French Cup. Cruel outcome for Biéville

Val de Saire ended up making the difference. ©Bernard Guyonnet

The game had started badly for Bieville-Beuville with an unfortunate goal from Charles Tonye Nlep, his excellent defender deflecting a tight cross into his own net. It ended in sadness with a more than severe penalty whistled by the referee, who at the last second offered qualification to Val de Saire. Mehmet Kilic at fault (in the eyes of the referee) with one hand in the area was annoyed at the final whistle. “I have the arm glued to the body and I am less than three meters from the guy who crosses. It is abused… “

Well-organized biéville

Between the first cap-goal and this final act of cruel play for the locals, there was a match and if the Manchois generally dominated the game, we cannot say that they really mastered it. The fault was mainly due to a well-organised, eye-catching Biéville team which did not hesitate to move forward. The equalizer obtained after a solitary raid by Silvio Da Costa at the very end of the first half was totally deserved. It certainly occurred after a save from Mehmet Kilic on his goal line, but a few minutes earlier the home scorer had missed a face-to-face with the opposing goalkeeper.

Biéville striker Silvio Da Costa.
Biéville striker Silvio Da Costa. ©Bernard Guyonnet

A stunner penalty

After the break, the players of Val de Saire put a greater hold on the game but the observation is distressing for them and therefore rewarding for the men of Youssef Zaami, they did not get any opportunity in the game. A masterfully deflected free kick by Yassin Khater and a few shots in the surrounding fields and that’s all before this knockout penalty. This conclusion to the match is painful for Biéville and above all, don’t tell Mehmet Kilic that it’s the charm of the cup…

The game sheet

Referee: A. Longuet
Half time: 1-1

Goals for Bieville-Beuville: Da Costa (45th), for Val de Saire: Tonye Nlep (9th csc), A. Sylla (90th sp)

Warnings for Bieville Beuville: Tonye Nlep (76th), Carlemont (79th), Y. Bihi (86th); for Val de Saire: Tatard (25th), Cuirot (39th), Simon (94th)

Bieville-Beuville: Khater, Kilic, Nait Larbi, Carlemont, Tonye nlep, El Hachmane (cap), Da Costa, Tbyeb, Bennani, T. Bihi, Abdelhadi; Replacements: Y. Bihi, Ahmat, Quentin; Coach: Y. Zaami

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Val de Saire: T.Alix, A.Alix, Simon, Mat. Lefevre, Tatard, Catherine, Mouchel, A. Sylla, Cuirot, P. Sylla, Max. Lefevre; Replacements: Bellamy, Bertrand, F. Allix; Coach : P.Hubert

Reaction of Youness Zaami (coach of Biéville-Beuville)

“The end of the match is hard to digest with this unfair penalty. It’s the cut, it is sometimes played on details and on twists of fate like today. We don’t have to be ashamed of our elimination because we showed great things: a very strong team and very supportive guys. I am proud of their performance because there was quality in front and we were able to get to their level. Now it’s time for the championship where our goal is to do everything we can to bring up our two senior teams. »

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French Cup. Cruel outcome for Biéville-Beuville against Val de Saire