10:52 p.m .: I leave you here, have a good end of the evening and we will meet very soon for new lives on our site. Kiss the cocos!

” There is a lot of work. Nobody said it was going to be easy, it’s a good team, they were at home. But I know that I will be better, I know that we will be better, ”warns Gobert at the microphone of Canal. Response on Saturday against Lithuania.

10:46 p.m. : Well, it was clearly not glorious. Too easy in defense, clumsy in attack, leaders who pass by, the picture is complete tonight.

40th: Go curtain, defeat of the Blues 63-76!

39th : Well, we’re going to end on a very dirty defeat… 61-76

38th: Ahahah great (no) the disgusting offensive fault of Gobert while behind Okobo slammed a 3 point.

37th : 2/2 for Gobert in the free throw, rare enough to report it all the same.

37th: Lo’s 3 points kills us, +14 Germany…

36th : Wagner drops Fournier in 1 vs 1 and finishes cleanly in lay up, the guys are in, it’s going to be hard to get them. Hard ? Yeah, okay, it’s dead.

35th: The caviar of Heurtel which finds Gobert alone under the racket, that’s clean! The problem is that we don’t stop behind, from there we have no hope of coming back. (55-67)

34th : Poirier comes into play again, Gobert is still there, we are trying to put size and weight in the racket. And it works with this beautiful pass from Thomas Heurtel who finds Real’s pivot under the circle. 53-62

34th : Yabusele a little light on the defensive rebound and behind it slaps as it should, we are not there. 49-62

33rd: Tarpey returns his two free throws, we breathe for a few seconds and in the process they return you a three pointer from space which sets the room on fire. Hard. 49-60 Nationalmannschaft

31st : More than 9 minutes to overturn the match and I do not necessarily feel any spirit of revolt.

29th: And come on, it continues, it’s a fair behind. 43-57, it’s starting to hurt.

29th : Poirier is taken on the wrong foot by a nice move from Thiemann, 43-52, we can’t really come back on them. We are catastrophic at the start and end of the period, which still takes quite a bit of time in the end.

28th: ​​Here’s my Evan, the three-pointer coming off the screen that’s causing a stir!

28th: ​​Time out requested by Collet after this 8-0 German which makes maaaaaaaaaaal…

26th : We talked a lot about the offensive contribution of Gobert in Blue (besides we are preparing a paper on it for you during this Euro) but tonight it’s walu on this level…

24th : On the other hand in defense it is always the club med. Yabusele and Gobert do not speak to each other and let Thiemann sanction behind the line, Germany goes back in front 39-41.

24th: The big teddy bear is hot!!! New 3-point basket for Yabusele and here is France which has been ahead for a long, long time. 39-38

23rd: The third is the good one, and 3 points away! Yabuy puts the Blues back in the game, the Germans have not yet scored since returning from the locker room; Us, twice. 36-38 Germany

22nd : Second time that Yabusele is super short on his attempts… We still have so much trouble in attack.

21st : We go back there, with a little more grinta, gnac in defense and less technical inaccuracies.

20th: Until now we started the first quarters very badly, this time we ended the half badly. 31-38 for Germany at the end of these 20 minutes of play. It’s the break, we leave each other for a few minutes. See you later !

19th : Giffey hurts us and connects 4 puntos in quick succession, Collet asks for a time out.

18th: Go the three points for Heurtel which brings the Blues to one point, that’s good!!!!! The entry of Theo Maldeon has been good for this team, it must be said.

18th : And 1/2 for Maldeon. Which gives us a 6/10 in total on the French side, 8/8 opposite.

17th : 0/2 for Gob on free throws…

16th : Olé the small festival of Maledon which passes between three Germans and obtains the fault and the basket. We’re back at -5 (26-31)

15th: Go the rage of Yabusele who grabs an offensive rebound and finishes in the circle to avoid letting the Germans escape. Dead time requested by the locals. 22-29

14th : How slow are we (not to say acorns)… Another balloon stupidly lost on the clock by Thomas Heurtel. Must say that it does not offer much around him. And opposite it fits, 18-26

13th : Big offensive fault by Luwawu-Cabarrot, Vincent Collet erupts from his bench. There was clearly better things to do for the Hawks winger.

12th : Come on this time it goes for Heurtel on screen output. The three points that feels good (18-22)

11th: Suicidal 3-point shoot from Thomas Heurtel, inevitably he screws it up. That’s exactly what Collet said before the Euro, avoid hasty shots, rotate the ball to free up space and find good angles. And inevitably behind we are opened from afar, karma… 13-20

10th : Come on, end of the first quarter time and here we are racing behind, as I feared. Well, it’s not in the great widths and we are still in the game, but at the finish you are still behind. 13-17 for Germany

9th : Well, I’m going to do them the old-fashioned way, you won’t have the pretty table with the live result. I must have screwed up somewhere but there I don’t have time to manage. Welcome to 1999.

8th : Sorry folks, we have new live software and I’m struggling all over the place. I see that we have a problem for the display of scores. And the time that I tinker, the Blues took a little broth. 10-15 for the band at Schröder.

6th : Come on Yabusele… A little cautious on this one, we let them shoot and behind that sanctions at 3 points, Germany goes back in front. 7-9

5th : Well we’re finally there, the guys are involved and it leads from the start of the game. 7-4

3rd : First Fournier-Gobert misunderstanding and pass intercepted by Germany. Well, for the moment we remain within our standards for the start of the match. Fortunately, opposite it does not score. 1-0 for the Blues thanks to Rudy who still managed to return one of his free throws.

2nd : The German public room Gobert, on the free throw line for an unsportsmanlike foul, who “succeeds” a magnificent air ball.

1st : Let’s go, the Blues win the first possession. We hope that our guys won’t make the same start to the catastrophic match as in our last matches.

8:55 p.m. : 19,000 Germans heated up in this room, as much to tell you that it risks buzzing in the esgourdes of the French this evening.

8:52 p.m. : Place for hymns, we announce a kick-off at 8:58 p.m.

8:48 p.m. : Albicy is well in the starting 5 to directly calm the ardor of Dennis Schröder, the son of the villain in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It’s a mini surprise anyway given that he has recently returned from injury and that he did not participate in 3/4 of the preparation. Another surprise, Okobo will start from the start in place of Luwawu-Cabarrot, who lost a lot of points in the last match against Bosnia.

8:36 p.m. : Ok so we are told a kick-off in 20 minutes (thanks for the tribute) when we started on a top at 8:30 p.m. Well you still have time to do the dishes if you want.

8:34 p.m. : Come on! A small page of pub we will go there.

8:25 p.m. : A giant flocked number 14 jersey from the legend of German basketball rises in the room and will take pride of place. We call it an American-style show… Uh, European-style, sorry, where I don’t know anything about it.

8:15 p.m. : A ceremony in tribute to Dirk Nowitzki is organized on the floor of the Cologne hall at the moment.

8:08 p.m. : The message of support from the daron, conspicuously absent from this competition.

8:00 p.m. : Hi little wolves! I put you a little reading to wait before the kickoff of this first match of the Blues. I leaned for you on the great ambitions displayed by the Blues before this Euro history to see if the actions could stick to the words.

France – Germany: The Blues fall from the start, the Euro starts badly … Relive the match with us