Frattesi: ‘Dionisi changed form for me. The future and the relationship with Scamacca…’

Davide Frattesi, midfielder of Sassuolo, has opened the doors of his home to ‘Locker room chronicles‘ for an interview about himself and his career.

ROLE – Why am I scoring more? I changed roles. Last year I played two and it was more difficult to go forward. This season I am specifically required to attack the opponent’s box. The change of role starts at the beginning of the year. Dionisi told me ‘Davide, you are one of the strongest midfielders in the league. Module change especially for you’. Thinking about it, I need a year as a midfielder to further grow. I’m 23 and of all the midfield positions, the low play is the one I have the least characteristics for. Also because I would like to push myself forward! When you go to a team that competes more, you need to know how to play multiple roles and do it well.

WAY TO PLAY – I prefer to play with teams that go man-to-man, that have duels, in order to make it 1 vs 1 across the board. I feel better this way because it’s all a countermovement, I pretend to go long and come short, and so on. It often helps to review matches to understand who leaves a part of the field uncovered, how they position themselves, where there is room to go and attack a certain portion.

DIFFICULT CALENDAR – I see it as a way to improve and train quickly. I’ve never played European cups though, so I don’t have much of a problem playing every 3 days considering Europe. I would like to play every day, but actually if I have to go around Europe to play, it can be tiring. Playing 60 games a year makes you cooked. Last year, in the last match against Germany, I couldn’t stand up. Problems with cramps? Problem solved, there is a relationship of esteem with the coach.

STAY IN SASSUOLO – Metabolizing the course of events, when you take the leap you have to be ready. I could have left last year as well, but maybe I wasn’t 100% ready. This season will do just that.

ORIGINS – We are from the Borgata, from Fidene. It means that you have to earn things compared to other areas of Rome. Even my way of being and relating to me is given by that. Those born in Parioli are not as smart as those born in Fidene. Maybe it was my luck. You have to wake up, you can’t sleep there. I could have taken the wrong path but my parents have always been close to me, also present with my brothers. I’ve always been blinded to football, that’s all I was interested in. I feel like a boy from the suburbs, even temperamentally. I talk to Scamacca about wanting to bring Fidene to the top. I have many ideas to enhance my areas. At the end of the career we all go to Fidene and take it to the top. A year or two there with our friends would be cool. I always had the feeling that I had to prove something to someone. I’ve always had an enemy. I told my teachers, who told me to stay on football, that one day they would see me on television. I was obsessed, I studied everything to improve.

FEAR OF NOT MAKING IT – My mum would bring me rice and chicken, it would take 50 minutes with the connection blocked to take me to Trigoria. I thought I was too fixated. I will always do more than others to get to the top. I have a lot of desire to improve at work. The other day we were doing a training on bottom exits. Matheus Enrique goes, qualitatively strong, the team goes out. From the other side the ball comes to me, I turn badly with my body. Disaster. And the coach: ‘Please don’t do like Frattesi who caused a disaster!’. Total muzzle. There was also Maxime Lopez, another rosicone. The next day he told me that I have to improve on these things, and I agreed with him.

TENNIS – Scamacca came to see me play tennis. At Lazio, I also played tennis twice a week. I was fixated. A thousand short balls, all on the net, many broken rackets. It happened that I played football in the morning and tennis in the afternoon. A couple of matches came, but tennis is not for him. He always looks for the swipe. Tennis is a lot of talent, perhaps more than football. In football there are roles where you run, you’re an animal, and even if you have less technique you can.

CHECK – Here we lived together. It looks like Gianluca’s house for example. We had a good time, especially during Covid. We were apart, I was worse. We took turns as doctors. We were locked up at home for 10 days and played PlayStation for 18 hours. He tries to deny the evidence, but I’m too much stronger. I used to take pictures of him with the crying filter on Instagram. We did 3 clubs together and from u-17 to senior national team. I spent something like 800 days with him in the room, between training camps and matches. Not to mention the extra football. An added brother. Though he’s impactful, since he’s huge and tattooed, but he’s putting on armor. Before it was a piece of bread. I hope to play together again: I don’t know where, but it would be the closing of a circle. In my opinion he is the strongest Italian forward because he proved it last season. Immobile scores a lot but in my opinion as pure quality, he can do everything. I’ve always told him that if he has the malice that Vlahovic has when he goes on the ball, it becomes difficult for the defenders. There were days when he was unstoppable. He has to improve with his left foot, he was hoeing on the ground. But for the physique that he has, he is technically strong.

SUCKY PICK UP – I want to be honest. I want the other side, when I relate, to be the same. If I said I was happy with my stay, I would have been lying. If I do an interview, it’s because someone wants to know something. The truth must be told. I’ve always been one to think that the truth pays off. At least people have seen that I’m sincere.

GALLIANI – I called Galliani two years ago telling him that I wanted to make Serie A, that I was ready, and that I would stay in Sassuolo. Riso told me ‘you have to call yourself’. For the first time I had a moment of hesitation, I had established a father-son relationship. Galliani is afraid of flying and when there was turbulence, he would call me and I would sit next to him, and he would start telling me stories. I felt bad when we didn’t get promoted. A good bond had been created with the Monza environment, if I think about it, it still makes me sick.

HOW DO YOU SHOW FOR THE A – Going to two thousand. You can be called Frattesi like Rossi, when you get there it doesn’t matter. Your name, how old you are, what you’ve won… whoever goes faster plays. This is also why coach Dionisi wanted to continue seeing me after retirement. Slowly I grew up. I wasn’t anxious or scared, I was pissed. I was saying I did a lot of B and I still have to show that I can stay in the group, not even in the 11s. Dunno, maybe I’m wrong. Instead quell’incazzatura of the evening I brought it back to the field. Before the game or the qualities, when I retired last year, I wasn’t like the others in terms of quality. I came from a type of football that I had never played except a little at Monza, in fact I thank Brocchi. I saw the ball go at a thousand per hour and I said where are they.

INSERTION TIMES – Pinamonti is one who does more of the back wall, while Scamacca comes out more from the action to get more towards the goal. With Pina you can take the ball more on the run, he’s good at holding position. Scamacca instead manages to send you vertically. They are two different players who know how to defend the ball well. This year is more difficult for Andrea because the balls arrive less clean. He’s doing a job that another striker wouldn’t do, this job will pay off because whoever sows reaps.

BREAK THE LINES – Theo is very strong. Doing duels with him really gasses me. I can’t wait for it to go. Shit let’s start here and see who gets there first, who cares more, who’s meaner. Some good fights have come out. He’s tough, he has pace and physique. He is overflowing from all points of view. I must be stronger than him. When he starts, in the lead, I must be there, I think. best duel. if I have to choose an hour of training, I choose him. Theo, on the other hand, is very strong if you leave him 5 meters, Leao starts from a standstill. Don’t stop it. Leao is running after 50 cm as after 30 meters. Go man, no. You leave the ball to him. You should lose 2-3 players but you can’t afford it.

RACE QUALITY – Leao has deadlifts. I’d be happy to see the first few meters, I don’t know if Mbappé beats him. 10-20 meters, then certain that Mbappé opens the stride over the distance, it’s yet another level. He goes faster than everyone else and if you race, he gets there first. What Leao does in Serie A but to the nth degree.

ARMING – My model who plays is Barella. Which is not in business, Perrotta or Marchisio.

NATIONAL – Exciting to find De Rossi on the staff. Convocation crowning a dream, something pursued for a long time. Daniele from partner to coach, like with Magnanelli. What interested me was not the player, but the person. Don’t annoy a young man if he misses a ball, as happens to many 30-32 year olds. He was a leader, he had it written on us. Strootman listened to him as I listened to him. Even the way he told you things. As a coach I see it well. He had ideas, everything from before, he knew where to turn. When I played against him in training I never hit him a ball. Daniele is calm but if he gets pissed he’s tough.

RASPADORI – For the impact 10 surprised me, but knowing him he did what I expected him to do. He is another who is not overflowing physically, but he is there. Monday and every day like this, then Sunday signs. Right, left, very good boy. I’m happy for him, he really deserves it. A ten boy, never a word out of place. I like people who stay focused all week. These are the things that make the difference. In Naples everything is breaking.

ROLE EVOLUTION – In 10 years I would like to have many trophies, I see myself more at 2 than at 3 because the physical qualities will be less but there will be more experience than intelligence. Then playing two is more fun because you touch more balls.

Frattesi: ‘Dionisi changed form for me. The future and the relationship with Scamacca…’