Funeral of Elizabeth II, the remains of the queen arrive at the chapel of St. George among the bows of the faithful

After 10 days of celebrations and giveaways, today the United Kingdom he gave his final farewell to Queen Elizabeth II. In the evening her remains arrived at the chapel of St. George, annexed to Windsor Castle, where the sovereign was buried. The last day of farewell to Elizabeth began this morning atWestminster Abbey, where the state funeral of the sovereign officially started. The funeral home a Westminster Hallremained open to the public for five days – it is estimated to be at least 400 thousand the people who paid homage to the queen’s coffin by taking on it up to 26 hours straight -, was officially closed, and at 8 am local time the doors of the abbey opened, which hosts the solemn liturgy and about 2 thousand people. Among them, 500 dignitaries from 200 countries: 100 only the heads of state and government. London has stopped for the Queen: in addition to museums and businesses being closed, hospital appointments and other funerals have been canceled.

Queen Elizabeth II buried in St Georg’s chapel

21.30 – Elizabeth II was officially buried in St George’s Chapel during the private ceremony. King Charles III and the closest members of the royal family were attended the rite. The sovereign now lies next to her consort Philip and close to her father George VI, the Queen Mother and her sister, Princess Margaret. On the plate there is the inscription “Elizabeth II 1926-2022”.

King Charles and the royal family return for the queen’s burial

20.30 – King Charles III and the rest of the royal family members returned to St George’s Chapel for private family service celebrating the queen’s burial. The late husband Duke of Edinburgh is also present in the chapel. Buckingham Palace called it “a deeply personal family occasion”. Precisely because it is a private event, the moment cannot be broadcast on television and the press and media will not be present.

Elizabeth II leaves the royal insignia, ready for burial

18:00 – Shortly before the burial of Elizabeth II there was the touching moment when the illustrious royals were removed from the coffins, golden crown, scepter and globe, to be delivered to St George’s Chapel. They were placed on the altar as if to testify that Elizabeth descends into the tomb without frills. The ceremony was thus able to begin to conclude when King Charles III, Elizabeth’s successor, approached alone to lay the banner on the coffin that traditionally identifies the commander-in-chief in battle. Then to follow the Lord Chamberlain of the royal house has broken the wand of command that seals the end of the earthly power of a sovereign. Both the banner and the broken staff are buried with the queen.

The arrival at St George’s chapel

17.20 – The remains of Queen Elizabeth reached the chapel of St. George, annexed to Windsor Castle, where she was greeted by the bow of the faithful and the sound of an organ. Here is taking place the ceremony, officiated by the Reverend David Conner, before the burial. Inside the chapel there are 800 chosen guests. Outside, together with the military and collaborators of the royal house – the pony Emma and some dogs dear to her Majesty. As per Elizabeth’s will, the ceremonial also includes the singing of an Orthodox hymn, Russian Kontakion of the Departedchosen by Prince Philip for his funeral in 2021. The funeral procession to Windsor was followed, once again, by the four children of Elizabeth (King Charles and the princes Anne, Andrew and Edward) and the two children of Charles (William and Harry).

The move to Windsor

14.35 – When the funeral procession arrived at Wellington Arch, the queen’s coffin was transferred to the hearse which will now make its way to Windsor Castle to the cheers of the crowd. Arrival is scheduled for 3.00 pm.

The two minutes of silence

The religious rite of the funeral ended with two minutes of silence in memory of the sovereign and the singing of the British national anthem in the revised version of God Save the King, in honor of the new king Charles III. The coffin was then taken out of the Abbey to parade through the heart of London before reaching Windsor Castle.

The princes George and Charlotte

The Queen’s great-grandchildren and children of Prince William and Kate Middleton, George and Charlotte, aged nine and seven, respectively, waited for the coffin to arrive directly at Westminster Abbey, where they arrived with their mother. They then joined the royal family on the short journey from the coffin into the central nave. On the other hand, there is no little brother Louis, only four years old. Until now absent from all the public events following Elizabeth’s death on 8 September, they used to address the great-grandmother-queen with the nickname of “Gan Gan”.

The function

11.00 – The procession, punctuated by the notes of the bagpipes of the Scottish royal departments with the accompaniment of the drum roll, reached the entrance of the abbey within a few tens of meters, surrounded by military units in full uniform. The queen’s coffin was brought into the abbey by a Royal Guard’s picket of honor. The state funeral begins now.

The coffin was followed down the central nave by the reunited royal family. Reverend David Hoyle opened the liturgy after the singing of a first solemn hymn, recalling with his voice initially cracked with emotion the symbolic value of Westminster Abbey in the long life of Elizabeth II: here it was united in marriage with Prince Philip in 1947 and was crowned queen in June 1953. The first reading was given to Baroness Patricia Scotland, British high diplomat and Commonwealth secretary general. After her, the new Prime Minister Liz Truss.

The procession

10.44 – The procession to accompany the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II to Westminster Abbey, where the solemn liturgy will be held, started from Westminster Hall, where the funeral home had been set up. The coffin is covered as always by the royal banner. Above were placed the insignia of Elizabeth, with the imperial state crown and her scepter, as well as a large crown of flowers chosen from the favorites of the deceased sovereign and according to her will. The royal family is following the hearse on foot. The king and the princes are all in uniform, except Andrea and Harry, who are in plain clothes, no longer representing the dynasty, but have military decorations pinned to their chests. Unlike what was anticipated by the media, the princes George and Charlotte are already in church with the queen and princess consorts.

The program

At 9 the Big Ben it has sounded its tolls clearly, but throughout the day the hammer of the bell will be covered with a thick pad of leather to soften its blows as a sign of respect for the deceased sovereign. At 10.44 a will start short procession: the queen’s coffin will be placed on the Royal Navy’s cannon cart, pulled by 142 sailors. Leading the procession behind the carriage King Charles III, accompanied by the queen consort Camilla and followed in order by the brothers Anna, Edward and Andrea. One step back William e Kate with their children at their side George And Charlotte. Then the second son Harry and Meghan. The coffin will arrive at the abbey shortly before 11 am and will be transported inside. Before the start of the function a bell will ring 96 strokes, one for each year of the sovereign’s life. The funeral, broadcast live on TV all over the worldwill be chaired by the Dean of Westminster and the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Once the liturgy is over, the UK will stop for two minutes of silenceand shortly thereafter the last procession through London will begin, punctuated by the tolling of the Big Benfrom Westminster Abbey toWellington arch (Hyde Park Corner), across the Mallskirting the royal parks and waving goodbye Buckingham Palace. Then, around 1pm, the coffin will leave for the windsor castle on a hearse. Arrival is scheduled for 3.00 pm. At 4 pm, the service of final blessing of the body at the St. George’s Chapel, which will be attended by 800 people. Before the last hymn, the Imperial State crown, scepter and orb will be removed from the coffin by the crown jeweler. At the end of the service the coffin will be lowered into the Royal Vault, where her husband Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, her parents and her sister are already buried. Margaret. The burial ceremony will take place at 7.30 pm, in the exclusive presence of the members of the royal family.

Video credit: Vista Agency / Alexander Jakhnagiev

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Funeral of Elizabeth II, the remains of the queen arrive at the chapel of St. George among the bows of the faithful