“Fuorinorma”, the review curated by Adriano Aprà at the Casa del cinema

The Casa del Cinema, in the heart of Villa Borghese in Rome, will host the first intense stage of the sixth edition (2022/23) of Fuorinorma – New forms of Italian cinema from Monday 24 to Thursday 27 October, at the Sala Kodak, the review curated by Adriano Aprà created by the cultural association of the same name with the contribution of MiC, CNA and Fondazione Cinema per Roma, and with the support of the Lazio Region.

Fuorinorma, a “widespread” festival in time and space, brings the best of independent Italian cinema to the attention of the public, promoting new forms of cinema. The collaboration started since the first edition of 2017 with the Casa del Cinema, one of the most prestigious and central places for the seventh art in the capital, which will host the first four days of the 2022/23 edition of Fuorinorma, is thus renewed.

Adriano Aprà has faithfully cultivated the diffusion and knowledge of the evolving forms of cinema through Fuorinorma since 2017, with an anticipation of the Pesaro Film Festival in 2013, already on the strength of his long-term experience as a critic, essayist, artistic director and author. time. Thus he takes stock of the action of the Fuorinorma association he chaired, and of the festival: “From this experience, some needs and proposals emerged, among others: to register in Italy the” projection points “interested in showing films, different from the current ones, by Italian authors; organize seminars in which to teach criticism with cinema, not just writing or talking about cinema, but with images and sounds; investigate with symposia, inviting and talking with experts, the relationships between contemporary cinema, the other arts and sciences ».

The films shown at the Casa del Cinema from 24 to 27 October will be introduced by live dialogue with the authors.

Monday 24 October at 5.00 pm, accompanied by the suggestions of Borges’ story “The shape of the sword”, Daniele Gaglianone and Imogen Kusch will lead the students of the School in the film “My story is lost and hidden” (2020) Will to explore the boundary between lie and truth, interpreter and character. At 19.00, “Il terrible deception” (2021) by Maria Arena will be both a real work of documentation on what the “new feminists” have done in response to gender violence and a balance on being a woman today starting from same director, wife, mother and fifty-year-old worker. At 9.15 pm in “Under the cold stars” (2020) Stefano Giacomuzzi reveals the mountainous microcosm of Carnia to talk about man’s life, his relationship with animals, nature and time. The three screenings, introduced by Adriano Aprà, will take place in the presence of Imogen Kusch, Maria Arena and Stefano Giacomuzzi.
On Tuesday 25 October the screenings will begin at 5.00 pm with “Fuorinorma Extra 1”, a selection of short films in the presence of the authors introduced by Adriano Aprà: “L’invention de la cinématographie” by Stefano Virgilio Cipressi, “Born premature” by Enzo Cei, ” Dots for Inch “by Claudia Muratori,” Everything here “by Anna Marziano,” The Fear in Your Eyes “by Giacomo Sabatini,” The sky in my dreams is always gray “by Eleonora Cutini,” The face of the saint “by Paolo Benvenuti . At 7.00 pm the evening will continue with “The Kennel” (2021) by Demetrio Giacomelli, in which the gaze of a dog in old age becomes a means of observing the world and giving life to a new and independent universe, and “Three women, by Sylvia Plath ”(2021) by Francesca Lolli and Bruno Bigoni, a poem for three female voices, united by the experience of motherhood. At 9.15 pm “Venice elsewhere”, by Elia Romanelli, will follow the personal journey to one of the most beautiful cities in the world that explores the imagination and the power of the symbol starting from a homonymy.

On Wednesday 26 October, at 5.00 pm, the story of three Bosnian brothers who grew up in the shadow of a preacher father, a severe and radical Islamist, and sentenced to two years in prison for terrorism, is at the center of Francesco Montagner’s film, “Brotherhood” ( 2021). At 19.00, the screening of “Of the doors and deserts” (2021) by Loredana Bianconi: a poem written in prose engraved on the screen, the story of an odyssey of wanderers from yesterday to today, with archive images, and sequences that , like the text, they connect the Myth and the Present of shipwrecks, survivors and lost people. “Poison blond” by Fabio Giovinazzo, screened at 21.00, is a thriller about the indefinable yearning that frames the adolescent age, about the disturbing beauty of an age in which one moves, no one knows to what degree of awareness, between Good and evil. The screenings of the films Giacomo Ravesi, Fosca Raia and Silvia Lumaca will introduce.

The first tranche of the 2022/23 edition of “Fuorinorma” will end on Thursday 27 October, a finale that will see in the room, in addition to the authors, also some of the most popular protagonists in Italy, Lino Musella and Sofia Vigliar.

At 5.00 pm, “Isole” (2021) by Karine De Villers and Mario Brenta, introduced by Adriano Aprà, collects more than seventy personal glances, of singular visions of the world, illustrated postcards and ‘selfies’ of the inner self, with images from friends, relatives, distant acquaintances or even strangers who return a choral story of solo voices, including sensations, memories, expectations and hopes. At 7.00 pm, in the presence of the author and Sofia Vigliar, introduced by Adriano Aprà, “Malacarne” by Lucia Zanettin will be screened: an untouched and mysterious mountain attracts to itself a heterogeneous group of characters, whose bond is nourished by a climate of mutual suspicion, heightened by the environment in which they find themselves.

Lino Musella, award-winning actor of the Italian theater (Ubu Award 2019), well-known face of the television series “Gomorra” and already an interpreter in some films of the Oscar winner Paolo Sorrentino, is the protagonist of “The Walk”, screened at 9.00 pm in the presence of Musella and by the author Giovanni Maderna, introduced by Adriano Aprà. Shot in a single day and inspired by Robert Walser’s short story, the film is a walk through the streets of Rome, in the midst of the pandemic: an opinionated writer argues with a variety of characters, in an attempt to master the crisis of time through the lightness of simpler pleasures.

Casa del Cinema (Sala Kodak, 63 seats), Largo Marcello Mastroianni 1, entrance from Piazzale del Brasile

FREE ENTRANCE subject to availability. Reservations at 06 0608 (answers every day from 9.00 to 19.00) and 06 423601 (concierge).

“Fuorinorma”, the review curated by Adriano Aprà at the Casa del cinema