From Ging to D’Angelo there are 16 returns to the bench

In the history of Pisa, the return of a coach to the Nerazzurri bench is not an anomaly

Horses return, Luca D’Angelo He is not the first coach to sit on the Pisa bench on several occasions, indeed the history of the Nerazzurri club is very rich in similar episodes and very successful and loved coaches are also involved. D’Angelo is “alone“The seventeenth”mister”In the history of Pisa to return to the Nerazzurri bench after a more or less short time.

Before him the last one was Piero Braglia protagonist of the 2006/2007 promotion and then recalled in 2014/15 until the 29th matchday. Going back in time we find then Pagliari at Pisa from the 25th matchday of the 2010/11 season until the 23rd of the following season and then from the 25th of the 2012/13 season (that of the boys) until the 17th of the following year.

Before Pagliarithere had been Sundays And Tomain the unfortunate 2005/06 season, that of salvation in extremis at the playout with Massese. Sundays remained on the bench until the sixth day, and then returned from the 31st to the 33rd, Toma in both circumstances he replaced Domenicali, the first time up to the 23rd matchday, in the second case up to the playout final won, as we said, with the bianconeri.

Luciano too Philippi he sat in two separate periods on the Pisa bench: first from 1995 until the 15th matchday of 1996/97, then in the same season he was recalled to replace Vannini from the 30th day. Luca too Giannini he was a comeback horse, albeit an anomalous one, because for better or worse he has always remained in Pisa alternating the role of deputy and head coach who in any case played for four days (from the 22nd to the 25th) in 1988/89, in full in the ’89 / 90 (winning Pisa’s last promotion in Serie A), then from the 25th matchday of the following season when he replaced Lucescuuntil the first 3 days of 1990/91.

In the era of Romeo Anconetani there were many flashbacks. The most famous of all is certainly Gigi Simoni: at Pisa in 1984/85 and then in 1986/87, in Serie B he won two promotions. Also Vinicius he was first downloaded, at the end of the 1982/83 season and then was hastily recalled after 5 days of the following season, a season in which the destiny of “O’Lione”Intertwines with Bruno Peace, who replaced him twice and therefore he too is one of the many returning horses. In the first season of the Anconetani management there was also Gianpiero Mariani for a match in 1978/79, the Livorno derby, the last coach to have won at the Ardenza) and before that for the whole second round in 1977/78.

Staying in the 70s we find Graziano Landoni in the Nerazzurri in the first 22 days of 1975/76, he was sacked and recalled for the end of the season, then confirmed the following year; and Luciano Filippelli at Pisa for 4 games at the beginning of 1973/4 and then for almost the entire second round of the following season.

We arrive at Giuseppe Corradi and Lauro Toneattoboth led Pisa in the 1969/70 season (the former replaced the “iron sergeant”) Before finding it respectively in 77/78 (the first sixteen days) and in 80/81 (the entire season). Let’s go even further back in time and find Mario Nicolini at Pisa even in 1950/51 for the first time, then from 1954 until 1956, up to the 1962/63 season and a presence also the following year. At the beginning of the 60s also Piero Andreoli came and went: from the 15th matchday of the 60/61 season until the end of 1961/62. The change decided did not have much luck and after six days, just like D’Angelo this year, he was called back to the Nerazzurri.

Even further back in time we find Angelo first Pasolini, at Pisa in 1945/46, was not confirmed, but was then recalled on matchday eight and managed to save Pisa in a dramatic 2-1 play-off against Ancona. Finally, the man who more than any other came close to winning a championship: the Hungarian Josef Ging who in fact was the first coach in the history of the Sporting Club and who led Pisa from 1920 until 1924, then from 1930 to 1933, again from 1935 to 1938 and from 1939 to 1943 when the war took over. The last season at Pisa was in 1950/51 from the 12th to the 19th day.

From Ging to D’Angelo there are 16 returns to the bench