Francesco “Nothing” attacks “Tu si que vales”: “They knew me, they looked for me”

NoonSeptember 20, 2022 – 7:09 pm

Francesco Occelli, from Bari, was kicked off the stage of the Canale 5 program: his song Panties was defined as embarrassing and misogynist. He defends himself: There is no misogyny, but above all they knew what I would do. I didn’t look for them

from Rosarianna Romano

Mutatis mutandis, the Latins said: made the necessary corrections, changed the things that need to be changed. Class seventy-two, Francesco Ocelliin art Anythingled to the stage of T s que valesaired with the first episode Saturday night on Canale five, his fifty years and the song Underwear. The public and the judges (Maria De Filippi, Rudy Zerbi, Teo Mammuccari, Gerry Scotti) did not like it at all. They criticized the design of him and they kicked him out of the studio, also stigmatizing him for singing a misogynistic text. Interviewed after the performance, the performer replied.

Nothing and the appearance of Tu si que vales

I didn’t look for them – says Nothing -, someone sent my video and then I was contacted. I went with the spirit of “I try”, but still in life I do other. Born in Rome, he has lived in Bari since the age of 7. After the classical maturity at the Socrates classical high school, he devoted himself to the world of entertainment covering various roles, from poetic to prose, from actor to administrative. Ocelli defines his character as his alter ego, a sort of ready made who dares to expose his thoughtlessness, also touching uncomfortable themes such as that of the feminine.

The judges, on their first listening, replied that the performance was embarrassing, there is no sympathy, no humility (Mammuccari), a provocation as an end in itself (Zerby). Maria De Filippi said that the idea of ​​a woman being reduced to panties makes a bit of an impression. Ocelli responds to this by inviting a deeper listening. I have been accused of being misogynistic – she explains. This hurts me, and I retort, urging you to read the text. A superficial listening inevitably generates misunderstanding. “Panties”, first of all, a song from twenty-three years ago. a funny pun on topics that Francesco Ocelli would never touch because he is a polite and modest person: in fact he is the goalkeeper at the municipal theater. His rock alter ego, on the other hand, addresses these issues. The song emphasizes the woman’s ability to adapt, as opposed to male stillness.

The provocation to make the public think

Ocelli talks about his project by explaining that it comes from punk culture and the need to express oneself, not to make one’s art just a profession that feeds show business. Behind the provocation, there is the desire to make your audience think. Then I would like to reflect on the theme of “reality”, the reality that becomes fiction and vice versa. What show: you or the judges? They give birth to a judgment, argued or not, which is always winning. Anything you counter is a loser, even if it has a more solid foundation and dialectic, because they have the audience on their side. Thus, their opinion becomes the only shared reality.

In any case, the result that Francesco Niente is talking about, for better or for worse. It remains, however, a regret. There was feedback – he concludes -. Furthermore, “Nothing” wants to be discarded, it is part of his poetics. As an artist, however, I am hurt because I have not been able to make myself understood or I have not chosen the right means to do it. I aspire to broadcast my music in large numbers but I am aware that the character of “Francesco Niente” is not a talent show, which does not mean that it is not televised. It was not the right tool to spread the “no thought” that exists and can be compared. Mutatis mutandis, Francesco Ocelli will continue to play the role of his alter ego, probably looking for other ways to try to make his mission understood.

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September 20, 2022 | 19:09


Francesco “Nothing” attacks “Tu si que vales”: “They knew me, they looked for me”