From Angeleri you do not pass: goalless in Rho

Rhodense And Seventh Milanese, after the defeats in the Italian Cup, respectively against Base 96 and the City of Vigevano, they face each other on the first day of the championship. Both teams were relegated last season, they finished last and penultimate in group A of Excellence. The two teams try to redeem the defeats suffered last Saturday and to inaugurate their month of September in the best possible way. At the triple whistle it is 0-0 with one expulsion on each side, Villa pfor the guests in the 26th minute of the first half e Missaglia for the hosts on 31 ‘of the second half. The Arancioneri play for about 50 minutes in numerical superiority, but fail to break through, a bit due to the great interventions of Angeleri and a little for them inaccuracies.


In the first few minutes Rhodense is trying to make the game by trying to manage possession and play in the opposing half of the field. The Settimo Milanese defends himself with good order and leaves no space in his area. Diana’s guys spin the ball with quality by taking advantage of the construction skills of De Grandi And Bandini. The first shot towards the host door is of Sinisi which receives from number 4 and kicks from outside the area. His conclusion is parried with the thrill from Angeleri who does not have a happy first intervention, risks taking an avoidable goal, but saves everything by stopping the ball a few steps from the door. Having escaped the danger, the boys from Varricchione. Pepper corner kick fishing Pica which coordinates well, but his shot is blocked just before the goal by a local defender. At 12 ‘the guests are still groped to hurt, this time in the restart. Mandelli serves Rings who kicks from the right and finds Mantovani’s prompt rejection. In the following minutes the match puckers a bit for several fouls that are often sanctioned by the referee with a yellow card. At 26 ‘the Seventh Milanese remains in 10 for the double yellow card remitted by Villa. The boys of Diana they try to push in search of the advantage and on 29 ‘they go back to shooting with Foundbut number 9, served in the area by Boetti, send it up. The guests, despite the numerical inferiority, do not think exclusively about defending themselves and try to make themselves dangerous. At 31 ‘he tries again Rings which, however, kicks in a weak way from the left. As the minutes go by, the boys from Varricchione organize themselves better and better in the non-possession phase, also thanks to the contribution that the offensive players give. In the first half final the Rhodense he still has three chances. The first comes from an error in setting the guests with Fulciniti who retrieves the ball, frees himself to shoot and kicks weakly. The second still sees the Orange captain as the protagonist who kicks high. The third comes on the development of a corner kick taken by Bandini: the trajectory is on the far post where the substitute Marise pulls out. At 45 ‘try to answer the Seventh Milanese: a maneuvered action leads to the ring and his diagonal conclusion finds the prompt rejected by Mantovani, while on the countered Pepe fails to hit the ball well. Before the interval are two sensational interventions by Angeleri to maintain 0-0. First the visiting goalkeeper skillfully saves a nice header by De Grandi arrived on the developments of corner kick and then the class of 1997 has another great reflection on a safe shot of Italyserved by Found Catalfamo.


Rhodense tries to start strong to take the lead and put the game on her side. At 3 ‘ Bandini recovers the ball after an error in setting by Pepe, serves Italy who kicks hard but wide. The guests hold up and at 9 ‘they build a good chance with the duo Rings-Mandelli. The 9 and 7 combine well and the 1996 class arrives at the shot that ends high. Five turns of hands later, a good chance happens on the feet of Italy to which the ball arrives at the far post following a cross from the right of Fulciniti. The conclusion of the orange number 11, however, goes very high. Diana’s boys continue to press and take over Villans has a good impact. It is he who, served by Zaina, finds the face of the goal with Angeleri who controls the ball in two halves. The boys of Diana they try to make the best effort but find holes against a Seventh Milanese attentive and very well deployed on the pitch is not easy. Diana’s boys also try to develop an inactive ball, from a corner kick: Italy draws De Grandi whose header ends just outside. At 31 ‘the referee waves the second red card of the match, this time a Missaglia, and the teams return in numerical equality. In injury time, at 51 ‘, Rhodense has a good opportunity to unlock the game. De Grandi makes a soft pitch for the substitute Ferrario whose crossfire ends a little to the side.


RHODENSE (4-3-1-2): Mantovani 6.5, Sinisi 6.5, Boetti 6 (34 ‘pt Marise 6.5), De Grandi 7, Missaglia 6.5, De Giorgio 6.5 (14’ st Villani 6.5), Fulciniti 6.5, Bandini 7 (11 ‘st Bertolini 6), Found Catalfamo 6 (14 ‘st Ferrario 7), Zaina 6.5 (24’ st Sabbadin 6), Italy 6. A disp. Vitale, Zanus, Peloni, Bizzarri. Annex Diana 6.5.
SEVENTH MILANESE (3-5-2): Angeleri 7.5, Pica 6.5, Locatelli 6 (6 ‘st Michelini 6), Spaggiari 6.5, Gueci 6 (20’ st Randazzo 6), Villa 5.5, Mandelli 6.5 (43 ‘st Ferrari sv), Pepe 6.5, Rings 6.5 (34 ‘st Cerni sv), Moretti 6, Maugeri 6.5 (45’ st Oliveto sv). Available Paradise, Tocchi, Festari, Cristiano. Herds Varricchione 7.
REFEREE: Youness of Saronno 6.
ASSISTANTS: Terlizzi and Colleoni of Bergamo
WARNINGS: Sinisi (R), Zaina (R), Missaglia (R), De Grandi (R), Fulciniti (R), Bertolini (R), Randazzo (S), Spaggiari (S).
EXPELLED: 26 ‘pt Villa (S), 31’ st Missaglia (R)


Mantovani 6.5
He does not have to make particularly difficult saves, but he is confident in all interventions and responds present every time he is called into question.
Sinisi 6.5 He pushes with good continuity on the right, his accelerations are good. He also goes close to scoring with a long-range shot.
Boetti 6 He climbs less frequently than Sinisi, but is attentive and concedes little in defense.
34 ‘st Marise 6.5 He performs some revs on the left trying to get to the bottom, he does not always manage to play, but he is resourceful.
De Grandi 6.5 Bravo in the construction phase to circulate the ball with the right timing and with quality. His passes and his throws are precise and he makes himself dangerous twice with his head.
Missaglia 6.5 Too bad for the expulsion, because he played a very good game always playing aggressive on the man and almost never giving the slightest space.
De Giorgio 6.5 He is always well positioned, often anticipates his opponents and closes all spaces centrally.
14 ‘st Villani 6.5 He enters the game well, gives vivacity and on one occasion commits the visiting goalkeeper to the parade.
Fulcinites 6.5 It accompanies the action well and offers a valuable contribution in both phases.
Bandini 7 He often goes to receive the ball from the defenders to start the action, he touches a lot of balls and almost always manages them with quality.
11 ‘st Bertolini 6 He brings physicality in the middle, he misses a few balls in setting by not dosing his throws well.
Found Catalfamo 6 Some good acute, but overall it is well contained by the opponents.
14 ‘st Ferrario 6 It is sometimes caught offside and is barely seen. In the final he goes close to scoring with a nice shot to cross.
Backpack 6.5 It is cleared well to find playable balls and dialogue with teammates. He misses a few steps, but shows good initiative.
24 ‘st Sabbadin 6 He tries to give new life to the midfield, but he touches a few balls and we see little.
Italy 6 It offers good ideas, but fails to be effective in the last game. He has good chances, but today he lacks a bit of precision in finishing.
Annex Diana 6.5 His team builds a good number of chances even through good deeds, but fails to exploit the numerical superiority for about 50 minutes. Today his boys are a bit lacking in the final games and in finalizing. The performance is however overall positive.

The eleven owner of Rhodense

Francesco De Grandi, today among the best in the field

Angeleri 7.5
It risks making a mistake on startup, but still manages to fix it. In the end of the first half he is superlative on two occasions with interventions of great importance.
Pica 6.5 It is always aggressive on humans, intervenes well in advance and carries out several important closures.
Locatelli 6 He plays diligently, neatly and holds up well on the left.
6 ‘st Michelini 6 It helps to build density in midfield and does a good job in interdiction.
Spaggiari 6.5 He unravels several balls, never gets caught and always intervenes with timing.
Gueci 6 Quite well in the non-possession phase, it helps to build density and to try to break the opponent’s maneuvers.
20 ‘st Randazzo 6 He covers well on the right and supports the attacks of the Rhodense.
Villa 5.5 He had to be more careful because a yellow card hung on him. Before being sent off, he is good at freeing several balls from the penalty area.
Mandelli 6.5 He gives a precious help in the non-possession phase and manages the restarts well (43 ‘st Ferrari sv).
Pepper 6.5 Especially in the first half, several actions start from his feet and he takes corners well.
Rings 6.5 The most dangerous of his team, he manages to free himself from shooting several times and is a safe haven for his teammates (34 ‘st Cerni sv).
Moretti 6 He mainly dedicates himself to the interdiction phase, making a filter and recovering some balls.
Maugeri 6.5 After the expulsion of Villa he sacrifices a lot for the team. He is appreciated for a great gallop on the left that ends by winning a corner kick (45 ‘st Oliveto sv).
Herds Varricchione 7 Despite the numerical inferiority for about 50 minutes, the team returns to Rho with a precious point. Especially in the second half his boys settle down and do not grant many great opportunities to Rhodense.


The eleven owner of the Settimo Milanese engaged today in Rho

Youness of Saronno 6 Rather severe race management, a few yellow cards could have been spared. Strictly apply the regulation.


Diana, Rhodense technician: «There is a bit of disappointment because I wanted to win and we had a chance to do it. A bit of our imprecision and the skill of their goalkeeper prevented us. I expected the ball to run a little faster and instead we gave them time to get behind the ball line“.
Varricchione, coach of the Settimo Milanese: «I am very happy with the performance, the guys did everything we prepared during the week. Staying ten changed our plans. However, especially in the second half, we conceded little. After the cooling break we tried to go man on man and we kept everyone under the ball“.

From Angeleri you do not pass: goalless in Rho