it’s about working more to earn more; it’s not a revaluation”. On all these subjects, the president is “disconnected from reality”, estimates the Snes. And his project for the school of the future? “We find behind this project a logic of projects which is that of competition, not that of the public service. It is the logic of the private sector. This will accentuate education at two speeds. We have the confirmation of a political project very brutal with the desire to transform the logic of public service”.

The Snetaa FO mobilizes against the reform of the pro path

July 10, an inter-union of vocational education (Cgt, Snuep Fsu, Se Unsa, Snalc, Sid and Cnt) alerted for the future of the professional path while the Snetaa Fo spoke of a “cordial” meeting with the minister ” which could announce positive developments for the PLPs”. E Macron’s remarks made the union change its mind. “If the SNETAA was delighted to see the creation of a specific delegated ministry for our teaching voice, disappointment can only be the image of our hope. One million apprentices is not a goal but a fad!” The SNETAA-Fo invites all vocational high school teachers to meet during union information hours from the first week of the school year to organize the defense of Education public and secular professional and save their PLP jobs, their status, national diplomas, a specific path of professional education at the heart of the School of the Republic.

M Jarraud

For the unions, Macron is disappointing