Foreign students in Canada angry at tuition fees!

Foreign students in Canada are angry: their tuition fees have increased much more than those of Canadians!

Angry students! While Ontario, a province of Canada, welcomes many foreign students, their tuition skyrocketed… So they decided to be heard in the street. MCETV tells you all about it!

$1000 more in a year

Because Here Toronto paints the portrait of Tony Banu. This young man, originally from India, chose Canada to continue his studies. Except that his tuition fees have ballooned. The college indeed has them increased from 8500 to 9500 Canadian dollars. A very strong increase…

Especially since the income of students did not experience the same increase at the same time. Thus, Tony Banu has to rely on his parents to pay his school fees. Except that his parents do not earn as much: they get the equivalent of $5,000.

The gap is widening. And even if some will be able to work longer, this does not compensate for the increase in tuition fees. The young foreigners therefore decided to pound the pavement to show they want help. Or at least more fairness.

“Foreign students are tired of being treated like bottomless pits“, thus attacks Sana Banu, who represents foreign students at a university. Because for her, the money of young foreigners becomes too easy a recourse when a university needs money.

In a press release from her association, she believes that the money is used for “finance the budgets and make up for the lack of aid of the government. » But even more serious, while the precariousness of young people is feltnot everyone is in the same boat.

Canada: students struggling

The president of the association speaks thus “of abuse” and insists: “These practices must change. » Especially since Ontario has made strong choices. But choices in favor of Canadians. Which once again pushes foreigners to get angry.

In fact, rising tuition fees affect Canadians less. They are “generally capped at 3% for Ontario students.” At the same time, young people from other countries know increases “which can reach 20%”.

Certainly, “Ontarians pay taxes” concedes Sana Banu. But the gap between Canadians and non-Canadians seems to be widening. The association therefore asks “control of increases”, to prevent young people from finding themselves in too great difficulty.

Here Toronto recalls another very important figure: 68% of the money for tuition fees in Ontario comes from foreign students. Thereby, young people from other countries pay $1.7 billion in the province. And the figure dates from 2021…

We can therefore think that revenues are still rising for 2022. This explains the discontent of young people, who see their tuition fees increasing. And who therefore find it increasingly difficult to pay them, even with the help of their relatives.

While young French pay an average of 400 euros more compared to last year, the free school helps them to keep… But in Canada, inflation goes with rising tuition fees. Which is starting to cause big problems.

Foreign students in Canada angry at tuition fees!